Liberal Math: America divided by 1 = 2 Americas

There are many in the World, and yes, even some here in America that are determined to see this Great Nation fall into mediocrity. They only see America through the eyes of jealousy and disdain. What they need to see and understand is that this Nation did not happen by chance. This nation was founded on a principle of freedom and liberty. Yet at times our own Government is our own worst Enemy.
The Federal Government has been long going down the path of tyranny and oppression of the people. Legislation is passed at the Federal level and becomes law and yet the ones who impose the burdensome laws are exempt from following, and they find ways to exempt special interest groups. Legislation is voted on and passed without even being read, but why should they read it when they will be exempt.
Today, more than at any other time in history(yes, even in the years, months and days before the War of Northern Aggression[Civil War]) America is divided into two separate but unequal parts. Some would argue that this has been caused by the President. Still others would argue this has been caused by the Liberal Democrats in Congress and the News Media. I will argue that this is caused by a combination of many factors, and will state my case.
As for the President; President(out of respect for the Office, not the Man)Obama came onto the scene promising “Hope and Change” and would “Fundamentally” transform America. The only experience he brought with him was Community Organizing and a life in Academia. He is a shining example of Government education. He feels compelled to apologize to the World for the Transgressions of America. America stands ready everyday to answer the call of anyone or in country in need. When America engages in a hostile conflict it is not to conquer and keep, it is for Freedom and Liberty. It is not the Government fighting and dying on the battlefield it is the American people. If the world feels we have committed a transgression on them, then stop calling us. What he needs to understand is that America is not great because of the Government, America is great because of the people. As for the State of The Union address, I did not watch it, and have not since his first. What I do now is to print a full transcript of the address from 2 sources(you know 1 left and 1 right[those pesky labels]), read them and then watch excerpts from at least 2 sources. The reason I no longer watch them live, is that his appear to be political rallies and not an address to the Nation. The tone and emotion of the President added to the constant interruptions of cheering and applause remind me of Hitler’s speeches at the Reichstag. Then saying he would act alone if Congress failed to act. That one brought all Democrats to their feet. Congress has effectively abdicated Article 1 of The United States Constitution to the President, now if he can get the Supreme Court to abdicate he will no longer have to deal with the Constitution. He has even taken a play straight out of the Communist Handbook and is using Government agencies to harass, oppress and silence his opposition. He has used the IRS to deny or at least delay Tax-exempt status to Conservative and Tea Party groups. This would be useful if you wanted to limit the amount of money any adversary could amass in a political fight. Most people who donate large sums of money do so, only if it is tax-deductible. By denying one group tax favored status you have effectively divided the political parties into winners and losers. In politics the one with the most money wins, they will be able to put out more propaganda and tell the poor we are looking out for you or tell the same old lie about Social Security. Then the DOJ appoints a friendly lawyer to investigate any wrong doings. Amazingly none were found, it was only over zealous rouge agents at one field office. Maybe that same logic should have been used during the Prohibition Era and appointed Al Capone to investigate allegations of illegal whiskey smuggling. The President claims that NSA surveillance is vital for National Security. What could they be looking for? Maybe, compiling a list of citizens that will not be intimidated by his outrageous and arbitrary power grab. But, it goes far and beyond all of this, it is all about controlling every aspect of everyday life. The social and economic plans he outlines do not offer one plan to better the life of the Middle-Class, in fact I would argue that there is no longer a Middle-Class. There are only the poor and the rich. I feel that the ultimate goal of this administration is to do away with the poor and turn them into the Dependent-Class, making them dependent and beholden to Government for everything. This will allow America to be divided by 1 into 2 Americas poor America and Rich America. Then we have the Race issue he feels compelled to bring up every time his poll numbers slump. This allows America to be divided again by 1 into 2 Americas, white America and people of color America. As long as he and his ilk, can keep America divided, some can and will be convinced that only Government can overcome problems. They will keep us divided at all costs.
As for the Media; Since when did it become your responsibility to be a water carrier for any politician? You have helped carry the false message of this administration and failed to hold anyone accountable for anything. Instead you have attacked Republicans and Tea Party candidates relentlessly. Why have you not put forth as much effort in investigating the failures of the current administration? And somehow you still find a way to try to blame President Bush for everything that is wrong in America. Is it that you don’t want to know the truth? Are you afraid to be labeled a “racist” if you challenge the president? The House of Representatives can get little done if they have to fight the Senate, the President and You.
As for the politicians; Take a page from the Presidents playbook and take your message to the people. Remind them that this is a Government of, for and by the People.
So as you can see it takes a lot of collaboration on the part of some, and apathy on the parts of others. As long as the establishment Republicans and the Democrats run Washington, America will remain divided. This division is planned and promoted by the current administration, un-stopped by Congress and supported by the Media. Therefore all of you are responsible for this mess, but as I have said before, the ones that elected you must share some blame, especially if you have been re-elected. As I said earlier the Congress has effectively abdicated to the President, and therefore should return their paychecks to the Treasury. When the establishment politicians, and I don’t care which party, go home to campaign, stop for a minute, look in a mirror and ask yourself what have I done for my district, state or country.