What’s next????

The U.S. Senate is debating an extension of unemployment benefits. I guess 99 weeks isn’t enough. I understand that times are hard, but we keep electing the same people and expecting different results.

Amnesty is next. If the government can’t ease the regulations to let businesses grow to employ Americans, how pray tell will all the new “citizens” ever find work? Could this be a scheme by the Democrats to buy votes and therefore never give up power?

The country of Iraq is about to fall into the hands of al-Qaeda, and Dear Leader employed a hands-off approach to dealing with that. He’s giving them drones and missiles. This country expended the lives of young men and women and vast sums treasure to save that “poor country”. Why did we try to make them a free people? They didn’t want to be free. If they had, they would have done as the Colonists did here in America. But, alas, the majority of the peoples in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya live in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and are not ready for Freedom. We didn’t get fed up with Great Britain until The eighteenth century. Those unfortunate souls have another 400 to 500 years of oppression to contend with. When they have finally gotten to where we were, then they will want freedom, but Freedom comes with a heavy price.

The heavy price to be paid for Freedom is Responsibility and Accountability.




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