A novel idea

For all of you politicians, celebrities, and mouthpieces that think student loans should be “forgiven” either in part or in whole here is a suggestion. How about you take some of your wealth and pay down or pay off student debts? I mean show that you really care about the plight of people. Find you a few worthy candidates and put your money where your mouth is.

After doing that why not haul in some of those college and university presidents in and conduct one of your showboat hearings and ask why the cost of higher education is so expensive. That should be quality entertainment for the people to watch.

Why is it that the taxpaying public should be on the hook for paying down or off a debt taken out by another, willingly?

No thanks

There are things that I need and there are things that I do not need.

I do not need you to tell me what to think or how to think. Period. I also do not need you to tell me what disinformation is, I can figure that out for myself. Besides, I must wonder how you came to claim something as disinformation. In other words what are your criteria in making your decision?

I have my opinion and you have yours. Just because our opinions differ does not make my opinion wrong, it is only my opinion.

We now have an agency within an agency of the Federal government. The Disinformation Governance Board, referred to as the Ministry of Truth by some.

As some of you know I like to look beneath the surface. So once again I turn to Webster’s.

Disinformation. false information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by planting rumors) in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth.

Governance. government.

Board. a group of persons having managerial, investigatory, or advisory powers.

You can interpret the above definitions for yourself and arrive at your own opinion.

As a bonus I looked up Psychological Operations (PSYOP) and here it is.

Operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

PSYOP is used in both peacetime and conflict and has an objective of inducing or reinforcing behavior perceived as being favorable to objectives. These operations range from diplomatic to informational to military to economic.

I encourage you to do some research on psychological operations and behavioral modification.

Back to this disinformation governance board. I am perfectly capable of determining for myself what is or is not disinformation. But you go ahead and protect the narrative. I will search for the truth, and it does exist.

A nation in decline

A downward spiral as it were.

Immigration. Immigration in times past was a matter of national interest and the nation benefited. Over time immigration became a matter of political interest and the nation suffered.

Legislation. In times past legislation was a national interest. Over time legislation began to be introduced and it was written as a political issue and again the nation suffered.

Laws. There was a time in which legislation became law if not vetoed. Over time opinions became law, opinions made by the unelected, and unaccountable. Also, agencies and departments began to make rule changes, these too are unelected and unaccountable.

Bread and Circus. It no longer matters that the most qualified gets the job. It now matters what is, is not, might be, or was between a person’s legs and the melanin content of the skin. They say the idea is inclusion. Seems to me there is a lot of exclusion going on. Pro-life laws are seen as being cruel to women, yet the ease of abortion is not seen as cruel to the unborn. The criminal is now portrayed as the victim. Punishing the law abiding for the actions of the law breakers.

Some might think the above was written about America. I would ask them if they have ever read the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. If you have and if this were written about America, which chapter would we be in?

How long will this continue?

Why do so many provide cover for stupid? Frankly, I grow tired of this “gaffe machine” crap.

Therefore, today I do you this service. I have had enough and now provide you with the definition of gaffe, courtesy of Webster’s.

Gaffe 1: a social or diplomatic blunder 2: a noticeable mistake

The word gaffe is a noun and has been with us since 1909. The definition does not give us much. Therefore, I will include the definitions of blunder and mistake, both courtesy of Webster’s.

Blunder: a gross error or mistake resulting usu. from stupidity, ignorance, or carelessness

In this instance blunder is a noun and has been with us since 1693.

Mistake 1: a wrong judgement: misunderstanding 2: a wrong action or statement proceeding from faulty judgement, inadequate knowledge, or inattention

In this instance mistake is a noun and has been with us since 1600.

So, the next time someone says something stupid was it a gaffe? Or did they just say something stupid?

Should a picture accompany the word in the dictionary?

One would think

It does boggle the mind that some people just do not or will not learn from mistakes. Refusing to learn from the mistakes of others is one thing but refusing to learn from your own mistakes is quite another.

It was once said, Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the height of insanity.

We have a couple of “enlightened” individuals, one a sitting member of Congress the other a media personality, openly calling for the assassination of the Russian president. This I guess is what is known as regime change. Well history teaches that regime changes by assassination have a few unknowns. The first is the replacement. Will he be the same, worse, or better? The second is what could be the unintended consequences? The intended consequence was to rid the world of that person. Will it stop there?

Seems as though I remember not too long ago that an administration thought the world would be better off without the Libyan strong man. Some remark was made, we came, we saw, he died. Well, how did that work out for Libya? Seems like that administration had a bad habit of regime change or attempted regime change. It was not just that administration many before it engaged in Regime Change.

I also recall a World War erupting because of an assassination. That was World War 1.

If the fantasy or fetish of these two “enlightened” individuals comes to fruition, are they ready for the possible unintended consequences? Is the world?

Playing out in real time

The government of Ukraine has finally understood something clearly at last. Our founders clearly saw this, those who drafted whatever document that Ukraine operates under should have seen and understood as well.

A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The government is offering to give arms to every citizen who wants one, ID is required. They will be giving citizens “military grade weapons” aka “weapons of war”. Even giving training, as time permits. in weapons use, handling (safety) and tactics. Firearms restrictions are being loosened for private purchase. This may prove to be too little too late. The wolf, or in this case the bear, is not just at the door he is coming through the door.

One question being asked is this. Would Russia have invaded if they would be facing a military and a well-armed civilian population aka Militia? We will never know.

The arming of the civilian population has been covered by the MSM here in America. Even those with an anti-gun agenda. Strangely enough the anti-gun organizations, aka gun control cult, have been strangely silent on civilians having military grade weapons, aka weapons of war. Not just having them but being given to them by the government.

Now I have a question or two. If Ukraine is successful in stopping the Russians and driving them out with the aid of an armed population, will they then seek to disarm their population? Will the Ukrainian government once again put in place gun control measures?

One more question. Will the Ukrainian population who just fought for and defended their country from foreign aggression allow their own government to disarm them?

You can bet your bottom dollar that if the Russians are successful, one of the first things to happen will be a complete and total disarming of the population.

Many in America like to use the phrase “right side of history”. Allow me to use your phrase. The unfolding events in Ukraine prove the Founders correct. They were on the right side of History. Past, Present and yes even Future. This is true no matter the outcome in Ukraine.

Does the deafening silence from the cult of gun control indicate that they may have come to their senses and realized that they have been wrong? Hardly. They are at this moment plotting their next gun rights attack. Even though they are wrong and know it they are too far down this path to say so.

I would tell them to go to Ukraine and witness firsthand the absolute necessity of an armed civilian population, armed with the weapons of war because they at this moment are at war. They are not in a pillow fight. They need and deserve weapons equal to those of the aggressor, I would argue they need and deserve weapons superior to the aggressor. But if they went, they would do their best to tell the Ukrainians they are wrong and do not need weapons of war. They would say that weapons of war do not belong on the streets of Ukraine. Even though the streets of the cities may well become a battle ground. They would say that only the military needs weapons of war, while it is an armed hostile foreign military they are facing. These Ukrainians are in a fight for their very lives.

The way I see the gun control cult is this. You are like the person who feeds the crocodile, you only feed it in hopes it will eat you last. You are willing to surrender but not willing to fight. If surrendering is your thing, fine go ahead. You have a right to surrender, you do not have a right to take me along.

The correct response to the crocodile was to engage and come away with a nice belt, wallet and even a pair of boots.

And this is for the cult of gun control. The difference between you and me and those like me is this. I will defend myself, I will defend my family, I will defend my home, I will defend my State, and I will defend my country should the need arise, I will do all of that and if necessary, I will even defend you. You on the other hand will ask or beg (depending on the circumstance) others to do for you what you are unwilling to do for yourself.

To the people of Ukraine, I wish you all the best.

Benefits and Risks

The so-called experts claim that there are health risks associated with the vaccine while at the same time claiming that those vaccinated, in their view, will benefit by being vaccinated. So, they say “just get vaccinated the benefits outweigh the risk”. They claim over half of the population is vaccinated and the unvaccinated have only risk and no benefit.

There is however another area where the benefits do outweigh the risks. I would submit that the Benefits of living in a land where the people have a right to keep and bear arms far outweigh the Risks of living in a land where the people have a right to keep and bear arms.

I see no Benefit to living in a land where the population is disarmed, I see only Risk.

Here is a link you will find interesting, to say the least. https://www.thedailybeast.com/hong-kong-elite-including-au-ka-wang-and-caspar-tsui-sent-to-quarantine-camp-after-covid-laden-birthday-bash

Mind you these people are now in quarantine at the Penny’s Bay quarantine camp. They are not there by choice; they are there by force.

I am not thinking that the citizens of Hong Kong have the right to keep and bear arms. But I am thinking that the ones who forced them into the quarantine camp were armed. Just saying.

I look with a suspicious eye at any government that seeks to disarm the population.

When it comes to the cult of gun control it was never about gun control, however it was and is about controlling who has guns. The government will always have arms, the best arms that money can buy. Armed bodyguards will always surround the elite.

Every American citizen reaps a benefit from those that choose to exercise their Second Amendment Right, the Right to Keep and Bear arms. Every American citizen also shares the risk of a population that chooses to exercise the right to keep and bear arms. Read this again before proceeding.

Go back in history and look at some of the pictures, especially WW2 in occupied Europe. The people boarding the boxcars, were they doing that willingly or were they being forced? The key point is that they were disarmed, while the ones that were herding them were well armed. We can only speculate what would have happened or not happened if say ten percent of the population had retained their arms.

We can, however, look at current events around the world that were brought about by government actions or overreactions over covid. Government true to form has blamed failures on others rather than accept responsibility for decisions it has made and the actions it took.

Hong Kong is not the only place around the world that has established covid quarantine camps. There was even a rumor of one or two here in America. So far nothing more than rumors.

Many governments around the world have for years trampled upon their subjects, with covid they have excelled at the trampling. They have no idea what checks, and balances are. The only thing in Check is the subjects, the government keeps them in “check” with the “balance” of power resting in the hands of government.

The time has come to ask yourself a hard question. Would this government, our government, trample the citizens into subjects? While I wait for your answer I will move on.

If your answer was No, then you must believe that only good people have occupied and currently occupy our government. Patrick Henry had something to say on this matter in 1788.

If your answer was Yes, then I have another question for you. What has prevented the government from trampling citizens into subjects? I will move on while waiting for your answer.

If your answer was the Constitution, you really need to read what was written by Patrick Henry, John DeWitt, Benjamin Franklin, and other wise men from the past.

If your answer was an armed Citizenry, you just proved my point that every citizen Benefits from the Risks of living in a land where the Citizens have the Right to Keep and Bear arms.

One last question. What is it that guarantees all the other Rights you enjoy?

Preparedness and Survival

The recent events on the Highways and Byways in Virginia should be a wakeup call for many. Unfortunately, most will ignore the warnings. Those that heed the warnings will soon develop a case of amnesia.

Many people suddenly found themselves in a survival situation and most were woefully unprepared, some were underprepared. But then again who would have expected to end up in a survival situation while going about doing what one does every day?

I don’t know for sure, but I would guess if you asked some of the people why they weren’t prepared you would get an answer along these lines. If I had known this was going to happen, I would have been prepared or better prepared. Even if being prepared meant not being caught up in it in the first place.

In case you have not ” got it ” by this point in your life, emergencies, disasters, and survival situations are not going to be considerate enough to tell you when they will come so you can be prepared for them. It is best to be prepared for them when they occur, or at least be as prepared as possible.

One question I am asked is, what do you prepare for? The advice offered is complicated, yet simple if one will only think it through. You cannot prepare for every possibility. You can, however, prepare for the likely.

To me at least Preparedness and Survival go hand in hand.

The three basics of Survival are Food (including water), Clothing (adequate for the environment you are currently in as well as the environment you are going to and in between), and Shelter (adequate for the environment). If you have these three survival items covered, you are well on the way towards preparedness.

Food, Clothing and Shelter sounds simple. And it is at least until you start to consider importance. When caught in a torrential downpour shelter suddenly becomes the most important. You get the picture.

I don’t want to beat up on the Virginians too badly but there are some important lessons to be learned. If you happen to be in Virginia or were caught up in the traffic stoppage don’t get offended (if you do all I can say is get over, it) as I will soon beat up on my fellow Floridians. And if my fellow Floridians get offended well, they can just get over that too.

As stated above the people caught up in this traffic stoppage were going about their daily activities. Doing things, they had done numerous times before giving no thought to the possibility of adverse events. Some had been stuck in traffic before because of an accident. But this time it would be different, more different than they had even envisioned. Stuck in traffic for fifteen hours, snowing and cold.

Since they suddenly and unexpectedly found themselves in a survival situation let us now examine the three basics of survival. I believe the order of importance in this situation would be Clothing, Food and Shelter

Clothing. It is possible that many of those were commuters. They were either on the way home from work or on the way to work. That was the way they were dressed. Those who work in offices wore adequate clothing for the environment they left and were going to. Their clothing was woefully inadequate for the environment they found themselves in. Those that work outdoors were better dressed, better but still likely inadequate for an extended period.

Food. From what has been reported food was a real issue. Some that had food shared with those who had none.

Shelter. Since there were no reports of anyone being on a motorcycle everybody had shelter. Was it adequate? No, motor vehicles are not well insulated but if they had gas, they had heat. In this case inadequate shelter was better than no shelter at all. I find it odd that there was no mention of the electric vehicles and how they held up for those fifteen hours.

Will it be a case of lessons learned or lessons ignored? Two types of people will emerge from all of this.

There will be some who learned a valuable life lesson. They will keep food, including water, in their vehicle. They will put a blanket or sleeping bag or both in their vehicle. They will put winter clothing including footwear in their vehicle. They will keep their gas tank full. The next time they are prepared and instead of being suddenly thrown into a survival situation they will find themselves inconvenienced.

Then there will be others that will ignore these lessons. The next time this or something like this happens they will be just as unprepared.

I wonder if any of the folks will watch Gilligan’s Island with a different point of view. It started as a Three-Hour cruise.

Their journey started as a short hour or so drive.

This is just part one, with more to come.