Why not us? Part 2

The answer to the question of why not us, is simple and obvious in the events of our own political history. This writing will explain in detail why we put labels on our selves and will begin in the year 1933.
FDR was president, the “New Deal” era began. The country was in “The Great Depression”and unemployment numbers were staggering. FDR built his “New Deal Coalition” around the poor, organized labor(the unions), minorities, dwellers of cities and the southern whites. Relief for unemployment came in the form of “government jobs”. But FDR had his own “Personal Coalition” which consisted of Newspaper and Oil “Tycoons” the very wealthy and influential and his “friends” from his days on Wall Street. One interesting fact is that even during the depression his friends remained wealthy. No wealthy man has poor friends, FDR was a very wealthy man. I have studied history and have always wondered where the money came from to pay for the newly created jobs as the country and even the world was in a financial crisis. That same year the 18th Amendment(Abolishing Alcohol) to the U.S. Constitution was repealed. The “Law of unintended consequences” comes into play here, the prohibition an alcohol removed tax revenue and fostered in organized crime. Repealing the 18th amendment brought in much-needed tax revenue. This however, had no effect on organized crime and still relies on laws and prohibitions to keep a grip on society. No matter how bad the economy had gotten then and even now, the people have always needed relief and escape, and will spend money to escape. Don’t get me wrong in my criticism of FDR, he did do a lot good while serving as President, but at the same time he set the agenda for the “Liberal Left Democratic Party”. He fostered in the notion that Government was the “cure-all” for economic problems and thus created the “Dependent on Government” mentality that continues to this day. One unique fact about FDR is that he broke with a Presidential tradition of stepping aside after two terms as President, running again and again, becoming the only President to be elected 4 times. This situation was rectified by The 22nd Amendment to The U.S. Constitution, but not until 1951. No President from the time of the death of FDR until 1951 ran for President more than twice, returning the tradition of Twice and Leaving. But without that amendment there would not have been any limits or length of time a president could remain in time. FDR also was alleged to be the first to use the term The United Nations. Could it be possible that FDR had an office higher than President Of The United States of America in mind? The excuse of “you should not change horses in the middle of the stream” is ridiculous, this nation was so “galvanized” by the attack of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese that no outcome other than the total defeat of Japan would be accepted no matter who sat in the White House.
We have had Presidents die while in office, but with the exception of FDR there has never been a President decide to stay in office until he decided to leave office. Had he lived he would have remained in office even after the conclusion of WW 2, and with the creation of his “dream”(the U.N.) there is no telling where he would have gone or led this nation to.
We now have yet another “Liberal Left Democrat” sitting in the White House, his arrival to power was ushered in, in much the same way of FDR. BHO assembled much the same coalition as FDR to get himself elected and re-elected, and he has his own “personal coalition”, but like Joseph Stalin he has assembled an “inner circle” to insulate and protect him. If it happened by chance, or was planned he has used the same tactics and strategies as those used by Hitler and Stalin. He uses various government agencies to harass, silence and eliminate all who oppose his rule. He has also used his association with the press and other media outlets to expose Military leaders he does not trust and then dispose of them. He is in essence purging the Military of some of the top leaders. He is using the budget to cut and scrap our Military, while at the same time proposing increasing spending on social programs. He spares no cost to keep his “hope and change coalition” in tact and well-funded, while at the same de-funding all who may oppose him while in pursuit of his final quest, whatever that may be. BHO is more than a “Left Liberal Democrat”, he is much more dangerous than that to America, he is a “Left Liberal Socialist Democrat”. He has many allies in Congress and the Media, and uses them most effectively to berate and belittle his opposition. A “Great Lie” has been visited upon this Great Country and the damages inflicted upon us will take years to undo. Until damages are undone this country will be the “Laughing Stock” of the world. One dangerous aspect of this man is the fact that he sits his ass on a fence and will go whichever direction the wind blows. With each failure he simply orders a new social program to draw attention form his ineptness to get some newly discovered underprivileged group assistance or a fool-hardy program supposed to lift them out of what ever situation they may be in. The people he supposes to recognize and help have always been there, he waits and picks a time of his choosing when they become useful idiots, and yet they cheer him on. The most dangerous aspect of this “user” is the fact that he fears every government on this planet except his own. He does not fear the American Government or the American People, and why should he, the Press will not speak out against him for fear of being labeled with an “ism” or “ist”, the majority of Congress has the same fears. The 22nd amendment, at least limits the time this most dangerous man can continue to erode our Country and our Constitution. But, I remind you that amendments can be repealed.
We have a choice on every Election Day, we as a nation can vote the politicians who supported and continue to support BHO out of office, and save what is left of our Constitution.
The why not us, should be evident by now, that we as a Country will live with and suffer under our mistakes and will do so even if the same mistake is made twice. We will do the same as we always have, pick up the pieces and choose wiser the next time, or not, we make and live by our choices. The world is at this moment wondering why, if we are so unhappy why do we continue on the same path patiently waiting for an election to come and not force one. The answer is simple, we have a Constitution they we respect and live by, even if our elected leaders do not. That being said, he had better be glad that the True Patriots believe in our Constitution. By the Grace of God we will some return to our principles and once again have a government that truly knows the meaning of “Is, By and For the People”

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