Wake up!!!

2013 is finally over and gives us a chance to reclaim and return this great Nation to what the Founding Fathers intended. What we need to do is simple. This is only the beginning.

1. Vote. I do not mean voting yourself more money from the treasury. Nowhere in the Constitution are you entitled to anything I or any one else has worked for. The very people that are giving you other people’s earnings are only enslaving you, and creating a culture of dependence. All you are entitled to is Life, Liberty and the Pursuit( meaning you must get up and catch it) of happiness.
2. Accountability. I do not mean blaming others for your station in life. This is America. The only limits placed on you, are the ones you place on yourself. If you do not like your current position, reach down, and pull yourself up by your boot laces.
3.Take care of your own. I do not mean father as many offspring as you can, father as many as YOU can support.
4. Read and understand The Constitution the first 10 Amendments (you know the Bill of Rights) and the rest of them (11 through 27 ).
5. Read Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

2013 was a poor year in American History. The failure of Obama Care, millions of healthcare insurance policies (most of which are family policies, and those Clowns in Washington, D.C. claim to care about children)are being cancelled. The non-stop scandals of the Obama administration. A President that could not care less about the plight of the American citizens, and could not be truthful and would not know the truth if it bit him on his butt.
All that is wrong now is the fault of Democrats, Republicans and Independents. The blame for this lies at the feet of the voters. People constantly scream for term limits. We already have term limits it is called Election Day. We have the chance this year to right the wrong that has become America, tough choices have to be made. Do not complain about other peoples elected representatives until you look at yours. Educate yourself and remember that the radio talk shows and the non-news portions of the news channels are only infotainment. Study the issues, vote your core values and hold the politicians accountable. My representative was one big mistake and must be fired, if his replacement is no better the same fate awaits. Freedom and Liberty are at stake in this Country. In short you have a choice. Choose right and America wins. Choose wrong and you will live in a country according to the rules laid upon you by a Tyrannical Government (rules they are exempt from following), and your children and grandchildren will never know The America that was.
This is my first attempt at a Blog. I finally had enough of the lies and political correctness. Enough is enough.
Freedom is not free.
GOD Bless America

2 thoughts on “Wake up!!!

  1. Nice to meet you. I just have to send the address for this site to my friend in Calif. Carol is on the front lines at the moment out there, involved with stopping those 3 buses in Murietta and San Diego, etc. Brilliant woman.

    • Nice to meet you too sir.
      Send your friend Carol my personal thanks, prayers and best wishes. The insanity of this administration will soon spread across the nation if they are not stopped. We here in Florida will soon have our share, lots of closed schools and military bases. Keep up the good fight.

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