More Non-Sense

The President, will today announce sweeping changes for the NSA. This is utter non-sense. If he can order changes, then he is aware of what they are collecting. The IRS, a Government agency(the one everyone fears) was used as a political weapon to attack conservative groups. What, is to say that this corrupt administration has not used the NSA as a weapon against his perceived foes? This is The United States of America, not some third world Banana Republic, where the Dictator uses his pen to make-up and change laws for his convenience or at his will. Our elected Congress does not have the intestinal fortitude to stop the President from disregarding the Constitution. Thus, Congress is complicit in his actions. It seems he can just order a change to laws(that have been passed by congress, signed by him and upheld by the Supreme Court) because he did not know or was not aware of problems with the roll-out of his pet legislation. This once great nation is slowly sliding into oblivion. Our only hope is that come Election Day the Electorate will correct the error that has been made and inflicted on America. But, as I pointed out above, the NSA has been collecting a lot of information about the citizens of America, and would be an effective weapon to use against opponents.
Now the President says “I have my pen and a phone”. The Speaker says “We have the Constitution”. News for you Mr. Speaker, he has used his pen a lot. When did you use the Constitution to stop him? If he were to sign an Executive Order nullifying the Constitution and declaring himself President for life, what would you do?
There was a time when men(not politicians) went to Washington for America, now politicians(not men) go for themselves and take(steal) whatever they can. How can so many public officials amass so much material wealth and risk nothing. What ever happened to “we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor”?. I guess that was a time when America was more important than politicians and their own agenda. When a politician is elected to office, they are done so, by a free choosing electorate and are well compensated for their services. Why, is it that they feel compelled to win re-election by “buying votes”? How will you win re-election when you have taken all there is from those of us who do pay taxes, and there is nothing left to give away? The office they hold is an Honor, and should be honored to serve. I have the utmost respect for the office, but the person holding that office must earn my Respect.
Speaking of compensation, have politicians earned theirs. As I pointed out you risk nothing. The men and women of our Armed Forces earn every penny. They risk it All everyday, whether training or in combat. Yet, they are insulted by a 1% raise. A friend said “they balanced the budget on the backs of our Military and Veterans”. My response was “No they didn’t, they balanced the budget on the backs of the smallest voting block”. Only 7% of the citizens have served in the Military and only 1.3% serve now. Considering 47% of Americans pay no income tax, of that most get back more than they pay in(I find this part most confusing. If I buy an item and then return it, I only get exactly what I paid for it). So 53% pay for 100% of everything, 47% pay for nothing and get everything, 1.3%(7% if you count all the veterans)safeguard the Freedom of 100%. Are the Military members justly compensated for their service?. I must say NO! When a Service Member RE-UPS, he or she has to sign a contract for a specific length of service and swears or affirms to up-hold the Constitution of The United States Of America. This all done willingly knowing the dangers that will be faced. Politicians, will you accept the same Compensation you so generously provide our Military, or will you continue to live your lavish lifestyle, enact laws that you do not have to live under and give away(if appropriate,and if not steal)the treasure(taxes paid by hard working Americans)of America.
Now, Normally I do not use profanity, but in my heyday as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army I could “cuss” for 10 minutes and never use the same word twice. I would enjoy the chance to discuss my views with any of you. This all you get for free.
Proud to have served and you can Kiss My BUTT!!!!!!!!


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