Why not us? Part 2

The answer to the question of why not us, is simple and obvious in the events of our own political history. This writing will explain in detail why we put labels on our selves and will begin in the year 1933.
FDR was president, the “New Deal” era began. The country was in “The Great Depression”and unemployment numbers were staggering. FDR built his “New Deal Coalition” around the poor, organized labor(the unions), minorities, dwellers of cities and the southern whites. Relief for unemployment came in the form of “government jobs”. But FDR had his own “Personal Coalition” which consisted of Newspaper and Oil “Tycoons” the very wealthy and influential and his “friends” from his days on Wall Street. One interesting fact is that even during the depression his friends remained wealthy. No wealthy man has poor friends, FDR was a very wealthy man. I have studied history and have always wondered where the money came from to pay for the newly created jobs as the country and even the world was in a financial crisis. That same year the 18th Amendment(Abolishing Alcohol) to the U.S. Constitution was repealed. The “Law of unintended consequences” comes into play here, the prohibition an alcohol removed tax revenue and fostered in organized crime. Repealing the 18th amendment brought in much-needed tax revenue. This however, had no effect on organized crime and still relies on laws and prohibitions to keep a grip on society. No matter how bad the economy had gotten then and even now, the people have always needed relief and escape, and will spend money to escape. Don’t get me wrong in my criticism of FDR, he did do a lot good while serving as President, but at the same time he set the agenda for the “Liberal Left Democratic Party”. He fostered in the notion that Government was the “cure-all” for economic problems and thus created the “Dependent on Government” mentality that continues to this day. One unique fact about FDR is that he broke with a Presidential tradition of stepping aside after two terms as President, running again and again, becoming the only President to be elected 4 times. This situation was rectified by The 22nd Amendment to The U.S. Constitution, but not until 1951. No President from the time of the death of FDR until 1951 ran for President more than twice, returning the tradition of Twice and Leaving. But without that amendment there would not have been any limits or length of time a president could remain in time. FDR also was alleged to be the first to use the term The United Nations. Could it be possible that FDR had an office higher than President Of The United States of America in mind? The excuse of “you should not change horses in the middle of the stream” is ridiculous, this nation was so “galvanized” by the attack of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese that no outcome other than the total defeat of Japan would be accepted no matter who sat in the White House.
We have had Presidents die while in office, but with the exception of FDR there has never been a President decide to stay in office until he decided to leave office. Had he lived he would have remained in office even after the conclusion of WW 2, and with the creation of his “dream”(the U.N.) there is no telling where he would have gone or led this nation to.
We now have yet another “Liberal Left Democrat” sitting in the White House, his arrival to power was ushered in, in much the same way of FDR. BHO assembled much the same coalition as FDR to get himself elected and re-elected, and he has his own “personal coalition”, but like Joseph Stalin he has assembled an “inner circle” to insulate and protect him. If it happened by chance, or was planned he has used the same tactics and strategies as those used by Hitler and Stalin. He uses various government agencies to harass, silence and eliminate all who oppose his rule. He has also used his association with the press and other media outlets to expose Military leaders he does not trust and then dispose of them. He is in essence purging the Military of some of the top leaders. He is using the budget to cut and scrap our Military, while at the same time proposing increasing spending on social programs. He spares no cost to keep his “hope and change coalition” in tact and well-funded, while at the same de-funding all who may oppose him while in pursuit of his final quest, whatever that may be. BHO is more than a “Left Liberal Democrat”, he is much more dangerous than that to America, he is a “Left Liberal Socialist Democrat”. He has many allies in Congress and the Media, and uses them most effectively to berate and belittle his opposition. A “Great Lie” has been visited upon this Great Country and the damages inflicted upon us will take years to undo. Until damages are undone this country will be the “Laughing Stock” of the world. One dangerous aspect of this man is the fact that he sits his ass on a fence and will go whichever direction the wind blows. With each failure he simply orders a new social program to draw attention form his ineptness to get some newly discovered underprivileged group assistance or a fool-hardy program supposed to lift them out of what ever situation they may be in. The people he supposes to recognize and help have always been there, he waits and picks a time of his choosing when they become useful idiots, and yet they cheer him on. The most dangerous aspect of this “user” is the fact that he fears every government on this planet except his own. He does not fear the American Government or the American People, and why should he, the Press will not speak out against him for fear of being labeled with an “ism” or “ist”, the majority of Congress has the same fears. The 22nd amendment, at least limits the time this most dangerous man can continue to erode our Country and our Constitution. But, I remind you that amendments can be repealed.
We have a choice on every Election Day, we as a nation can vote the politicians who supported and continue to support BHO out of office, and save what is left of our Constitution.
The why not us, should be evident by now, that we as a Country will live with and suffer under our mistakes and will do so even if the same mistake is made twice. We will do the same as we always have, pick up the pieces and choose wiser the next time, or not, we make and live by our choices. The world is at this moment wondering why, if we are so unhappy why do we continue on the same path patiently waiting for an election to come and not force one. The answer is simple, we have a Constitution they we respect and live by, even if our elected leaders do not. That being said, he had better be glad that the True Patriots believe in our Constitution. By the Grace of God we will some return to our principles and once again have a government that truly knows the meaning of “Is, By and For the People”

Why not us? Part 1

Indeed, Why not us?
The world has erupted in wars and internal strife, the nations of Venezuela, The Ukraine, Syria and Libya will be used in the following examples. These examples will show the difference between a planned choice and direction and having no plan and will to go in any direction. Examples of how outside influences attempt to use the indecision and lack of planning of the people, nations and governments to further the agenda of the ones who wield their supposed supremacy and the disastrous effects of all concerned.
First to be discussed is Libya. The destruction of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988 led to the first air attack on Libya from the U.S. as a retaliatory action. A game of tit-for-tat began with Libya. Whenever an act of terrorism was committed by Libya or they would claim responsibility for the act and another air strike would be delivered upon them. Occasionally the U.S. would give aid or intelligence to anyone who was engaged in open conflict with The Libyan Dictator during his quest for expansion. Acts of terrorism during this time were not cause to engage in all out war. In 2012 The U.S. launched an air campaign against Libya in support of an insurrection against the Libyan Dictator, this act was ordered by our President without justification and was totally against our Constitution. Being a Constitutional professor surely he must have heard of the war powers of the President. America would use only air power and not risk a single soldier and no boots would be put on the ground. However, we would provide the “rebels” with uniforms and small arms. We as a nation had no “beef” with Libya or its Dictator. We as a nation with a corrupt leader were dragged into that one by European countries that were weak militarily and corrupt morally and had somehow “bitten off more than they could chew”. Please do not use the argument that the accused, convicted and imprisoned the so-called “mastermind” of the Flight 103 bombing was released from prison, that again was a European decision. If we had any “beef” with anyone it should have been directed towards those that released him on humanitarian grounds. Some of the members of the U.S. Congress were in total support of the “Rebels” in Libya and some even stated “I know who the good one’s are, trust me I know”. The problem was that the “rebels” only wanted the Dictator gone, but had no plan of action or where they would go after his ouster. Our government “assumed” that they would be pro-west if we helped and would become a useful ally. The word “assume” is composed of 3 words(ass, u and me). Our Regime was so anxious to prove they had taken the “right course of action” and wanted normalization of relations with the “New and Legitimate Government” of Libya. The “new and legitimate government” was recognized even before the “old and ill-legitimate government” was out of power. An Embassy was established, an Ambassador was appointed and staffed, even putting an outpost in Benghazi. Somehow, we relied on the new government to provide most of the security for the Ambassador and the Embassy and we know how that turned out. Then there was the under reported and in some cases not reported event where sophisticated U.S. military equipment was stolen from a “secure” storage area. I wonder if the same people who provided security for that area also provided security for our Embassy. Libya today is still a cesspool with pieces of “feces” still floating around with no direction and no plan, and our government still thinks Libya was worth the cost. It was not worth the cost. Dear Leader and his “tools” totally screwed that one up, accepted not even a “smidgen” responsibility and have moved on to screw up the rest of the world, and have managed to make an ASS of U and ME and The United States of America in the process.
Now to Syria. This is yet another Middle-East country embroiled in internal strife with only one vision, the removal of a Dictator. That beautiful country has become a training ground for any opposition group wanting to “hone” their fighting skills. The Syrian Army has been killing them by the “truckload” and they have only gained experience in dying. The news that chemical weapons were used against the civilian population should have come as no surprise to anyone. I personally do not believe that the Government had unleashed chemicals on anyone. The Government was and is winning and therefore had no reason to use such a tactic that would surely bring world condemnation and possible military actions from most world powers. I believe the most likely possibility is that the “rebels” were and still are losing, and they used chemical weapons that they had seized in earlier successes. After all, to succeed at terrorism you must terrorize. Dear Leader had “drawn a line in the sand”, but not just any old line it was a RED LINE, saying that if chemical weapons were used America would act. Not long after that, the news erupted with statements, proclamations and accusations that the government had indeed deployed chemical weapons. The RED Line was Crossed. The administration wanted to perform “surgical air strikes” and lessen the Syrian Army’s war fighting capability, and just as in the case of Libya, we would not put boots on the ground. Russia came to Syria’s defense, intervened and the “redness” of the line became blurry, and not quite so RED. Dear Leader had painted himself into a corner, he had to do something, fear set in, he could not act alone, he asked Congress for a resolution, at the same time he was asking the other world powers to help, seeming almost to beg. The European Countries said they would not participate, not even the ones that drug us into Libya. The sensible ones in Congress wanted time and verification before acting. Help with this problem came from an unlikely source, Russia. The crisis was averted. Syria would give-up their chemical weapons, promise not to use them and Russia and a team of international inspectors would oversee their destruction. The Syrian military was by default, given permission to shoot and kill as many “rebels” as they wanted as long as the only used “common and acceptable” means and methods. Of the “common means and methods” the one with the most success is to surround an enemy in a town or fort and the lay siege to it. This is perhaps the most effective and non-discriminatory and certainly brutal tactics ever developed for war fighting, but it does drive home the fact that you are certainly living on borrowed time. A place under siege has only what it has and can expect no more, you can only grow weaker, when what you have is exhausted you have two options, continue until you are totally destroyed or surrender. If you had instead taken the time to prepare, build up alliances or become self-sufficient and strong enough to engage in a prolonged fight, you would not find yourself surrounded and having to go from fighting for a good and just cause, and that is my allowing that you ever had one, to now just fighting for your survival. Your total lack of any understanding of the task you were own is proven by the fact that you invited every one to join you and you did not care why they wanted to join the fight. Your use of towns and cities for your strong holds goes to prove that you truly do not care about the people you are trying to liberate from tyranny, you have only placed the innocent in harm’s way. Perhaps you counted on the world continuing the same course of action they had been on and ASSUMED that you would be delivered from you ineptness. As with Libya the administration has promised to give aid to the ‘rebels” in the form of uniforms and small arms. We may never learn what was given to the “rebels”, and let’s not forget the sophisticated military equipment that had been stolen in earlier successes.
Now, to point out some similarities of the two countries previously discussed. They are by no means soldiers and therefore can not wear a uniform. They have no discipline, nor self-control and engage only in indiscriminate killing and terrorism. They have no allegiance, represent no form of government, nor any country and have no regard for life or liberty, without these you can never be free. But, they know not what they want to be free form to start with. Do not look to the skies for your salvation, there has never been any war won by air power alone. PPPP on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine. But dot not feel bad, America too, lost much in the 2 excursions that Dear Leader embarked on. Actually we probably lost more than the two of you combined. We lost the respect and more importantly the trust of the oppressed of the world and of our Allies around the world, and even that is not totally your fault. We as America somehow elected a leader who felt it necessary to embark on a world apology tour. The half-hearted excursion into Libya and empty threats in Syria have done more to undermine perceived American commitment in the Middle-East than any other single act committed by our current Regime and will undoubtedly lead only to more instability and mistrust.
Now to Venezuela. Your struggles to rid yourselves of your tyrannical form of government is barely making the news here in America. You can expect no help, Dear Leader here is cut from the same cloth as your current and past leaders. God Bless and keep up the good fight. If you a revolting against your government to move towards freedom and liberty do it yourself, do not ask any outside help and do not accept any offers of help. For if you do it by yourself it will mean so much more and you will owe no one. If you are only wanting a new leader and the same type of government, that is your choice. You may even live long enough to see America arrive at the same point where you sit now. I only hope you have a plan as to what your future holds, if you are rebelling just to rebel and you succeed you will become the same cesspool as Syria in the Middle-East and Libya in North Africa.
Now to The Ukraine. You confuse me, you sit on a fence and will go whichever way the wind blows. If you can not decide, split your country in half and go your separate ways. This has been done many times in history, most often with terrible consequences, it was even tried here in America. You are not unique in history, you gained independence with the demise of the Soviet Union. You want to align with the E.U. when they do well. You want to align with Russia when all is well there. Are you not the land of the Cossacks. You are a country of great resources you can use that to your advantage or let that destroy you. Do not seek money from other countries it has the appearance of saying “my friendship is for sale”. Sell off the ill-gotten gains of the former leader you chose, farm your fertile soil and become an agricultural superpower. Any government who buys your friendship will eventually enslave you for their uses and exploit your country and resources for their gain. If government can give, they can also take. Choose wisely your next leader. Do as America did, first write a Constitution, second fill the offices and ensure that the rights of the people are included in your constitution. Most importantly hold the people elected to those offices accountable.

What are they thinking?

Do the President and his tools have any idea of the dangers this nation and world face? The Military has been shrinking every year since 2010 and now the tools in Washington, D.C. want to shrink the Army to its smallest size since before WW 2. The United States and the rest of the civilized world is at War with Radical Islam and every other “nut bag” that has an axe to grind because of some perceived injustice Capitalism or civilization has inflicted on them. This is no time to shrink our fighting forces. The President has drawn another “line in the sand” but not with some third world nation, but this time with Russia. Although it does not matter who or what causes his to draw his line, he will take no action, but someday someone will grow tired of his idle threats and he will have to cash that “check” he keeps writing. Soon he can shift the blame for military failures from himself and simply say that the Military was not up to the challenge, and again he will have a “scapegoat” and shrug off responsibility. Secretary Hagel wants to concentrate efforts to using technology to defeat any possible adversary. Planning to have a Military that can wage war, but can not remain on station to occupy and rehabilitate an enemy, and return the land to its people is just insane. We can not have a Military that can only strike and then leave, if we do we will have become a “third-rate” nation only interested in causing further instability. If we strike another nation out of retaliation we must ensure that threat is resolved and will not rise up again. A force used in combat must be of sufficient strength and size to take the war to the enemy and then execute the war with “extreme prejudice”. As for the A-10 Thunderbolt(aka Warthog)it is the best and only attack aircraft that can execute it’s mission and provide close-air support for ground troops and provide excellent protection for its pilot. I personally got a warm and fuzzy feeling when ever they were operating in our sector because I knew that some miserable SOB was about to meet his end. It was extremely effective and devastating to Iraqi forces during Desert Shield/Desert Storm and since, and it will be missed by every Soldier and Marine when the enemy gains the upper-hand and close-air-support is needed. These are the only plans released thus far, but I am sure there are many more and possibly more sinister lurking in the cuts to the Military budget. After all cutting our war fighting and giving that money to social programs is much more appealing to this Regime.
Our forces will soon become involved in a new “Cold War” with Russia over the turmoil and internal strife in The Ukraine. That will come about by the latest “line in the sand” that “Dear Leader” has drawn without any thought of consequence. Our Military in Korea is still bogged down in a long and protracted stand-off with North Korea who is still aided by China. The remainder of Our Military is still bogged down in the Middle-East and that is the Fault of this and the previous Administrations, and this was caused by a failure to use the Military for it’s intended purpose.
Here is a lesson in history for Sec. Hagel. We had the latest technology that was available when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941. True enough it was only Radar, but it was available, we did not deploy it properly or even use it effectively. The Imperial Japanese Navy came in with the bad weather, not to mention that they had spies in and around Pearl Harbor. Naval Intelligence used simple logic and monitored radio transmissions from Japan and foretold of the attack, but no one listened. The rest as they say is History. They did not see the need of “monitoring” every person in Hawaii, the spies could do only minimal damage they needed The Navy to bring total devastation to Pearl Harbor. After the attack on Pearl Harbor the Selective Service went into “overdrive” and the draft filled the ranks of the Military. Even now 18-year-old males register for the Selective Service, from what I’ve seen most of them are 4F’s. What is missing now and will become evident if we are ever attacked again and if your cuts and proposals come about is that you don’t have the “Great Depression” to provide physically fit Draftees fresh off the farm. Technology has eliminated the need for vast amounts of young men working on the Family Farm.
Technological advantages came become a hindrance if the right set of circumstances arise and can be capitalized on by an enemy that relies on “Brute Force” and not technology. Most of our enemies live in caves and plot their next attack not in a building, but under a tree or next to a rock

A corrupt government full of lies, broken promises and constant distractions while waging wars on America

This is not the America of days gone by, this land is destined to slide of the cliff into oblivion as we commit government sponsored and assisted suicide unless some real changes come to the American political landscape. The Federal government is waging “war” on States that do not march to the Federal drum.
The people of the VW plant in Tennessee voted down representation by the corrupt UAW, now the UAW wants the NLRB to look into possible “outside” influences that may have played a part in the rejection of the UAW. They just will not accept the fact that the unionization of the VW plant was voted down. They also will not accept the fact that the good people of TN. saw what unionization of autoworkers in Detroit, MI. did to the automotive manufacturing industry, that State in general and to Detroit in particular, and wanted no part of that future. And maybe, just maybe the good people who voted against unionization did not see a reason top pay hard-earned money to a union just to have a job(which they already have)and pay taxes. That has always seemed kind of stupid to me that someone has to pay someone else for the privilege of paying taxes. Tennessee is a right-to work State and if you apply for a job and meet the qualifications you just might get the job, without having to pay someone just to work. There was even a “talking head” on FNC that stated he would have played to the “culture War”. Then he brought up the “Good Ol’ Boy Club” in the south. Then he even mentioned that there was a history of Volkswagen and Hitler. If the UAW had won, the UAW would have said “The election is over, the workers have spoken” and the other side would have no recourse. The UAW will get their way , the corrupt Obama administration and the “tools” at the NLRB will give it another go. If commonsense still prevails and again the unions loses, will the NSA and the IRS be used to pressure and harass the non-conformists at VW ? After all the IRS has already been used to harass and delay what the “regime” sees as opposition to Obama and his failed policies. The NSA has already been spying on us without warrant, under the guise of protection and national security. Just imagine if “Dear Leader” could team these two “tools” up to assault the Peoples rights and what is left of our Constitution.
The plan to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 is just plain crazy and nonsensical. Raising the minimum wage would to lead to higher costs of goods and services, due to the fact no one is in business to break even or to lose money, unless you count the Federal Government, or it would lead to a work force reduction. The only positive aspect is that the IRS could collect more taxes from the few remaining workers. The whole notion of raising the minimum wage is not to improve the quality of life, it is a scheme to take more from the wealthy(you have to be wealthy to own a business, Right?)give it to the poor and then tax them to death.
News that the F.C.C. has decided not to pursue the notion of placing “monitors” in newsrooms only furthers my concerns of the corrupt “regime” in Washington, D.C. This “plan” was only to provide a distraction so an even more sinister plan could be perpetrated on America. They gave up way to easy, or maybe this was just a probe to find out how far the Regime can push us.
But While we were talking about The F.C.C., the D.H.S.(Department of Homeland Security)contracted for over 704 million rounds of ammunition over a 4 year period. These “tools” brought about last ammunition shortage with their outrageous amounts of ammo purchased. This act of corruption allowed these tools to nearly bring about a shortage of ammo for our Military. While on the subject of DHS, why did they purchase armored vehicles? Are they afraid of something, or are they planning something? Remember that “Dear Leader” said “We need a civilian force just as well equipped and just as well-trained as our Military”. You can train a lot of people with over 704 million rounds of ammo, but for what purpose.
As I have stated before I am a student of history, and study the past to avoid the making of repeated mistakes. I replay the events of the day in my head of not only my actions, but the actions or inactions of others I observe. I then take what I have learned and add that to what I know and can plan for a better outcome for the next day and continue this cycle everyday, constantly analyzing and learning. If I make a mistake one day, I can ill-afford to make it again or everyday thus, I learn from history. History must no longer be taught in “Government Schools” anymore and the American people are to pick up a book and learn on their own. As has been said many times before, you either learn the lessons of history or have these events re-visited upon you.
Let’s revisit the year 1919 for a moment. The Weimar Republic, as it was called by historians was established in what was Imperial Germany. They even had a constitution and elected officials. The country and it’s constitution barely lasted 14 years. The constitution was never formally repealed, it was simply made useless by an act which allowed the Cabinet to pass and enact laws without Parliamentary approval. Hitler had even found a way to make himself in a country which had a constitution. He only needed the “perfect crisis” to garner all the power of the highest offices in the land. He played every “card ” available to him, racism and poverty were his “Bread and Butter”. He realized if he could keep the people divided he could do anything he wished and no one would see what was actually behind the curtain. In the beginning of his “Reign of Terror” he used a civilian force to dispense with and dispatch his opposition. He continued pushing his agenda without care or concern until the world erupted in War.
Now let’s return to present day America. We have had a Constitution since 1787, with a supposed separation of powers. The current President has made a habit of going around Congress and using Executive Orders to get his way, if Congress fails to or doesn’t act fast enough for him. His latest will have a lasting effect on the trucking industry. We already have Cabinet level people passing and enacting laws without Congressional approval. The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) passes rules concerning more than the environment and imposes strict laws on industries. Knowing full well that to comply with the rules will bankrupt them and failure to comply will incur heavy and un-reasonable fines. The only option available is to close down and lay-off all the workers, which only adds to the unemployment rate. The President and his “tools” play all the same cards as Hitler played, except now there are so many more cards in the deck to choose from, and they are becoming the “Bread and Butter” of this corrupt regime. We have a Secretary of State that negotiates treaties with the likes of Iran without congressional approval, and a President who threatens to break out the “Veto Pen” if congress tries to impose new or stricter sanctions on Iran. The list of Usurpations goes on and on. He pushes his agenda without care or concern and will continue to do so until Congress stands up to his Usurpations. Could it be possible that the Regime has already used the corrupt Federal agencies and the “tools” in them attack Congress and now they live in a state of fear. With very few exceptions no one in Congress stands up to the President and his abuse of power and they are The Tea Party conservatives, who are written off by the Establishment Republicans as extremists and threatened to eliminate them in the primaries. Whenever a Democrat speaks out against Obama they immediately retract their statement. All Obama needs to complete his destruction of the American way of life and the U.S. Constitution is his “Perfect Crisis” even if he has to create it on his own. All Hitler needed was for someone to set a fire to start down the pathway to “Dictatorship”, what is Obama going to use. FDR used WW 2 as his excuse.
We do need to watch and try to prevent his abuses of power, but we need to be especially watchful that we do not get distracted and miss the real and ultimate goal of this Regime, which is unfortunately the destruction of America and the American way.

The government assault on the citizens continues, not in some foreign land but right here in America

The current administration in Washington, D.C. is even more out of control today than yesterday. President Obama has added yet another tool to his arsenal of tyranny, despotism and oppression to use against all who oppose his usurpation of power. The F.C.C. is only the latest tool that the “tool” that occupies the White House will use to control the Media that is not already in blind support and allegiance to him. The F.C.C. will not just be observing media operations they will report back to some other “tool” working for the administration. “Observing” is just another word for “monitoring”, which will lead to censoring of any content which the “regime” deems inappropriate, inflammatory or objectionable.
The Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to prevent just the same kind of regime abuses that we see today. The separation of powers was done so as to prevent any one of the three branches of government from acting in an arbitrary manner. Dear Leader has trampled the Constitution without any Congressional opposition, and has further attacked the Bill of Rights, again, without Congressional opposition.
The Fourth Amendment was cancelled out by the N.S.A, we are no longer secure in our persons, houses, papers or effects. The “Regime” either has probable cause that every American is a threat and has an outstanding warrant one each of us or some activist Judge is sitting at the bench 24/7 listening to some “tool” of the regime explain his reasons and oath for probable cause to issue a warrant.
The First Amendment will now be cancelled out by The F.C.C. We have already lost the right to assemble, now we to obtain a permit from some government “tool”. The freedom of speech is already limited if it is interpreted by some government “tool” to be hate speech or inflammatory. If we speak out against the President or his failed policies or address a grievance we are called “racist”. Now the Press will be monitored for content of programming, editorials and opinions. This can only lead to censorship.
The Second Amendment is under constant attack
The Ninth and Tenth Amendments have already been cancelled by Activist Judges and the Department of Justice.
The U.S. Constitution is constantly hated and therefore ignored by the “Regime” due to the fact that it limits his powers and empowers the People, and he will have none of that.
As for Executive Orders, see the attached picture of one that was issued at the rate of one a day for six days then tell me what the government has created.

Where do we go from here?

America as a nation had a start as a refuge for the oppressed religious and otherwise. We had a brutal beginning in a land far and away from our from what our ancestors were accustomed. Independence and Liberty were first experienced on this Continent, although we were Colonies of the European Continent. Time passed, we became 13 colonies of Great Britain due to wars between European Countries and their giving up of Colonies on the North American continent to the victors. Some of the wars were referred to as “contests” spilled over into North America. Our ancestors even helped Great Britain win some of these “contests”. Our ancestors gained valuable experience during these “contests” that would be of great use in the coming years. The continued abuses of the King of England finally drove the Colonists to the point of taking up arms against the Throne.
The Colonies and The Colonials had matured and were of sufficient strength to choose their own course and destiny. The course they choose was to live in as a Free People, the common thought was that it is better to “DIE as a FREE MAN, than to LIVE as a SLAVE of the THRONE. As a nation we didn’t choose a war with England, it was forced upon the good and decent citizens of the Colonies. Our Forefathers won that “contest” with a heavy loss of Life and Treasure. We had sufficiently matured and with Great and Divine guidance, our Forefathers drafted perhaps the finest document any people could author, The Constitution of the United States. To get a Constitution that could be ratified by all 13 Colonies required negotiations(give and take)from all sides, but even the most heinous and contrary to the principles of Freedom and Liberty, slavery had a final date, and was spelled out in the Constitution.
As more territories gained statehood and were admitted into the “union”, their admission was based on whether or not they would be “slave” states. The Congress at the time would decide for the States if they were “slave or free”, and were admitted on that one premise. The Territories had little choice in the matter and would only gain Statehood if they didn’t upset the balance. The Congress wanted things to remain equally “divided”, so that no one view had a monopoly on the slavery question. This would eventually set the stage for the greatest calamity for America. But remember that the House of Representatives was based on population size not land size, the northern states had more representatives than the lesser populated south. The Senate has since the beginning has been 2 from every state no matter the population and was originally sent by the state to the nation’s capital to ensure the state they were from had an equal voice in government and the policies each administration would inflict on the population of their state. If they were equally divided the Vice President would vote and that would only be according to the administrations views on the subject at hand, and thus decide.
The stage set for the “Civil War” was set long before President Lincoln was elected, his election only set the wheels in motion. The original cause was seen Federal Government usurpation and arbitrary uses and abuses of power. The people of South Carolina were the first to act, by seceding from the “union” and demanding that all Federal Troops immediately leave their Sovereign State. The Federals refused, hostilities broke out and many southern states seceded from the “union”. The new government of the South drafted and ratified their own Constitution and elected their own President and Congress. The Constitution of the Confederate States of America is almost a mirror reflection of the Constitution of the United States. There is no provision in the U.S. Constitution for any state to withdraw from the “union” only to enter into it. This war in American history has been called by many names, “The Civil War”, “The Un-Civil War”, “The War Between the States” and The War of Northern Aggression”, but in reality it was a war between 2 countries, but for a better description I choose “The War of Northern Aggression. The U.S.A. never officially recognized the C.S.A., if it had it would it would have become a war fought over land as the north didn’t have the land or people to work it to feed themselves. The Confederate States had no intention of warring with The United States, they only wanted to throw of the “yoke” of what was perceived as a tyrannical Federal Government and raised an Army to do just that. President Lincoln was less about ending slavery and more about “preserving the Union at any cost”. To illustrate this point, if a nation were to be a warring nation it would need a weapons of war manufacturing infrastructure and a pre-arranged prisoner of war containment system. Neither of which the South had, had to rely on what few could be manufactured by private companies and what they were already in possession of or what they seized. Being unprepared for war Andersonville was hastily put up, and true enough it was despicable, the POW camps in the north were no better, but the winner doesn’t punish themselves. The North had the vast majority of the Arsenals(this remains true today)and were much better prepared to go to war, but were lacking good military leaders at the onset, as most had returned to their homes in the South. Up until the Federals attacks on and blockades of the South the only engagements were the Southern States trying to drive the Federal troops from their sovereign soil, often without casualties. The fact that Lincoln was less about the abolition of slavery and more about the preservation of the “union” can be illustrated by this, the Army of the North was called The Union Army and not the Abolishment Army. The proof that the War of Northern Aggression was less about slavery and more about states rights is the Army of the South was called The Confederate Army and not the Slavery Army.
A Revolution is best described as an effort to throw off the Tyrannical Yoke of an Arbitrary Ruler and will most often succeed due to the convictions of the people to make a better life for themselves and future generations. A revolution is usually between one Nation and some other place it has claimed as a protectorate. It is also helpful if the two opposing forces are separated by an ocean, thereby making logistics an insurmountable obstacle, as was the case of England during the Revolutionary war.
A Rebellion is best described as an effort to throw off the tyrannical yoke of an Arbitrary Ruler or Government and will most often fail due to the fact a rebellion originates in the same oppressive country. It also helps that the Government has prearranged and staged weapons of war manufacturing in a friendly neighborhood, thereby making logistics a much easier task.
We have again come to a time in our history where we are Living under tyranny, oppression, despotism and an arbitrary leader who has no respect for the rule of law or for the Constitution, and has no fear of Congress. He even has the nerve to say to the Leader of a foreign country “I’m the President, I can do what I want”. The Founding Fathers would be “ashamed” of each and everyone that calls themselves an American and stands by and supports any President of this Great Nation that has such disdain for this country and the beliefs it was founded under. Anyone who supports this Government at this time doesn’t know the meaning of words like Liberty, Freedom, Self-Determination and Self-Reliance. Do you Celebrate the 4th of July, or do you Celebrate Independence Day?
The slogans,words and terms that an administration uses or avoids the use of should and do tell the agenda of the administration and the party in power, all you have to do is stop, look and listen. The next time some tries to sell this nation a policy of “hope and change”, ask just what do you hope will change. Nothing can or will change until you put forth an effort and make a difference, America can not afford much more of this kind of non-sense.
Our Founding Fathers took action and created the greatest nation on earth, get up off your lazy butt and take action, do nothing and you will have nothing. This had always been a country where failure or success was based on personal actions, now it seems that if I do well I must share my rewards with you even though you have risked nothing.
As for the politicians; try this don’t just say the other candidate has no real plan, lay out your complete plan and then state why it is better. Or could it be if you laid out your plan the people might just see you for what you are?
I by no means suggest or imply that I support any government overthrow of this or any other country, I am merely a student of history. If we do not learn the lessons of history, they will be re-visited upon us. History can and will be a cruel teacher to the foolish.

Tangled webs of lies from Politicians and Presidents and the Electorate is to lazy to care or hold them accountable.

In the words of Thomas Paine “These are the times that try men’s souls.”
The months of January and February have certainly tried my patience with the two-party system of government that seems to be the scourge of this Nation. The Republican and Democrat parties have merged into one monolithic tool used to punish and torture America. The Republicans say that they are for a smaller government,lower taxes,austerity and fiscal responsibility. The Democrats have said that they are for the same things at different times. Even President Clinton said “The days of big government are over.” But he did nothing to shrink the size and scope of government. The Democrats are quick to tout that when President G. W. Bush came into office there was a budget surplus. If there really was a budget surplus, and not just manipulated numbers, how could he spend it without Congressional approval. The Federal Government grew by leaps and bounds under President G.W. Bush just as with his predecessors and will not stop with successors of President Obama. All the politician spend money like”drunken sailors”(no disrespect meant to our men and women in the Navy),but it is”public money” meaning tax payer dollars,and none of the fortunes that they have amassed while they were supposed to be representing the citizens and being good stewards of America.
There was a time when Americans would not tolerate a lying or corrupt politician and would remove them from office at the earliest opportunity.President Nixon so embarrassed this Nation that he was forced to resign or face impeachment, he was in his second term. Vice President Agnew had already resigned from office due to criminal charges was replaced by the House Minority Leader Gerald Ford.
President Ford gave a Presidential Pardon to Nixon and was beaten in the next election due to the anger of the public for the pardon of Nixon.
President Carter had such a disastrous domestic and foreign policy approach with runaway interest rates, inflation and high unemployment and the Iranian hostage crisis that he was defeated after one term
. President Reagan had his share of controversies Iran-Contra and most notably the Amnesty program that he promised if we do it this time it will never happen again. The people trusted and believed in him,he had reversed the course of President Carter, and as some believe he saved the country from disaster. The U.S.S.R. had dissolved during his administration.He served two terms.
President G.H.W. Bush was quite popular after the defeat of the Iraqi Military during Desert Storm and would have been unbeatable. His popularity took a dramatic reversal after he famously said “Read my lips,no new taxes’. There were new taxes, he was soundly defeated on election day serving only one term. Some will say he was defeated because Ross Perot entered the race on a third-party ticket. I say he was defeated for lying to America, there are many third-party names on the ballot every election.
President Clinton ushered in a new era in American politics. It was the beginning of a time when citizens no longer held the politicians accountable for their actions or inactions. He should have been impeached or at least resigned from office. The impeachment never happened because every Democrat along with some Republicans chose not to hold him accountable. It became the time of,it depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.
President G.W. Bush gave us a righteous war with Afghanistan and a war with Iraq based on faulty intelligence with the approval of Congress. Both went from combat to commerce. He also expanded the size and scope of government exponentially. He became an unpopular President during his second term, and with the help of some entrenched politicians protecting their most prized social programs(Fannie-Mae and Freddie-Mac)managed to bring the nation to its financial knees during the housing crisis. He gave us “compassionate conservatism” and magnified “crony capitalism”.
President Obama has enjoyed the benefits of the American voters no longer holding politicians accountable and carries on with “crony capitalism”. The economy is still shaky after 6 years of his failed bail-outs, investments in private companies, stimulus and most notably his failed Affordable Healthcare Act(Obama Care). Now we have yet another delay in the implementation of Obama Care. It seems this rolling disaster of a law never will get on track, the mandate for companies of 50 to 99 employees is going to be delayed through 2015. As an added insult inmates just being released from incarceration will be allowed to enroll in Obama Care with a substantial government(tax-payer)subsidy and some inmates at work release centers will be enrolled(again with substantial subsidies)while still incarcerated. The release of the CBO report should be a wake-up call to America. America is headed down the same path of some EU countries, that is, becoming a full-time nation with part-time workers that will forever need government hand-outs, bail-outs and subsidies. Success and prosperity are seen as evil by this administration and must be punished. This President uses every tactic to keep the people divided even resorting to using the playing card of communism. Using the “ism” cards at every opportunity, preferring the racism and sexism cards above all, but will use any “ism” card that fits the mood of the crowd at his political rallies. The media outlets are his biggest allies and will not challenge him or his policies for fear of being labeled with one of the “ism” cards. The media constantly and relentlessly attacks the Tea Party and their simple(not complicated)ideas to fix the turmoil and chaos that has become the “norm” in Washington D.C.
But he is further enjoying the lapse in voter judgment and he is permitted to continually lie to America, change laws to suit his needs according to what special interest groups say they need. He has started a new and dangerous phase in American politics and the Presidency by using government agencies to harass, punish and spy on his enemies real or imagined. Further, he has dedicated himself to carrying on the policies of President L.B. Johnson and his failed “Great Society”, “War on Poverty” and various other programs. The war on poverty has only increased the amount of people living in poverty, but has had another far-reaching and long-lasting side effect, the food stamp program. The latest report says that will be no appreciable drop in the food stamp participation rate for the next 10 years. This President has developed a very dangerous habit that places America in jeopardy of financial ruin and quite possibly collapse. Where does he think the money that fuel his administration, his whims and his endless vacations, not to mention the amount of dollars it takes to fuel-up Air Force One which has become his personal jet? I know that the President is the President 24 hours a day, and Air Force One is the flying White House. But does he really have to fly to a mid-west university just to sign a bill into law? That could have been done in Washington D.C. He only does these sort of publicity events near places he can attend fund-raisers for the Democrats.
Now, we are revisiting the amnesty plan that we were promised once before, do this now and we will never face this problem again, well, we are facing it again. Today it is the Democrats that are pushing the hardest for immigration reform(just another name for another amnesty plan)along with some Republicans(RINO). The “hole” in the southern border is still there, we have “sanctuary cities” and the Justice Department, Homeland Security and various other government agencies do nothing to curb the influx of illegals crossing the southern border, and will sue any state for taking the initiative to protect their states and their citizens. The current administration sees the possibility of a grateful and never-ending voter base.
And to top this off, now we have a new definition of what ‘is’ is. It now seems that there are varying levels of terrorists and terrorism. In a recent interview the President gave he said some of the terrorists were “JV”(junior varsity), I wondered why or how he could make that distinction. I’ve always been told if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck! Now , he arbitrarily eases the rules to allow “minor” terrorists to immigrate to America and becomes citizens. Just what the heck is a minor terrorist? What is minor terrorism? How many more like the two brothers who placed bombs at the Boston Marathon finish line would he like to become American citizens?
I do not listen to President Obama’s speeches as they all sound like political rallies designed to rile up the masses, but I do print and read them. I also don’t use the fact check site, I see no need, as lies can’t be facts. The President as well as most Congressmen have no respect for the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. To make that even worse all of them swore or affirmed an oath to uphold the Constitution. I would venture to say most of them have never read either of them.
As I mentioned above the money to fund this failed, corrupt and possibly criminal administration must come from somewhere. I recently re-read portions of a speech by the President that gave me great pause, it was the one where he said “We need a civilian force just as well-trained and just as well armed as the U.S. Military.” This set me to thinking, he says this and he has said in the past that we must act curb gun violence. He has also said “I have my pen and my phone and will act alone if Congress fails to do so”. Then I remembered Article 1 section 8 of the Constitution, To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years. He could simply disband the U.S. Army by cutting off funding by vetoing the defense appropriations bill. Then he and his minions could raise that civilian force without opposition the Army, Army Reserve and Air Force would simply disappear. Only the Navy guaranteed by the Constitution, and they can be sent away. The National Guard from the fifty states will be busy trying to keep the peace in their respective states.
Here is some food for thought. This is all way to much like Hitler and his rise to supreme power in Germany. He Had his well-trained and armed civilian force, the Brown Shirts, and they were viciously loyal. He has only one problem to overcome and that is the Second Amendment which gives the people the right to keep and bear arms. It doesn’t have to be in this order, but the following must occur for this to happen. If the Electorate does the un-thinkable and give the House of Representatives back to the Democrats, and the Senate remains in the hands of the Democrats this president will be unstoppable. If the Republicans keep the house and take the Senate, he will issue an Executive Order to turn in all guns and make private ownership of guns illegal. Then he could veto the Armed Forces bill, thus disbanding the Army, Army Reserve and the Air Force and immediately deploy the Navy in its entirety. This would leave a disarmed civilian population at the mercy of his henchmen and criminals. You don’t think this can happen, neither did the Jews, Slavs, Gypsies and Homosexuals in Nazi Germany. Some of the poor Guardsmen will become the “New Brown Shirts” and will be joined by minions that have secretly sworn or affirmed an oath of allegiance to the President, who now has become the Dictator. Remember that in Nazi Germany the minions became the “Black Shirts” and started imprisoning or killing the “Brown Shirts” Hitler be came distrustful of. A Dictator in distrustful of everyone because he came to power through usurpation and knows others will do the same, therefore he must purge his inner circle often to insure he alone remains in power.

Liberal Math: America divided by 1 = 2 Americas

There are many in the World, and yes, even some here in America that are determined to see this Great Nation fall into mediocrity. They only see America through the eyes of jealousy and disdain. What they need to see and understand is that this Nation did not happen by chance. This nation was founded on a principle of freedom and liberty. Yet at times our own Government is our own worst Enemy.
The Federal Government has been long going down the path of tyranny and oppression of the people. Legislation is passed at the Federal level and becomes law and yet the ones who impose the burdensome laws are exempt from following, and they find ways to exempt special interest groups. Legislation is voted on and passed without even being read, but why should they read it when they will be exempt.
Today, more than at any other time in history(yes, even in the years, months and days before the War of Northern Aggression[Civil War]) America is divided into two separate but unequal parts. Some would argue that this has been caused by the President. Still others would argue this has been caused by the Liberal Democrats in Congress and the News Media. I will argue that this is caused by a combination of many factors, and will state my case.
As for the President; President(out of respect for the Office, not the Man)Obama came onto the scene promising “Hope and Change” and would “Fundamentally” transform America. The only experience he brought with him was Community Organizing and a life in Academia. He is a shining example of Government education. He feels compelled to apologize to the World for the Transgressions of America. America stands ready everyday to answer the call of anyone or in country in need. When America engages in a hostile conflict it is not to conquer and keep, it is for Freedom and Liberty. It is not the Government fighting and dying on the battlefield it is the American people. If the world feels we have committed a transgression on them, then stop calling us. What he needs to understand is that America is not great because of the Government, America is great because of the people. As for the State of The Union address, I did not watch it, and have not since his first. What I do now is to print a full transcript of the address from 2 sources(you know 1 left and 1 right[those pesky labels]), read them and then watch excerpts from at least 2 sources. The reason I no longer watch them live, is that his appear to be political rallies and not an address to the Nation. The tone and emotion of the President added to the constant interruptions of cheering and applause remind me of Hitler’s speeches at the Reichstag. Then saying he would act alone if Congress failed to act. That one brought all Democrats to their feet. Congress has effectively abdicated Article 1 of The United States Constitution to the President, now if he can get the Supreme Court to abdicate he will no longer have to deal with the Constitution. He has even taken a play straight out of the Communist Handbook and is using Government agencies to harass, oppress and silence his opposition. He has used the IRS to deny or at least delay Tax-exempt status to Conservative and Tea Party groups. This would be useful if you wanted to limit the amount of money any adversary could amass in a political fight. Most people who donate large sums of money do so, only if it is tax-deductible. By denying one group tax favored status you have effectively divided the political parties into winners and losers. In politics the one with the most money wins, they will be able to put out more propaganda and tell the poor we are looking out for you or tell the same old lie about Social Security. Then the DOJ appoints a friendly lawyer to investigate any wrong doings. Amazingly none were found, it was only over zealous rouge agents at one field office. Maybe that same logic should have been used during the Prohibition Era and appointed Al Capone to investigate allegations of illegal whiskey smuggling. The President claims that NSA surveillance is vital for National Security. What could they be looking for? Maybe, compiling a list of citizens that will not be intimidated by his outrageous and arbitrary power grab. But, it goes far and beyond all of this, it is all about controlling every aspect of everyday life. The social and economic plans he outlines do not offer one plan to better the life of the Middle-Class, in fact I would argue that there is no longer a Middle-Class. There are only the poor and the rich. I feel that the ultimate goal of this administration is to do away with the poor and turn them into the Dependent-Class, making them dependent and beholden to Government for everything. This will allow America to be divided by 1 into 2 Americas poor America and Rich America. Then we have the Race issue he feels compelled to bring up every time his poll numbers slump. This allows America to be divided again by 1 into 2 Americas, white America and people of color America. As long as he and his ilk, can keep America divided, some can and will be convinced that only Government can overcome problems. They will keep us divided at all costs.
As for the Media; Since when did it become your responsibility to be a water carrier for any politician? You have helped carry the false message of this administration and failed to hold anyone accountable for anything. Instead you have attacked Republicans and Tea Party candidates relentlessly. Why have you not put forth as much effort in investigating the failures of the current administration? And somehow you still find a way to try to blame President Bush for everything that is wrong in America. Is it that you don’t want to know the truth? Are you afraid to be labeled a “racist” if you challenge the president? The House of Representatives can get little done if they have to fight the Senate, the President and You.
As for the politicians; Take a page from the Presidents playbook and take your message to the people. Remind them that this is a Government of, for and by the People.
So as you can see it takes a lot of collaboration on the part of some, and apathy on the parts of others. As long as the establishment Republicans and the Democrats run Washington, America will remain divided. This division is planned and promoted by the current administration, un-stopped by Congress and supported by the Media. Therefore all of you are responsible for this mess, but as I have said before, the ones that elected you must share some blame, especially if you have been re-elected. As I said earlier the Congress has effectively abdicated to the President, and therefore should return their paychecks to the Treasury. When the establishment politicians, and I don’t care which party, go home to campaign, stop for a minute, look in a mirror and ask yourself what have I done for my district, state or country.