Realist or Visionary? Left or Right? Democrat or Republican? Why all the labels? Part 2

The Politicians, News Media and Political Activists have devised a way to take away our individualism. They simply label us either Left, Liberal, Right, Conservative, Democrat, Republican and so forth, once everyone has been labeled they become easier to sort, categorize, inventory and control. Individualism, self-reliance and self-determination are no longer recognized or tolerated by our political system. For instance, a Democrat is not allowed to be pro-life, likewise a Republican is not allowed to be pro-choice, if you do not toe the party line you can not play, and the party will not support you. That is unless, your base is not the majority and you need a little help to get elected. After the election you can just switch back, and switch back come the next election cycle. The majority of the politicians have lost sight of their core values and just move along with the herd. The Political Parties and the Politicians have no idea of their beginnings, and just like reading a map if you don’t know where you came from, you don’t knowing where you are going.
The Democratic Party evolved from the Anti-Federalist and the Democratic-Republican Parties. They favored a strict interpretation of the Constitution to restrict the powers of the Federal Government and emphasized States rights.
The Republican Party evolved from the Democratic-Republican Party. They favored business, financial and some agricultural interests and a restricted role of Government in economic life.
Somehow, over time these two political parties corrupted and perverted themselves into what they are now. Both of them have grown the Government to a point that it is in every aspect of every ones life, with no end in sight. No matter what they say or promise they will not stop or even slow the growth of the “monster” until it has consumed everything. They will not return America to the citizens. They will not give up the power they have stolen. They both have inflated opinions of their worth claiming to know better what is good for us than we do ourselves. Here is a simple test for you, it will prove how great and special you really are. Get a glass of water, stick your finger in and then pull it out, if there is a hole where your finger was then you are truly special.
The State and Local Politicians are no better, they carry on the tradition of stealing, lying and cheating. They have even resorted to class warfare lately. They have not been responsible with the property tax money, sales tax or any other fees and taxes that have been imposed on the citizens, without their consent. Now, the “monster” needs more, the more will come in the form of increased property taxes, punishing those that have caught the American Dream. Claiming more money is needed for the schools, it seems that whenever more needs to be “stolen” everyone is concerned for the children. If taxes and rate hikes keep coming, the children will starve just so the taxes can be paid to keep a roof over their precious little heads.
Conservative And Liberal are only ideals based on principles(I only wish they truly had some). The Conservative Politicians are only conservative with their stuff(money), the Liberal Politicians are only liberal with the stuff(money)of others.
Left and Right are the extremes of both ranging from Capitalism to Nazism. When all else fails these words are used, with the occasional word Fanatic thrown in.
It has all become this way due to the Government becoming so Divisive. The Government can ill afford for the people to get together discuss and solve their own problems, if we could do that, we wouldn’t need them and their power over the people would vanish. The Founding Fathers did just that, without a Government they sat down and put on paper the founding documents of America. Just imagine all those different opinions and beliefs, yet they still worked that all out without the help of Government. For the Politicians to remain in power they must keep us divided, and they will use any means available.
Now everyone is a victim of some imaginary act or injustice. Nothing In America can now be worked out without the ever intrusive “Big Brother”. Government with its replicating social programs is using the treasure of America to bring forth a new generation of people who are neither self-reliant or self-sufficient. Who ever can lay claim to this new generation will have a grateful and endless supply of votes, at least until the money runs out. This group will be labeled the “Moochers” and their numbers will grow with every new social program and “comprehensive reform” of all of the failed programs meant to bring social fairness. There was, even in my lifetime, a time when the community came to the aid of people in need. People were given a hand up not a hand out, and the one that received help would be the first to offer assistance the next time help was needed.
Now, as I am always willing to help, I will save you some time and label myself(wouldn’t want to be miss labeled). Here goes:
Realist, Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-Constitution, Conservative(in the truest meaning of the word),self-reliant, For a smaller and less intrusive government and in case I missed anything this should remove any doubt in your mind as to who I am and what I stand for period. The greatest pieces of literature are as follows; 1.The Holy Bible(King James Version, words written in red)2. The Constitution of The United States 3.The Declaration of Independence 4.The Declaration of Arms 5. Common Sense 6.The American Crisis.

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