Sowing Seeds

These so-called experts cannot help themselves. Not when it comes to covid19 and certainly not with these vaccines. Perhaps the reason they cannot help themselves is because they just cannot keep themselves from being so visible. Everyday they appear before the cameras, issue statements or try to clean-up what they said earlier. They have pretty much destroyed what little credibility they had. They really are their own worst enemy.

It seems as though the vaccines are not working as planned. Much breath has been expelled on the need of “boosters” with one side planning on a booster rollout on the 20th of this month, while others on that same side admit they are needed but they must wait on approval. Others on the vaccine side are saying they do not have the data to support the necessity of boosters. Go back to the first group and one claims that he fully expects approval for boosters before the 20th for at least one of the vaccines. Sounds to me like someone is applying some pressure, political pressure. The one who fully expects approval for boosters is the same one saying three shots might be needed to gain full effectiveness.

If these “people” were farmers they would be sowing the field with seeds of mistrust and confusion. These are the only seeds they sow. Then to top that off, they act surprised when those seeds sprout and they get a bumper crop of mistrust and confusion. After all those seeds were planted in fields enriched with “politicians promises”.

I do not know this for a fact, it is pure speculation on my part. I would imagine that there are many around this country right now that are experiencing a little “vaccine remorse”. Meaning that they now regret their decision to “get the jab”.

So let us now look at this bumper crop, the latest bumper crop. Remember the one you had over the sudden reversal of the “masking guidance”. Not to mention the one you had when the reversal was reversed.

Vaccine mandates. This is perhaps the only time the truth was told, “With full approval you will see more vaccine mandates”. Well that certainly happened. But now we may begin seeing “mandate remorse”. If an employer mandates that an employee get vaccinated with a vaccine that “fades” over time in order to remain employed, how can that same employer not mandate the employee get the booster at the prescribed time? If the vaccine wanes over time then there must be a time when the vaccine reaches zero effectiveness. When will the booster need a boost? Will that also be mandated?

If an employee does not comply with the mandate based on a religious or medical exemption. If that exemption is granted then the employee must undergo testing once or twice a week, mask and distance themselves, and whatever else they can come up with to punish you for not getting the jab. I seem to recall something about higher health insurance premiums for the unvaccinated, risky lifestyle.

As a condition of employment. No jab no job. I do not think that anyone with a medical condition preventing the jab is going to get the job. Health insurance risk. I do not think a person with a religious exemption will get hired either. Just saying.

Nothing says “keep me” or “hire me” louder and clearer than “I will comply”. There was a time when the decision to hire or fire was based solely on an employees knowledge, skills and abilities.

There will in all likelihood be some that will not comply with the mandates. Some will seek an exemption, while others will not. Some will stand their ground and walk away. The employers may just learn a lesson the hard way. They may just find those that have the skills, knowledge and abilities just walked out the door. What will they be left with? It most likely will not be the cream of the crop. There is a big difference between those that love their job and those that are just there for a paycheck, eight and hit the gate.

Vaccine passports. It was not all that long ago if someone was to talk of “vaccine passports” they were spreading a “conspiracy theory”. Well they have arrived in some areas of this land and appear to be gaining ground. No passport no entry. Welcome to “conspiracy fact”. If you have ever held a US passport you should have noticed that it had an expiration date. What will be the expiration date of these vaccine passports? How long will they be good for? 4 Months? 6 Months? 8 Months? 2 Weeks? 1 Day?

There may come a time in this land when an “official” approaches and says “Papers please”.

Now we have a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Pardon me, but if the news and you so-called experts can be believed it looks like we have a pandemic of the vaccinated. It looks like your much touted vaccine is not measuring up.

Now we have a new variant, Mu. At least one so-called expert has said that this variant may be resistant to the vaccines, but the data is not in yet. You make a claim and in the same instance you say there is no science(data)to back it up. Good grief, why on Earth would anyone even utter that. Mandates have been decreed to be vaccinated against what? If the new variant is resistant to the current vaccines why even have a vaccine mandate? What good is it to even discuss and propose boosters for an ineffective vaccine?

At this point one has to wonder if the vaccines even work, or if they ever were designed to work. You claim that you have saved millions of lives and prevented millions of hospitalizations. You have no way to back up those statements, it is mere speculation. Also one has to wonder about all these variants. Could it be that your vaccine was never effective and the new “vaccine resistant variant” just gave you cover for failed vaccines.

It was not all that long ago, in the grand scheme of things, when all you people could talk about was vaccine hesitancy referring to the unvaccinated. One of the reasons you offered was that many were in the wait and see mode. You claimed some were waiting for “full approval” of the vaccines. That may have been a reason, some may have taken the jab after the approval. I have a suspicion that many in that category were not swayed by the approval, especially when news broke about the breakthrough infections. Others may have suspected that the approval came under intense political pressure. Some in your circle did say that the decision to unmask was the result of political pressure. Some were waiting to see what side effects appeared and how severe they were. The best you could offer was to add a warning label and say, “The benefits far outweigh the risks”.

The seeds of confusion that you were sowing caused people to have questions, serious questions. If the masks work, why the distancing? If the distancing works, then why the masks? If the masks and distancing work, then why the shut down? If the masks work, then why the vaccine? If the vaccine works, then why the masks? If the vaccine is safe, then why the immunity clause? Questions like these as well as others deserve an answer. Sit Down and Shut Up is not an answer. All that answer did was allow the seeds of mistrust to take hold.

Now you want to stop misinformation and conspiracy theories. No, what in fact you wish to do is control the narrative. You want what you say no matter what it is even if it is the opposite of what you previously said to be accepted as fact and allow no dissent. More seeds of mistrust.

Just wondering. When we were advised that masks would be of no benefit, were you spreading misinformation or lying?

In case you are still wondering what I meant by “politicians promises”. Well around these parts that is what we call Bull Shit.

Remember when

Do you remember when we were told. Seriously, stop buying masks. Masks won’t help. You can do a search and find these statements you may even find the related videos. It turns out that this may be the only time the truth was told concerning this “pandemic”.

Do you remember when these statements were made no one in the health care community said they were wrong. But when the decision was made to unmask the entire health care community said they were wrong and were going in the wrong direction.

Now we as a nation find ourselves embroiled once again in the mask issue. My opinion on masks(cloth and paper)is this if you want to wear one wear it and leave others be. I reckon you now know my opinion on masks.

For those of you that wear a mask, cloth or paper, do this little thing for me. Don your mask and take a walk down a spice isle, if those aromas are getting through then your mask is not blocking anything. There is another little thing, test, you can do crawl around in a dirty dusty area then take off your mask and look in a mirror. If you notice little trails of dirt and dust going to your nose and around where your mask was sitting then your mask is not blocking anything. The reason your mask is not working is because there is no seal, with no seal things just get in. A little bonus, while wearing your mask and if you wear spectacles you notice your spectacles fogging up when you exhale and clearing when you inhale, well that happens because hot air is being expelled and cooler air is being inhaled, again your mask is not sealed. The majority of the air inhaled and exhaled goes right around the mask, taking the path of least resistance.

If the above paragraph sparked your interest and you want to know more. Go online and lookup Mission Oriented Protective Posture(MOPP).

Do you remember when we were told there would be no national(federal)mandates? They, the federal government, were going to leave that up to State and Local governments and businesses. Some did and some went in the opposite direction, while others have yet to go either way. The federal government did not count on some cooperation, they counted on full cooperation and are loosing patience. Well just today, it was decreed by the overlords that all nursing home staff would be vaccinated, or risk losing Medicare and Medicaid dollars.

Do you remember being told that with full approval you would see more mandates come into effect?

Do you remember being told that booster shots were not being considered? Well roll up your sleeves, they are planning on September for “boosters”. They already have a plan. I kind of think that was the plan all along.

My opinion on the vaccine is the same as masks, if you want the jab, get the jab and leave others be.

Who is John Galt?

Do you feel abandoned yet?

As the eviction ban expired, the House of Representatives departed for a 6 Week paid vacation. The Senate too will soon depart for their paid Summer vacation.

The object of this post is not to express my approval or objection to the ban on evictions during this “epidemic”. It is instead, to point out the total disconnect of the “ruling” class from the “ruled” class. Make no mistake, that is exactly how they see themselves and how they see us. I might point this out, not all of the ruling class are elected.

As the “ruling class” depart on yet another paid vacation, they call it a recess, not a single one of the rulers is facing eviction from their residence. In some cases none of them are facing eviction from the multiple residences they own. Nor are any of the monied elite who shovel money their way for their campaign “war chests”. You can bet your bottom dollar, if you have one, that Congress would have acted if they were facing eviction or had an effect on the contributions from the monied elite.

Now, do you see the lie in all of this? Especially the lie, We are all in this Together. Not a single one of the ruling class suffered the pain that the ruled class suffered during the “pandemic”. No my friends, the pain and suffering was strictly reserved for the ruled class.

This moratorium on evictions was courtesy of the CDC, not Congress. After several extensions the Court ruled there would be no further extensions without Congressional action. Congress failed to act and the moratorium ended last night at Midnight. The House offered many excuses for this failure. The excuses offered were almost laughable. They say they did not have enough time. The fact is that they had plenty of time, the Court did not say no more extensions without Congressional action at 11:59 PM last night. They made that decision in late June. They chose not to act. Another excuse offered was that lawmakers were blindsided by the Presidents inaction. The Court did say no further extensions without Congressional action, they did not say without action by the President, or the CDC. They specified Congressional action.

When it comes to not having enough time, why is that excuse not offered when they appear before the camera. They seem to have plenty of time for finding a camera to get in front of or posting on their social media accounts.

Is it any wonder?

It seems as though the vaccination rates have dropped off considerably since the vaccines for Covid19 became available. Much “finger pointing” has been done to account for the drop off. That runs pretty much the gambit, anti-vaxxers, vaccine hesitancy(waiting on full approval or waiting to see the level of side effects and the severity of those side effects), political party affiliation, and of course the so-called “rampant” misinformation.

Which of these is misinformation?

You can’t make this stuff up. If you hit the link and read it, you will notice these two statements.  

First, this expert says one reason more vaccinated people are catching the virus is that more people are vaccinated. Second, The more people who are vaccinated, the more people who will end up testing positive.

The other I am not going to link to, but it is the video of the town hall by the current President where he is pitching the vaccine. But I am going to link to a fact check.

Again you just can’t make this stuff up. Three claims about getting vaccinated.

First, You won’t get Covid. Second, You are not going to be hospitalized. Third, You are not going to Die.

So what we end up with is dueling “experts”.

This lays the ground work for the next post.

Merchants and Whores

Both of these offer goods and services. But, there comes a time where people will stop buying what they are selling. If, by what I read in the so-called news that time is fast approaching. What I refer to is Covid19, the new variants and the so-called vaccines and the might be needed possible boosters.

We as a nation are well into our second year of this ___________(do feel free to insert the word of your choice). Many people have pointed out this, if this “virus” is so deadly then why is there a constant “need” to keep telling the public that this is and we are in the midst of the worst pandemic in over a century. It has also been pointed out that one must be tested for this “deadly” virus to find out if they have it.

The merchants and whores I speak of are the Fear Merchants and Publicity Whores, most play both roles(some pose as doctors or scientists or both).

Let us look at some of what you are selling that more and more people are not buying.

I will start with the so-called vaccines. If the so-called news reports are true you appear to be giving out of willing recipients. You even came up with a nifty term, you call it vaccine hesitancy. Then you came up with a lot of reasons why some are hesitant, you even cited polling data to back up your conclusions(More on these stupid polls later). It could be that you look at this from the wrong angle. Perhaps you should be asking, How is it possible that so many were willing to “take the jab”, when the jab was an unapproved vaccine being offered under an Emergency Use Authorization. Add to that the manufacturers of these vaccines were given immunity. Without going too far down this rabbit hole I will just leave that there.

How were you able to “sell” the vaccine in the first place. If I remember correctly, you claimed the vaccine was the “path” back to normal. Get the jab get your life back, do as you did before. People got the jab and you still held their life hostage.

As the daily rate of vaccinations slowed you came up with a gimmick. Everything from free beer to lottery tickets. You claim rates went up but have apparently fallen off again. A rather lofty goal was set, the goal was to get 70% of the population vaccinated by July Fourth. It appears you will fall short of that goal.

Now to the Publicity Whores for a bit who are also Fear Merchants. Enter the Delta variant. A variant of concern. This is now being used to stoke fear into the population again. For the Fear Merchant Publicity Whores. How in the world are you able to get any real work done with all of the time you spend on TV?

Back to the virus and vaccines. If this virus is so deadly and your vaccines are so effective, why are you using gimmicks to get people to take the jab?

There will come a time when your daily vaccination rate drops to Zero. People that are fully vaccinated are still coming down with covid19, still be hospitalized and still dying. Some recipients are suffering some pretty severe side effects from the jab.

Now we come to what I call the fun part of this post.

I listen to what people have to say, regardless of what they say or their political persuasion. Which is something more of you should try.

Even though I know that you are a fear merchant and publicity whore I still listen to what you say. To date you have failed to convince me. You on the other hand will not listen to what I have to say. I doubt that you have ever listened to yourself. You have said some pretty remarkable stuff for a leftist, and in some cases you have even written some pretty remarkable stuff.

You have said we should follow the science, trust the science. One even got his panties in a bunch when criticism came his way. When it comes to following the science when it comes to covid19 the science keeps changing. I suppose that is the way it is with science, it keeps changing.

Hold the phone. How can science keep changing when it comes to covid19 and the variants when we are told that the science is settled and the time for debate is over when it come to climate change? Are their two sciences, one that is settled and one that keeps changing? Or is one just bovine feces?

When it comes to the vaccines and the adverse side effects. You have said and indeed written that the benefits of the vaccines far outweigh the risks.

Hold the phone. How can it be that when it comes to vaccines the benefits outweigh the risks when at the same time we are told that living in a society where the citizens are armed the risks outweigh the benefits. I am thinking again one of these is bovine feces.

Who is John Galt?

Tell me if this makes any sense to you

Suppose there are two groups of people, out of those two groups there is only one group that you speak(talk)with. The group that you do not speak(talk)with, you do not speak to them because of their ideology or some other reason. Now let us say that a fight erupts between these two groups, as with any two(or more)groups that take to fighting one is the aggressor and the other is or has been attacked. Now, let us suppose that the one not spoken with is the aggressor and the one that is spoken with is responding to the attack. In other words one is acting and the other is reacting, or put this way, one wants to fight and the other is forced to fight. Now , you come to a point where you want to say something, problem is that you only talk with the one who is under attack. So what do you say? You tell the one under attack that you want to see a significant de-escalation today. You have got to be kidding me, How can the one reacting provide you with a reduction in violence?

Telling the one being attacked that you want to see a significant de-escalation today make as much sense to me as standing behind the podium giving a speech to an auditorium full of only women and saying this. I want to see a reduction in the number of rapes. Moron, you are addressing the wrong audience.

And that makes as much sense as this. Standing behind the same podium in the same auditorium but this time the audience is law abiding gun owning citizens. What is it you say to them? You say you want to end “gun violence”, but to end gun violence you must curb or eliminate the right for them to own, possess or carry firearms. Again moron, you are addressing the wrong audience.

You may find at times in life the person you least want to speak(talk)with is in fact the person you should be speaking too.

If you really want a de-escalation of the violence going on in the Middle-East then address the aggressor in clear terms. You can make yourself clear, can’t you?

They will never learn

The FDA is proposing or at least considering a nationwide ban on menthol cigarettes. They might just want to consult history before making such a move and perhaps reconsider. They could be looking at some pretty severe unintended consequences, going in with eyes wide shut. Perhaps the consequences are intended, going in with eyes wide open.

When something is banned that the people want they will go to great lengths to get it. The flip side of this is that some will go to great lengths to provide what is in demand even if the government bans it,

You only have to go back in history 102 years for this little lesson. The 18th Amendment to the US Constitution, Prohibition. Would men like Al Capone have come to such “prominence” if Prohibition never happened? There are, in my opinion, many large cities that still have a “criminal gang” problem as a result of prohibition. Those Cities are still some of the most violent, Chicago comes to mind, but there are a few if not many others.

With the news of a possible “menthol cigarette prohibition” breaking there is probably some “enterprising individual or group” planning to provide the people with what they want. We may soon see an “Al Capone” of menthol cigarettes. Complete with the violence and murder during and since Prohibition. After all people still wanted an “adult beverage” during Prohibition and people that enjoy menthol cigarettes will still want them.

Here are some things to think over. Right now each pack or carton of menthol cigarettes is taxed, sales tax. Every smoker that purchases “legal” cigarettes pays sales tax. There will no longer be a sales tax gathered from the purchase of menthol smoking products, as sales tax is not collected on the black market. Sales tax revenue to the government would be lost. Make no mistake about it, people will still be buying menthol smoking products. How much income tax did Al Capone and the other “bootleggers” pay on the money they “earned”? The same will be true of those enterprising individuals or groups. They will be “earning” money(income)hand over fist and not paying the first dime in income taxes. Alcohol was taxed prior to Prohibition, with Prohibition the government lost a reliable revenue source. Did I mention that the people engaged in the manufacture of alcohol had jobs and paid taxes on that income. They found themselves unemployed, and with that the government lost even more revenue. The same will be true of those involved in the manufacture of menthol smoking products.

If this ban goes through it will not decrease or eliminate the desire, it will do the same as Prohibition did. It will simply drive it “underground”. “Speakeasies” will make a return. People will “stock up” now even if it means that something else needed will go unfulfilled. Eventually their stock pile will go up in “smoke” and they will rely on the “black market”, “the menthol underground”.

How would they do it? They can’t just ban the sale of menthol cigarettes. They would also have to ban the manufacture, storage, transportation and consumption of menthol products, along with import and export. It would do no good to ban the sale if the manufacturing still existed as this would create a real theft problem not to mention those involved in manufacturing would simply take some out everyday. It would do no good to warehouse them somewhere as that storage facility would become a “tasty” target. And holy cow, transporting a banned substance would just invite a little piracy(hijacking). If you are going to do all of that you have to make consumption, manufacturing, transporting and storage of menthol flavored smoking products a criminal offense. Better get busy building more prisons.

It looks like some in government are once again willing to deprive itself of a reliable revenue source, both the tax on the menthol cigarettes not to mention the income taxes paid by those that were, past tense, employed. And this at a time when they are looking to raise taxes to pay for all of their social programs.

If they do go through with this ban I just wonder if we will be treated to news articles of armed federal agents seizing and destroying large stockpiles of menthol flavored smoking products. If they do proceed with this you can rest assured this will be done for your own good, no matter what happens in the aftermath.

You will notice that this is the plan by the FDA, bureaucrats. If this is such a “crisis” why isn’t Congress attempting to get this done through the legislative process? Well, the answer to that is simple, it would cost them votes if it passed and became law. Bureaucrats are not elected, therefore unaccountable to the voters.

It is more than just “Bad Optics”

Bad Optics, a phrase we were exposed to not all that long ago. A phrase employed or deployed by government, more precisely those in government, to give them “cover” when they do something stupid. Like a president going golfing when an American has just been beheaded. It is not bad optics their actions show just how little they care.

Let us look at just some of the “Bad Optics” on display courtesy of some if not many in our government.

We have the anti-gun left, which by the way includes some if not many in the republican party, declaring that we must get “weapons of war” off of our streets. They say this while at the same time placing actual weapons of war on our streets. The Military, National Guard stationed outside the perimeter surrounding the Capitol complex are not armed with typewriters, they are indeed armed with weapons of war.

Not only are the anti-gun left placing actual weapons of war on our streets, there is talk of those actual weapons of war remaining well into the future. There has been talk of a Quick Reaction Force comprised of National Guard members on a rotating basis being permanently stationed in DC to augment the Capitol Police.

More “bad optics”. The open borders left, which again includes some republicans, bitch and moan over the wall that was being constructed on the southern border have no problem with a fence erected around the Capitol complex. For people of an ideology of fences and walls do not work and are in fact inhumane seem to be loving the fence around them. They seem to be okay with leaving the border wide open to whoever wants to come in while they fence in their area to keep whoever out. Seems as though they have a greater concern for their safety and security than the safety and security of the nation and indeed the safety of those living along the southern border.

Another. What happened to the left and their “defund the police”? From what I read there are going to be hundreds of new hires by the Capitol Police to provide a greater level of security and safety for those in government. I have a hunch that the defund the police movement only applies to the ordinary citizens not those who rule over us.

And now this example. It appears, to me, that the chief role of the military is shifting. The military is shifting away from defending the nation towards defending the government and indeed the seat of government. We may indeed come to understand why the Founders were so against having a permanent standing army.

Now to tie all of this together.

We now have the democrats controlling the Legislative branch and the Executive branch and just as expected they are on their march to enact gun control legislation. Two bills have already cleared the House with republican support. The Senate is once again putting forth an “assault weapons” ban while we wait to see how many republicans join their ranks. They do this while surrounded by actual weapons of war and a pretty effective physical barrier.

As of this writing the democrat controlled Senate will come up short on enough votes to pass any of these or any other gun control bills, even with some arm twisting. However nothing can or should be ruled out. The gun control groups poured a lot of money into this past election and they are going to demand a return on their investment. The filibuster rule may just go away and bills in the Senate could pass on a simple majority vote.

Some will say that whatever the democrats do the republicans will undo if we, the voters, give them back the Legislative branch and the Executive branch. Any republican that makes that claim is a bald faced liar. They promised to repeal the ACA, they did not do that.

No, what will happen is that the politicians will sit behind their physical barrier surrounded by men and women of war armed with real weapons of war while they continue to forge the chains they intend to rivet upon us.

Surely they can

walk and chew bubble gum at the same time. Much time and effort is being spent on identifying the people who entered the Capitol building. There is another avenue that should have at least some effort, if not as much, on. And that is why. The why is much bigger than the who.

The who is not requiring all that much effort on the part of the government. Surveillance cameras are all over. Inside and outside the Capitol building. Damn near everywhere. Plus there is facial recognition software at their disposal and up to this moment I have heard no one complaining of its use. The government has the added benefit of “social media”. Those that entered the Capitol building were kind enough to stop and pose for pictures, some even took selfies, and all of it was posted on a social media account or in some cases several of them. Then there is another item that makes uncovering the who easy, people turning in family members and or friends. There does remain a few that must be identified the old fashioned way, through investigation, specifically chasing leads.

In the near future the who will be answered, but when will the why be answered?

The why, will never be answered by a commission. Why, you ask? The answer is right in front of them and they can not see it. Much like the person that can not see the Forest for the Trees.