The government assault on the citizens continues, not in some foreign land but right here in America

The current administration in Washington, D.C. is even more out of control today than yesterday. President Obama has added yet another tool to his arsenal of tyranny, despotism and oppression to use against all who oppose his usurpation of power. The F.C.C. is only the latest tool that the “tool” that occupies the White House will use to control the Media that is not already in blind support and allegiance to him. The F.C.C. will not just be observing media operations they will report back to some other “tool” working for the administration. “Observing” is just another word for “monitoring”, which will lead to censoring of any content which the “regime” deems inappropriate, inflammatory or objectionable.
The Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to prevent just the same kind of regime abuses that we see today. The separation of powers was done so as to prevent any one of the three branches of government from acting in an arbitrary manner. Dear Leader has trampled the Constitution without any Congressional opposition, and has further attacked the Bill of Rights, again, without Congressional opposition.
The Fourth Amendment was cancelled out by the N.S.A, we are no longer secure in our persons, houses, papers or effects. The “Regime” either has probable cause that every American is a threat and has an outstanding warrant one each of us or some activist Judge is sitting at the bench 24/7 listening to some “tool” of the regime explain his reasons and oath for probable cause to issue a warrant.
The First Amendment will now be cancelled out by The F.C.C. We have already lost the right to assemble, now we to obtain a permit from some government “tool”. The freedom of speech is already limited if it is interpreted by some government “tool” to be hate speech or inflammatory. If we speak out against the President or his failed policies or address a grievance we are called “racist”. Now the Press will be monitored for content of programming, editorials and opinions. This can only lead to censorship.
The Second Amendment is under constant attack
The Ninth and Tenth Amendments have already been cancelled by Activist Judges and the Department of Justice.
The U.S. Constitution is constantly hated and therefore ignored by the “Regime” due to the fact that it limits his powers and empowers the People, and he will have none of that.
As for Executive Orders, see the attached picture of one that was issued at the rate of one a day for six days then tell me what the government has created.

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