Why not us? Part 1

Indeed, Why not us?
The world has erupted in wars and internal strife, the nations of Venezuela, The Ukraine, Syria and Libya will be used in the following examples. These examples will show the difference between a planned choice and direction and having no plan and will to go in any direction. Examples of how outside influences attempt to use the indecision and lack of planning of the people, nations and governments to further the agenda of the ones who wield their supposed supremacy and the disastrous effects of all concerned.
First to be discussed is Libya. The destruction of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988 led to the first air attack on Libya from the U.S. as a retaliatory action. A game of tit-for-tat began with Libya. Whenever an act of terrorism was committed by Libya or they would claim responsibility for the act and another air strike would be delivered upon them. Occasionally the U.S. would give aid or intelligence to anyone who was engaged in open conflict with The Libyan Dictator during his quest for expansion. Acts of terrorism during this time were not cause to engage in all out war. In 2012 The U.S. launched an air campaign against Libya in support of an insurrection against the Libyan Dictator, this act was ordered by our President without justification and was totally against our Constitution. Being a Constitutional professor surely he must have heard of the war powers of the President. America would use only air power and not risk a single soldier and no boots would be put on the ground. However, we would provide the “rebels” with uniforms and small arms. We as a nation had no “beef” with Libya or its Dictator. We as a nation with a corrupt leader were dragged into that one by European countries that were weak militarily and corrupt morally and had somehow “bitten off more than they could chew”. Please do not use the argument that the accused, convicted and imprisoned the so-called “mastermind” of the Flight 103 bombing was released from prison, that again was a European decision. If we had any “beef” with anyone it should have been directed towards those that released him on humanitarian grounds. Some of the members of the U.S. Congress were in total support of the “Rebels” in Libya and some even stated “I know who the good one’s are, trust me I know”. The problem was that the “rebels” only wanted the Dictator gone, but had no plan of action or where they would go after his ouster. Our government “assumed” that they would be pro-west if we helped and would become a useful ally. The word “assume” is composed of 3 words(ass, u and me). Our Regime was so anxious to prove they had taken the “right course of action” and wanted normalization of relations with the “New and Legitimate Government” of Libya. The “new and legitimate government” was recognized even before the “old and ill-legitimate government” was out of power. An Embassy was established, an Ambassador was appointed and staffed, even putting an outpost in Benghazi. Somehow, we relied on the new government to provide most of the security for the Ambassador and the Embassy and we know how that turned out. Then there was the under reported and in some cases not reported event where sophisticated U.S. military equipment was stolen from a “secure” storage area. I wonder if the same people who provided security for that area also provided security for our Embassy. Libya today is still a cesspool with pieces of “feces” still floating around with no direction and no plan, and our government still thinks Libya was worth the cost. It was not worth the cost. Dear Leader and his “tools” totally screwed that one up, accepted not even a “smidgen” responsibility and have moved on to screw up the rest of the world, and have managed to make an ASS of U and ME and The United States of America in the process.
Now to Syria. This is yet another Middle-East country embroiled in internal strife with only one vision, the removal of a Dictator. That beautiful country has become a training ground for any opposition group wanting to “hone” their fighting skills. The Syrian Army has been killing them by the “truckload” and they have only gained experience in dying. The news that chemical weapons were used against the civilian population should have come as no surprise to anyone. I personally do not believe that the Government had unleashed chemicals on anyone. The Government was and is winning and therefore had no reason to use such a tactic that would surely bring world condemnation and possible military actions from most world powers. I believe the most likely possibility is that the “rebels” were and still are losing, and they used chemical weapons that they had seized in earlier successes. After all, to succeed at terrorism you must terrorize. Dear Leader had “drawn a line in the sand”, but not just any old line it was a RED LINE, saying that if chemical weapons were used America would act. Not long after that, the news erupted with statements, proclamations and accusations that the government had indeed deployed chemical weapons. The RED Line was Crossed. The administration wanted to perform “surgical air strikes” and lessen the Syrian Army’s war fighting capability, and just as in the case of Libya, we would not put boots on the ground. Russia came to Syria’s defense, intervened and the “redness” of the line became blurry, and not quite so RED. Dear Leader had painted himself into a corner, he had to do something, fear set in, he could not act alone, he asked Congress for a resolution, at the same time he was asking the other world powers to help, seeming almost to beg. The European Countries said they would not participate, not even the ones that drug us into Libya. The sensible ones in Congress wanted time and verification before acting. Help with this problem came from an unlikely source, Russia. The crisis was averted. Syria would give-up their chemical weapons, promise not to use them and Russia and a team of international inspectors would oversee their destruction. The Syrian military was by default, given permission to shoot and kill as many “rebels” as they wanted as long as the only used “common and acceptable” means and methods. Of the “common means and methods” the one with the most success is to surround an enemy in a town or fort and the lay siege to it. This is perhaps the most effective and non-discriminatory and certainly brutal tactics ever developed for war fighting, but it does drive home the fact that you are certainly living on borrowed time. A place under siege has only what it has and can expect no more, you can only grow weaker, when what you have is exhausted you have two options, continue until you are totally destroyed or surrender. If you had instead taken the time to prepare, build up alliances or become self-sufficient and strong enough to engage in a prolonged fight, you would not find yourself surrounded and having to go from fighting for a good and just cause, and that is my allowing that you ever had one, to now just fighting for your survival. Your total lack of any understanding of the task you were own is proven by the fact that you invited every one to join you and you did not care why they wanted to join the fight. Your use of towns and cities for your strong holds goes to prove that you truly do not care about the people you are trying to liberate from tyranny, you have only placed the innocent in harm’s way. Perhaps you counted on the world continuing the same course of action they had been on and ASSUMED that you would be delivered from you ineptness. As with Libya the administration has promised to give aid to the ‘rebels” in the form of uniforms and small arms. We may never learn what was given to the “rebels”, and let’s not forget the sophisticated military equipment that had been stolen in earlier successes.
Now, to point out some similarities of the two countries previously discussed. They are by no means soldiers and therefore can not wear a uniform. They have no discipline, nor self-control and engage only in indiscriminate killing and terrorism. They have no allegiance, represent no form of government, nor any country and have no regard for life or liberty, without these you can never be free. But, they know not what they want to be free form to start with. Do not look to the skies for your salvation, there has never been any war won by air power alone. PPPP on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine. But dot not feel bad, America too, lost much in the 2 excursions that Dear Leader embarked on. Actually we probably lost more than the two of you combined. We lost the respect and more importantly the trust of the oppressed of the world and of our Allies around the world, and even that is not totally your fault. We as America somehow elected a leader who felt it necessary to embark on a world apology tour. The half-hearted excursion into Libya and empty threats in Syria have done more to undermine perceived American commitment in the Middle-East than any other single act committed by our current Regime and will undoubtedly lead only to more instability and mistrust.
Now to Venezuela. Your struggles to rid yourselves of your tyrannical form of government is barely making the news here in America. You can expect no help, Dear Leader here is cut from the same cloth as your current and past leaders. God Bless and keep up the good fight. If you a revolting against your government to move towards freedom and liberty do it yourself, do not ask any outside help and do not accept any offers of help. For if you do it by yourself it will mean so much more and you will owe no one. If you are only wanting a new leader and the same type of government, that is your choice. You may even live long enough to see America arrive at the same point where you sit now. I only hope you have a plan as to what your future holds, if you are rebelling just to rebel and you succeed you will become the same cesspool as Syria in the Middle-East and Libya in North Africa.
Now to The Ukraine. You confuse me, you sit on a fence and will go whichever way the wind blows. If you can not decide, split your country in half and go your separate ways. This has been done many times in history, most often with terrible consequences, it was even tried here in America. You are not unique in history, you gained independence with the demise of the Soviet Union. You want to align with the E.U. when they do well. You want to align with Russia when all is well there. Are you not the land of the Cossacks. You are a country of great resources you can use that to your advantage or let that destroy you. Do not seek money from other countries it has the appearance of saying “my friendship is for sale”. Sell off the ill-gotten gains of the former leader you chose, farm your fertile soil and become an agricultural superpower. Any government who buys your friendship will eventually enslave you for their uses and exploit your country and resources for their gain. If government can give, they can also take. Choose wisely your next leader. Do as America did, first write a Constitution, second fill the offices and ensure that the rights of the people are included in your constitution. Most importantly hold the people elected to those offices accountable.

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