Where do we go from here?

America as a nation had a start as a refuge for the oppressed religious and otherwise. We had a brutal beginning in a land far and away from our from what our ancestors were accustomed. Independence and Liberty were first experienced on this Continent, although we were Colonies of the European Continent. Time passed, we became 13 colonies of Great Britain due to wars between European Countries and their giving up of Colonies on the North American continent to the victors. Some of the wars were referred to as “contests” spilled over into North America. Our ancestors even helped Great Britain win some of these “contests”. Our ancestors gained valuable experience during these “contests” that would be of great use in the coming years. The continued abuses of the King of England finally drove the Colonists to the point of taking up arms against the Throne.
The Colonies and The Colonials had matured and were of sufficient strength to choose their own course and destiny. The course they choose was to live in as a Free People, the common thought was that it is better to “DIE as a FREE MAN, than to LIVE as a SLAVE of the THRONE. As a nation we didn’t choose a war with England, it was forced upon the good and decent citizens of the Colonies. Our Forefathers won that “contest” with a heavy loss of Life and Treasure. We had sufficiently matured and with Great and Divine guidance, our Forefathers drafted perhaps the finest document any people could author, The Constitution of the United States. To get a Constitution that could be ratified by all 13 Colonies required negotiations(give and take)from all sides, but even the most heinous and contrary to the principles of Freedom and Liberty, slavery had a final date, and was spelled out in the Constitution.
As more territories gained statehood and were admitted into the “union”, their admission was based on whether or not they would be “slave” states. The Congress at the time would decide for the States if they were “slave or free”, and were admitted on that one premise. The Territories had little choice in the matter and would only gain Statehood if they didn’t upset the balance. The Congress wanted things to remain equally “divided”, so that no one view had a monopoly on the slavery question. This would eventually set the stage for the greatest calamity for America. But remember that the House of Representatives was based on population size not land size, the northern states had more representatives than the lesser populated south. The Senate has since the beginning has been 2 from every state no matter the population and was originally sent by the state to the nation’s capital to ensure the state they were from had an equal voice in government and the policies each administration would inflict on the population of their state. If they were equally divided the Vice President would vote and that would only be according to the administrations views on the subject at hand, and thus decide.
The stage set for the “Civil War” was set long before President Lincoln was elected, his election only set the wheels in motion. The original cause was seen Federal Government usurpation and arbitrary uses and abuses of power. The people of South Carolina were the first to act, by seceding from the “union” and demanding that all Federal Troops immediately leave their Sovereign State. The Federals refused, hostilities broke out and many southern states seceded from the “union”. The new government of the South drafted and ratified their own Constitution and elected their own President and Congress. The Constitution of the Confederate States of America is almost a mirror reflection of the Constitution of the United States. There is no provision in the U.S. Constitution for any state to withdraw from the “union” only to enter into it. This war in American history has been called by many names, “The Civil War”, “The Un-Civil War”, “The War Between the States” and The War of Northern Aggression”, but in reality it was a war between 2 countries, but for a better description I choose “The War of Northern Aggression. The U.S.A. never officially recognized the C.S.A., if it had it would it would have become a war fought over land as the north didn’t have the land or people to work it to feed themselves. The Confederate States had no intention of warring with The United States, they only wanted to throw of the “yoke” of what was perceived as a tyrannical Federal Government and raised an Army to do just that. President Lincoln was less about ending slavery and more about “preserving the Union at any cost”. To illustrate this point, if a nation were to be a warring nation it would need a weapons of war manufacturing infrastructure and a pre-arranged prisoner of war containment system. Neither of which the South had, had to rely on what few could be manufactured by private companies and what they were already in possession of or what they seized. Being unprepared for war Andersonville was hastily put up, and true enough it was despicable, the POW camps in the north were no better, but the winner doesn’t punish themselves. The North had the vast majority of the Arsenals(this remains true today)and were much better prepared to go to war, but were lacking good military leaders at the onset, as most had returned to their homes in the South. Up until the Federals attacks on and blockades of the South the only engagements were the Southern States trying to drive the Federal troops from their sovereign soil, often without casualties. The fact that Lincoln was less about the abolition of slavery and more about the preservation of the “union” can be illustrated by this, the Army of the North was called The Union Army and not the Abolishment Army. The proof that the War of Northern Aggression was less about slavery and more about states rights is the Army of the South was called The Confederate Army and not the Slavery Army.
A Revolution is best described as an effort to throw off the Tyrannical Yoke of an Arbitrary Ruler and will most often succeed due to the convictions of the people to make a better life for themselves and future generations. A revolution is usually between one Nation and some other place it has claimed as a protectorate. It is also helpful if the two opposing forces are separated by an ocean, thereby making logistics an insurmountable obstacle, as was the case of England during the Revolutionary war.
A Rebellion is best described as an effort to throw off the tyrannical yoke of an Arbitrary Ruler or Government and will most often fail due to the fact a rebellion originates in the same oppressive country. It also helps that the Government has prearranged and staged weapons of war manufacturing in a friendly neighborhood, thereby making logistics a much easier task.
We have again come to a time in our history where we are Living under tyranny, oppression, despotism and an arbitrary leader who has no respect for the rule of law or for the Constitution, and has no fear of Congress. He even has the nerve to say to the Leader of a foreign country “I’m the President, I can do what I want”. The Founding Fathers would be “ashamed” of each and everyone that calls themselves an American and stands by and supports any President of this Great Nation that has such disdain for this country and the beliefs it was founded under. Anyone who supports this Government at this time doesn’t know the meaning of words like Liberty, Freedom, Self-Determination and Self-Reliance. Do you Celebrate the 4th of July, or do you Celebrate Independence Day?
The slogans,words and terms that an administration uses or avoids the use of should and do tell the agenda of the administration and the party in power, all you have to do is stop, look and listen. The next time some tries to sell this nation a policy of “hope and change”, ask just what do you hope will change. Nothing can or will change until you put forth an effort and make a difference, America can not afford much more of this kind of non-sense.
Our Founding Fathers took action and created the greatest nation on earth, get up off your lazy butt and take action, do nothing and you will have nothing. This had always been a country where failure or success was based on personal actions, now it seems that if I do well I must share my rewards with you even though you have risked nothing.
As for the politicians; try this don’t just say the other candidate has no real plan, lay out your complete plan and then state why it is better. Or could it be if you laid out your plan the people might just see you for what you are?
I by no means suggest or imply that I support any government overthrow of this or any other country, I am merely a student of history. If we do not learn the lessons of history, they will be re-visited upon us. History can and will be a cruel teacher to the foolish.

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