What are they thinking?

Do the President and his tools have any idea of the dangers this nation and world face? The Military has been shrinking every year since 2010 and now the tools in Washington, D.C. want to shrink the Army to its smallest size since before WW 2. The United States and the rest of the civilized world is at War with Radical Islam and every other “nut bag” that has an axe to grind because of some perceived injustice Capitalism or civilization has inflicted on them. This is no time to shrink our fighting forces. The President has drawn another “line in the sand” but not with some third world nation, but this time with Russia. Although it does not matter who or what causes his to draw his line, he will take no action, but someday someone will grow tired of his idle threats and he will have to cash that “check” he keeps writing. Soon he can shift the blame for military failures from himself and simply say that the Military was not up to the challenge, and again he will have a “scapegoat” and shrug off responsibility. Secretary Hagel wants to concentrate efforts to using technology to defeat any possible adversary. Planning to have a Military that can wage war, but can not remain on station to occupy and rehabilitate an enemy, and return the land to its people is just insane. We can not have a Military that can only strike and then leave, if we do we will have become a “third-rate” nation only interested in causing further instability. If we strike another nation out of retaliation we must ensure that threat is resolved and will not rise up again. A force used in combat must be of sufficient strength and size to take the war to the enemy and then execute the war with “extreme prejudice”. As for the A-10 Thunderbolt(aka Warthog)it is the best and only attack aircraft that can execute it’s mission and provide close-air support for ground troops and provide excellent protection for its pilot. I personally got a warm and fuzzy feeling when ever they were operating in our sector because I knew that some miserable SOB was about to meet his end. It was extremely effective and devastating to Iraqi forces during Desert Shield/Desert Storm and since, and it will be missed by every Soldier and Marine when the enemy gains the upper-hand and close-air-support is needed. These are the only plans released thus far, but I am sure there are many more and possibly more sinister lurking in the cuts to the Military budget. After all cutting our war fighting and giving that money to social programs is much more appealing to this Regime.
Our forces will soon become involved in a new “Cold War” with Russia over the turmoil and internal strife in The Ukraine. That will come about by the latest “line in the sand” that “Dear Leader” has drawn without any thought of consequence. Our Military in Korea is still bogged down in a long and protracted stand-off with North Korea who is still aided by China. The remainder of Our Military is still bogged down in the Middle-East and that is the Fault of this and the previous Administrations, and this was caused by a failure to use the Military for it’s intended purpose.
Here is a lesson in history for Sec. Hagel. We had the latest technology that was available when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941. True enough it was only Radar, but it was available, we did not deploy it properly or even use it effectively. The Imperial Japanese Navy came in with the bad weather, not to mention that they had spies in and around Pearl Harbor. Naval Intelligence used simple logic and monitored radio transmissions from Japan and foretold of the attack, but no one listened. The rest as they say is History. They did not see the need of “monitoring” every person in Hawaii, the spies could do only minimal damage they needed The Navy to bring total devastation to Pearl Harbor. After the attack on Pearl Harbor the Selective Service went into “overdrive” and the draft filled the ranks of the Military. Even now 18-year-old males register for the Selective Service, from what I’ve seen most of them are 4F’s. What is missing now and will become evident if we are ever attacked again and if your cuts and proposals come about is that you don’t have the “Great Depression” to provide physically fit Draftees fresh off the farm. Technology has eliminated the need for vast amounts of young men working on the Family Farm.
Technological advantages came become a hindrance if the right set of circumstances arise and can be capitalized on by an enemy that relies on “Brute Force” and not technology. Most of our enemies live in caves and plot their next attack not in a building, but under a tree or next to a rock

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