Tangled webs of lies from Politicians and Presidents and the Electorate is to lazy to care or hold them accountable.

In the words of Thomas Paine “These are the times that try men’s souls.”
The months of January and February have certainly tried my patience with the two-party system of government that seems to be the scourge of this Nation. The Republican and Democrat parties have merged into one monolithic tool used to punish and torture America. The Republicans say that they are for a smaller government,lower taxes,austerity and fiscal responsibility. The Democrats have said that they are for the same things at different times. Even President Clinton said “The days of big government are over.” But he did nothing to shrink the size and scope of government. The Democrats are quick to tout that when President G. W. Bush came into office there was a budget surplus. If there really was a budget surplus, and not just manipulated numbers, how could he spend it without Congressional approval. The Federal Government grew by leaps and bounds under President G.W. Bush just as with his predecessors and will not stop with successors of President Obama. All the politician spend money like”drunken sailors”(no disrespect meant to our men and women in the Navy),but it is”public money” meaning tax payer dollars,and none of the fortunes that they have amassed while they were supposed to be representing the citizens and being good stewards of America.
There was a time when Americans would not tolerate a lying or corrupt politician and would remove them from office at the earliest opportunity.President Nixon so embarrassed this Nation that he was forced to resign or face impeachment, he was in his second term. Vice President Agnew had already resigned from office due to criminal charges was replaced by the House Minority Leader Gerald Ford.
President Ford gave a Presidential Pardon to Nixon and was beaten in the next election due to the anger of the public for the pardon of Nixon.
President Carter had such a disastrous domestic and foreign policy approach with runaway interest rates, inflation and high unemployment and the Iranian hostage crisis that he was defeated after one term
. President Reagan had his share of controversies Iran-Contra and most notably the Amnesty program that he promised if we do it this time it will never happen again. The people trusted and believed in him,he had reversed the course of President Carter, and as some believe he saved the country from disaster. The U.S.S.R. had dissolved during his administration.He served two terms.
President G.H.W. Bush was quite popular after the defeat of the Iraqi Military during Desert Storm and would have been unbeatable. His popularity took a dramatic reversal after he famously said “Read my lips,no new taxes’. There were new taxes, he was soundly defeated on election day serving only one term. Some will say he was defeated because Ross Perot entered the race on a third-party ticket. I say he was defeated for lying to America, there are many third-party names on the ballot every election.
President Clinton ushered in a new era in American politics. It was the beginning of a time when citizens no longer held the politicians accountable for their actions or inactions. He should have been impeached or at least resigned from office. The impeachment never happened because every Democrat along with some Republicans chose not to hold him accountable. It became the time of,it depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.
President G.W. Bush gave us a righteous war with Afghanistan and a war with Iraq based on faulty intelligence with the approval of Congress. Both went from combat to commerce. He also expanded the size and scope of government exponentially. He became an unpopular President during his second term, and with the help of some entrenched politicians protecting their most prized social programs(Fannie-Mae and Freddie-Mac)managed to bring the nation to its financial knees during the housing crisis. He gave us “compassionate conservatism” and magnified “crony capitalism”.
President Obama has enjoyed the benefits of the American voters no longer holding politicians accountable and carries on with “crony capitalism”. The economy is still shaky after 6 years of his failed bail-outs, investments in private companies, stimulus and most notably his failed Affordable Healthcare Act(Obama Care). Now we have yet another delay in the implementation of Obama Care. It seems this rolling disaster of a law never will get on track, the mandate for companies of 50 to 99 employees is going to be delayed through 2015. As an added insult inmates just being released from incarceration will be allowed to enroll in Obama Care with a substantial government(tax-payer)subsidy and some inmates at work release centers will be enrolled(again with substantial subsidies)while still incarcerated. The release of the CBO report should be a wake-up call to America. America is headed down the same path of some EU countries, that is, becoming a full-time nation with part-time workers that will forever need government hand-outs, bail-outs and subsidies. Success and prosperity are seen as evil by this administration and must be punished. This President uses every tactic to keep the people divided even resorting to using the playing card of communism. Using the “ism” cards at every opportunity, preferring the racism and sexism cards above all, but will use any “ism” card that fits the mood of the crowd at his political rallies. The media outlets are his biggest allies and will not challenge him or his policies for fear of being labeled with one of the “ism” cards. The media constantly and relentlessly attacks the Tea Party and their simple(not complicated)ideas to fix the turmoil and chaos that has become the “norm” in Washington D.C.
But he is further enjoying the lapse in voter judgment and he is permitted to continually lie to America, change laws to suit his needs according to what special interest groups say they need. He has started a new and dangerous phase in American politics and the Presidency by using government agencies to harass, punish and spy on his enemies real or imagined. Further, he has dedicated himself to carrying on the policies of President L.B. Johnson and his failed “Great Society”, “War on Poverty” and various other programs. The war on poverty has only increased the amount of people living in poverty, but has had another far-reaching and long-lasting side effect, the food stamp program. The latest report says that will be no appreciable drop in the food stamp participation rate for the next 10 years. This President has developed a very dangerous habit that places America in jeopardy of financial ruin and quite possibly collapse. Where does he think the money that fuel his administration, his whims and his endless vacations, not to mention the amount of dollars it takes to fuel-up Air Force One which has become his personal jet? I know that the President is the President 24 hours a day, and Air Force One is the flying White House. But does he really have to fly to a mid-west university just to sign a bill into law? That could have been done in Washington D.C. He only does these sort of publicity events near places he can attend fund-raisers for the Democrats.
Now, we are revisiting the amnesty plan that we were promised once before, do this now and we will never face this problem again, well, we are facing it again. Today it is the Democrats that are pushing the hardest for immigration reform(just another name for another amnesty plan)along with some Republicans(RINO). The “hole” in the southern border is still there, we have “sanctuary cities” and the Justice Department, Homeland Security and various other government agencies do nothing to curb the influx of illegals crossing the southern border, and will sue any state for taking the initiative to protect their states and their citizens. The current administration sees the possibility of a grateful and never-ending voter base.
And to top this off, now we have a new definition of what ‘is’ is. It now seems that there are varying levels of terrorists and terrorism. In a recent interview the President gave he said some of the terrorists were “JV”(junior varsity), I wondered why or how he could make that distinction. I’ve always been told if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck! Now , he arbitrarily eases the rules to allow “minor” terrorists to immigrate to America and becomes citizens. Just what the heck is a minor terrorist? What is minor terrorism? How many more like the two brothers who placed bombs at the Boston Marathon finish line would he like to become American citizens?
I do not listen to President Obama’s speeches as they all sound like political rallies designed to rile up the masses, but I do print and read them. I also don’t use the fact check site, I see no need, as lies can’t be facts. The President as well as most Congressmen have no respect for the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. To make that even worse all of them swore or affirmed an oath to uphold the Constitution. I would venture to say most of them have never read either of them.
As I mentioned above the money to fund this failed, corrupt and possibly criminal administration must come from somewhere. I recently re-read portions of a speech by the President that gave me great pause, it was the one where he said “We need a civilian force just as well-trained and just as well armed as the U.S. Military.” This set me to thinking, he says this and he has said in the past that we must act curb gun violence. He has also said “I have my pen and my phone and will act alone if Congress fails to do so”. Then I remembered Article 1 section 8 of the Constitution, To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years. He could simply disband the U.S. Army by cutting off funding by vetoing the defense appropriations bill. Then he and his minions could raise that civilian force without opposition the Army, Army Reserve and Air Force would simply disappear. Only the Navy guaranteed by the Constitution, and they can be sent away. The National Guard from the fifty states will be busy trying to keep the peace in their respective states.
Here is some food for thought. This is all way to much like Hitler and his rise to supreme power in Germany. He Had his well-trained and armed civilian force, the Brown Shirts, and they were viciously loyal. He has only one problem to overcome and that is the Second Amendment which gives the people the right to keep and bear arms. It doesn’t have to be in this order, but the following must occur for this to happen. If the Electorate does the un-thinkable and give the House of Representatives back to the Democrats, and the Senate remains in the hands of the Democrats this president will be unstoppable. If the Republicans keep the house and take the Senate, he will issue an Executive Order to turn in all guns and make private ownership of guns illegal. Then he could veto the Armed Forces bill, thus disbanding the Army, Army Reserve and the Air Force and immediately deploy the Navy in its entirety. This would leave a disarmed civilian population at the mercy of his henchmen and criminals. You don’t think this can happen, neither did the Jews, Slavs, Gypsies and Homosexuals in Nazi Germany. Some of the poor Guardsmen will become the “New Brown Shirts” and will be joined by minions that have secretly sworn or affirmed an oath of allegiance to the President, who now has become the Dictator. Remember that in Nazi Germany the minions became the “Black Shirts” and started imprisoning or killing the “Brown Shirts” Hitler be came distrustful of. A Dictator in distrustful of everyone because he came to power through usurpation and knows others will do the same, therefore he must purge his inner circle often to insure he alone remains in power.

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