A corrupt government full of lies, broken promises and constant distractions while waging wars on America

This is not the America of days gone by, this land is destined to slide of the cliff into oblivion as we commit government sponsored and assisted suicide unless some real changes come to the American political landscape. The Federal government is waging “war” on States that do not march to the Federal drum.
The people of the VW plant in Tennessee voted down representation by the corrupt UAW, now the UAW wants the NLRB to look into possible “outside” influences that may have played a part in the rejection of the UAW. They just will not accept the fact that the unionization of the VW plant was voted down. They also will not accept the fact that the good people of TN. saw what unionization of autoworkers in Detroit, MI. did to the automotive manufacturing industry, that State in general and to Detroit in particular, and wanted no part of that future. And maybe, just maybe the good people who voted against unionization did not see a reason top pay hard-earned money to a union just to have a job(which they already have)and pay taxes. That has always seemed kind of stupid to me that someone has to pay someone else for the privilege of paying taxes. Tennessee is a right-to work State and if you apply for a job and meet the qualifications you just might get the job, without having to pay someone just to work. There was even a “talking head” on FNC that stated he would have played to the “culture War”. Then he brought up the “Good Ol’ Boy Club” in the south. Then he even mentioned that there was a history of Volkswagen and Hitler. If the UAW had won, the UAW would have said “The election is over, the workers have spoken” and the other side would have no recourse. The UAW will get their way , the corrupt Obama administration and the “tools” at the NLRB will give it another go. If commonsense still prevails and again the unions loses, will the NSA and the IRS be used to pressure and harass the non-conformists at VW ? After all the IRS has already been used to harass and delay what the “regime” sees as opposition to Obama and his failed policies. The NSA has already been spying on us without warrant, under the guise of protection and national security. Just imagine if “Dear Leader” could team these two “tools” up to assault the Peoples rights and what is left of our Constitution.
The plan to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 is just plain crazy and nonsensical. Raising the minimum wage would to lead to higher costs of goods and services, due to the fact no one is in business to break even or to lose money, unless you count the Federal Government, or it would lead to a work force reduction. The only positive aspect is that the IRS could collect more taxes from the few remaining workers. The whole notion of raising the minimum wage is not to improve the quality of life, it is a scheme to take more from the wealthy(you have to be wealthy to own a business, Right?)give it to the poor and then tax them to death.
News that the F.C.C. has decided not to pursue the notion of placing “monitors” in newsrooms only furthers my concerns of the corrupt “regime” in Washington, D.C. This “plan” was only to provide a distraction so an even more sinister plan could be perpetrated on America. They gave up way to easy, or maybe this was just a probe to find out how far the Regime can push us.
But While we were talking about The F.C.C., the D.H.S.(Department of Homeland Security)contracted for over 704 million rounds of ammunition over a 4 year period. These “tools” brought about last ammunition shortage with their outrageous amounts of ammo purchased. This act of corruption allowed these tools to nearly bring about a shortage of ammo for our Military. While on the subject of DHS, why did they purchase armored vehicles? Are they afraid of something, or are they planning something? Remember that “Dear Leader” said “We need a civilian force just as well equipped and just as well-trained as our Military”. You can train a lot of people with over 704 million rounds of ammo, but for what purpose.
As I have stated before I am a student of history, and study the past to avoid the making of repeated mistakes. I replay the events of the day in my head of not only my actions, but the actions or inactions of others I observe. I then take what I have learned and add that to what I know and can plan for a better outcome for the next day and continue this cycle everyday, constantly analyzing and learning. If I make a mistake one day, I can ill-afford to make it again or everyday thus, I learn from history. History must no longer be taught in “Government Schools” anymore and the American people are to pick up a book and learn on their own. As has been said many times before, you either learn the lessons of history or have these events re-visited upon you.
Let’s revisit the year 1919 for a moment. The Weimar Republic, as it was called by historians was established in what was Imperial Germany. They even had a constitution and elected officials. The country and it’s constitution barely lasted 14 years. The constitution was never formally repealed, it was simply made useless by an act which allowed the Cabinet to pass and enact laws without Parliamentary approval. Hitler had even found a way to make himself in a country which had a constitution. He only needed the “perfect crisis” to garner all the power of the highest offices in the land. He played every “card ” available to him, racism and poverty were his “Bread and Butter”. He realized if he could keep the people divided he could do anything he wished and no one would see what was actually behind the curtain. In the beginning of his “Reign of Terror” he used a civilian force to dispense with and dispatch his opposition. He continued pushing his agenda without care or concern until the world erupted in War.
Now let’s return to present day America. We have had a Constitution since 1787, with a supposed separation of powers. The current President has made a habit of going around Congress and using Executive Orders to get his way, if Congress fails to or doesn’t act fast enough for him. His latest will have a lasting effect on the trucking industry. We already have Cabinet level people passing and enacting laws without Congressional approval. The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) passes rules concerning more than the environment and imposes strict laws on industries. Knowing full well that to comply with the rules will bankrupt them and failure to comply will incur heavy and un-reasonable fines. The only option available is to close down and lay-off all the workers, which only adds to the unemployment rate. The President and his “tools” play all the same cards as Hitler played, except now there are so many more cards in the deck to choose from, and they are becoming the “Bread and Butter” of this corrupt regime. We have a Secretary of State that negotiates treaties with the likes of Iran without congressional approval, and a President who threatens to break out the “Veto Pen” if congress tries to impose new or stricter sanctions on Iran. The list of Usurpations goes on and on. He pushes his agenda without care or concern and will continue to do so until Congress stands up to his Usurpations. Could it be possible that the Regime has already used the corrupt Federal agencies and the “tools” in them attack Congress and now they live in a state of fear. With very few exceptions no one in Congress stands up to the President and his abuse of power and they are The Tea Party conservatives, who are written off by the Establishment Republicans as extremists and threatened to eliminate them in the primaries. Whenever a Democrat speaks out against Obama they immediately retract their statement. All Obama needs to complete his destruction of the American way of life and the U.S. Constitution is his “Perfect Crisis” even if he has to create it on his own. All Hitler needed was for someone to set a fire to start down the pathway to “Dictatorship”, what is Obama going to use. FDR used WW 2 as his excuse.
We do need to watch and try to prevent his abuses of power, but we need to be especially watchful that we do not get distracted and miss the real and ultimate goal of this Regime, which is unfortunately the destruction of America and the American way.

2 thoughts on “A corrupt government full of lies, broken promises and constant distractions while waging wars on America

  1. were fucked… obama needs to be impeached and many other corrupt government officials working behind the scenes need to be found and put on trial for travesty conspiracy and endangering u.s citizens

    • The thought of impeachment sounds good, but then we would be left with Joe as president. We can save ourselves if we prepare for the worst and have a plan for our survival. I have one and it is simple but will be effective. Thank you for stopping by. Part 2 will be posted soon.

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