How much longer do we have? Part 5

The “State of the Union” is one big mess for the following reasons. We have a President with no real world experience only an agenda. We have a Congress full of self-serving ideologues. We have a Supreme Court being filled with activist judges. That about sums up the three branches of government. Not a one of the three is following much less upholding the Constitution.
Oh, don’t worry I would leave the Media or the “moochers and social parasites” out.
How did we get to this point?
We have a President that was elected with zero experience, but he offered “hope and change” and transparency in his administration. His background is that of a “community organizer”, college professor and a lackluster politician. The only “change” he had in mind was to transform America from the world “superpower” into a third world nation. His “hope” was that Congress, the “moochers and social parasites” would aid and assist him in his quest. Congress was more than willing to oblige and the “moochers and social parasites” have been constantly rewarded for their loyalty. His “hope and change” is being fulfilled though it may not be what was expected by some and is not enough for others. The transparency of his administration, though it is at least if not more secretive than previous administrations, it is becoming clear to more and more Americans. The whole thing is one big LIE! Having no real world experience has had the effect of blaming others for the failures of his own domestic and foreign policies, he has no concept of responsibility. If he is supposed to be the “leader of the free world” we are in deep trouble. A successful leader accepts both responsibility and blame. His style of and his practice of non-leadership is demonstrated by his acceptance of neither. The best example of this would be the sequester, it was his idea, and the outcome was his fault. But true to his government education he accepted neither. He found a way to shift the “blame’ to congress for not acting to prevent the mandatory cuts he proposed in the event a budget was not reached. Somehow it became the “responsibility” of congress to prevent his plan from taking effect. Yet he acts to prevent congress from stopping his plans, example Obamacare, lately referred to as “The Affordable Healthcare Act”, which he has arbitrarily changed himself 38 times, because it does not work. He will not let it be repealed and fixed, or admit that what we had before was better than this “POS” law that was rammed down the throat of America. He will simply keep offering exemptions(if they fit his personal agenda or helps some or all of his supporters and their special interests)and delaying portions of the act that can not possibly be met in any time frame. He has even found a way to better Clinton, we now have a new definition of what a delay is. It’s not a delay if you are in line, it is only a continuation of the previous delay. There are still no accurate numbers of how many people have signed up for Obamacare”, Medicare, Medicaid or paying customers. Out of the paying customers there is no information as to how many have actually paid the premiums. This part would be humorous if it wasn’t so sad, He considers himself the smartest person in the room, surrounds himself with advisors, more aptly called “yes people” and when confronted with an event, he says I found out the same time you did, on the news. He has constantly denied the greatness of America and her people willing to give or negotiate away our greatness and achievements. I still can’t understand why his approval rating is anything but “a big fat zero”. He is in my opinion a “radical leftist socialist ideologue”. He is also in my opinion a product of government education.
We have a congress that is failing in their duties they no longer represent the people they instead represent their political parties agendas, their own agendas and the agendas of the special interest groups. They see themselves as a perverted idea of a modern-day “robin hood” more aptly spelled “robbing hood”, stealing from everyone and giving to anyone that will assist them in their quest for re-election thereby increasing their power. In truth what they are stealing is the American dream of this and future generations. They use the various government departments as tools or as weapons as the need arises. The Department of Education in particular and government education in general has taken Prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and most notably God out of the public school system. My theory as to why God was taken out of public school was that the government will not tolerate “competition”. The people have been and are still being “trained” to call on government in times of trial and hardship and government is more than willing to answer the call.
The Supreme Court as well as the lower courts are filled by each administration as vacancies occur, as is stipulated by the Constitution. Problem is each administration tries to “stack” the courts will justices or judges that will interpret the Constitution or the laws presented before them according to the “views” of the administration. This causes the “oddest” reaction from the press, the congress and the public. They all knew the how they would interpret based on their political views, the views of the nominating administration and the political views of those who confirmed them, and still act surprised at the ruling. If you have a radical left administration or a radical right administration, who did you think they would nominate or appoint. Again I don’t think this was the process the Founding Fathers intended.
The media are failing in their duties and responsibilities to inform America, and most importantly failing to be the “watchdog” over the government. That goes for all of them. The only reliable source of information is the internet and even that has to be sorted out to uncover the truth. The major news outlets that lean-to the left praise and tout BHO and the current administration no matter what. The major news outlets that lean-to the right do attempt to expose BHO and his administration for what they are, but will leave that arena for any breaking news story. The major news outlets are like humming birds, going from flower to flower trying to make news instead of reporting it.
The “moochers and social parasites” may well be the “straw that broke the camels back”, 53% of the working class of Americans “tote the freight” for 100% of America, while the other 47% that could be participating choose instead to live off the hard work and achievements of the tax paying few. The amount of assistance provided to the moochers and social parasites in the form of “food stamps”(EBT), WIC, free or reduced telephones, internet, electricity, housing and welfare are a constant drain on national treasure. There is little or no oversight on the “social programs” and most programs are redundant, with some of the mooching class receiving the same monies from more than one agency. There are always threats that “social security” may not be able to meet its obligations, but not once have I heard that “welfare” will not be able to meet their payments. The government, at all levels, have found willing accomplices in the moochers and social parasites to continue their “crimes against America” and the principles this nation were founded under. The government has taught the mooching class well. They have been taught to become totally dependent on government for their mere existence. They are taught that self-reliance, self-determination, personal responsibility and consequences of actions are all covered by a social program and they need not be inconvenienced in the least.(If the actions of a male and a female cause an un-intended pregnancy the government has approved social programs to aid in the consequences of a careless act, thus removing all responsibility.) This class of people is the reason that “Independence Day” is no longer celebrated, instead they celebrate the 4th of July, and oddly enough that is how it is now marketed and sold, which is probably just as well, the moochers have no idea what “Independence’ is. The moochers and social parasites have no right to celebrate “Independence Day” they need their own special day to celebrate “dependence day” because that is what they are, dependent, oh that’s right, they do celebrate every month when the government sends them their “loyalty checks”. The mooching class are no more than “bargaining chips” to the corrupt “political class” with each political party promising more than the other to gain their temporary loyalty. It seems that the mooching class, with the aid of the corrupt politicians, have found a way to vote themselves money from the national treasury. With each new attempt at reforming a failed policy from this and past administrations, or the attempt to reform a law, such as immigration, new disasters are the only product, and will only produce new moochers to steal more from America. This is a direct result of government creating a ‘benefit and entitlement” society. The only benefits and entitlements that come from being an American citizen or living in America is Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
The news of late is loaded with corrupt politicians being led away in handcuffs. Maybe terms limits for politicians should be implemented, I’m for all of them getting one more term, I’m thinking 20 to life. Maybe Alcatraz should be re-opened so the entire lot of them will have a view of the ocean, they will think they are still on a tax-payer funded vacation.
To be continued.

All the conveniences of home

All the conveniences of home

Even a desk to write your memoirs from.

Even a desk to write your memoirs from.

A view of the home you deserve.

A view of the home you deserve.

How much longer do we have? Part 4

The question still lingers. It seems that the politicians will spare no effort to hurry us to the end. The Congress and BHO have poked yet another hole in the hull of the ship known as The United States of America. The criminals in Washington D.C. are still trying to use the notion of Utopia, which is a “fairy tale” and does not and will not exist no matter how hard they try. If the politicians believe in Utopia they might as well saddle their your Unicorns. The insanity coming from Washington D.C. should be proof positive to America the talk out of both sides of their mouths. BHO stands up before America and the World and says on “climate change” the matter is settled and the time for debate is over, Congress pulls an all-night session trying to come up with a plan, no a scheme, to steal even more from America. Then BHO jumps on Air Force One and heads out to another fund-raiser, coming to Florida to welcome in spring break, hell he was just here during the supposed Ukrainian crisis. Moochele heads to china on a tax-payer funded vacation. WTF does he think those jets use for fuel “pixie dust”? Just another example of the “Elite” living a “lavish lifestyle” while the common man struggles daily to eek out a living. “Do as I say, not as I do” should be the motto of the current administration.

The new crisis they find useful in their endeavors to destroy America is the minimum wage. They are pushing forward with “The Fair Wage Act” They claim to be looking out for the “poor” and the “middle class”, hell people the “middle class” was destroyed years ago. The only people they are watching out for is themselves. Instead of worrying about “income inequality” they should be working to ensure “dollar equality”. There can never be “income equality”, not even in a communist country, but the dollar can be equal, no matter who holds it. If the “greedy rich” are the problem why don’t BHO and the Congress set the example and distribute their wealth among those that they claim to be looking out for and protecting. If this helps, think of America as a pyramid, tree equal sides point at the top. The top can only be supported by a broad base. If you turn it upside down with the point at the bottom creating a new base it is too small to support the top, the weight will force the whole thing down and all wind up on the bottom. I guess this could be what they are aiming for equal poverty, but even then as in any communist country the “ruling class” still has more. Has anyone ever seen a “dictator” living the same kind of life that was inflicted on the “people”? Also, Let me know if a poor man or woman has ever given anyone a job. In America anyone can make it to the top, but there is not room at the top for everyone. Raising the minimum wage will make no difference in anyone’s life except the criminals in Congress, as they will be able to steal more from you in taxes. Possibly driving up the unemployment rate, but they do not see that as a problem, some have even said that unemployment checks will improve the economy, because people will spend the money and return it to the economy. And just where does this money come from? These are the kinds of people who keep getting re-elected and they rely on government education to provide a never-ending supply of voters. As I have pointed out before the added cost of wages will be made up somehow, someway. Most certainly the costs of goods and services will go up to reclaim lost profits, quite likely hours will be cut and layoffs are even possible. Business owners are not in business to break even or lose money. That is a function of government, after all they spend and waste other people’s money(OPM). The gains you make in better wages will be lost when you spend it, you will remain poor and in the process drag what remains of the less poor(the former middle class)down with you. What happens to you, happens to us as well. The rich and the politicians will still be rich and they will remain so, no matter what happens to the poor or the less poor. You can not spend your way out of poverty. If you truly want more money in your paycheck you must get the greedy, grimy and corrupt paws of government out of you paycheck.

When all else fails BHO, Congress, The Media and all their Minions will play the “class warfare card”. They all know that the uneducated will fall for this every time without fail. You can rest assured that nothing in life is free. Smarter men than me have said this in the past “government is not the solution, government is the problem”. The money that the government bestows for assistance on you in the name of equality and fairness will eventually come with a cost, and they will at some time collect their “pound of flesh”. You have already sold yourself to government and they will count on you for continued support in the “march” to destroy America. The question for the “government slaves” is, how far will they go to insure that the agenda of continued social reform succeeds.

The answer to the question of how much longer do we have, my well depend on the politicians, and that will depend on whether they are willing to drop the designation of (D), (R) or (I). If the House of Representative can do that they will have stopped representing the political parties and their agendas, and begin representing the people as the Constitution that took an oath to uphold says they should. If the Senate can do that they too will have stopped supporting political parties and their agendas and return to ensuring that their respective states are equally represented in government again described in the Constitution, that they also took an oath to uphold. As to the president, his duties are quite simple and again are spelled out in the Constitution, like the previous two, he took an oath to uphold the Constitution. The President, House and Senate are all Constitutional offices and currently these offices, like those in local and state governments, are occupied by “politicians” not “Statesmen”. The politicians will never give up being identified with a political party for two reasons “money and power”. The vast sums of money that each party collects at the fund-raising events is staggering. The money is used to purchase air time for ads that never say anything of “substance”, and to send mailers out to registered voters of the particular political parties. This brings up the USPS, that loses money on a daily basis, being used as a personal delivery system for political ads. Proving once again that the government will “prop up” a failing system if it can be used to governments advantage. If the ad comes from a sitting member of congress the postage is tax-payer funded as a part of the “perks” of holding office. The power the politicians comes from being in the majority. That is only possible because America has become a “Democracy”, for if you are not in the “majority”, you most assuredly will be in the “minority”. Somehow we have let such a small and insignificant number of politicians, 535 “popularly” elected members of Congress, a President, a Vice-President also a popularity contest, and 9 Supreme Court Justices, which are nominated by the President, according to their views aligning with his, and are confirmed by the Senate, most times divided along party lines or even worse voting to confirm on the lesser of evils. We end up with a total of 546 people writing, passing, and upholding the laws of the land, but only if the laws suit their agenda or their particular political party affiliation. All three branches of government do nothing but support the agenda of political parties. This great nation has sunk to the new level of “a government of, by and for the political party”, when it should be and was supposed to be, “a government of, by and for the people”.

Lately, a number of “politicians”, who should be more aptly be called “statesmen” have been sent to Washington, D.C. and the State Capitals with a mission to “drain the swamp”. When they arrive they face an almost impossible task. They are met with resistance by the “establishment politicians” that have lost touch with America, and listening to or reading their statements and speeches, they have also lost touch with “reality”, some are quite possibly “senile”. As for “draining the swamp” it is damned difficult to remember you mission when you find yourself up to your eyeballs in alligators.

To be continued.946e74df1e1c82bca0b12c380273b0e9

How much longer do we have? Part 3

The Duke Knew

The Duke Knew

life in the minority

life in the minority

The future and the continued existence of The United States of America may well lie in our past. As stated in part 2 of this series 1913 was the year that America changed from a “Constitutional republic” into a “Democracy”. The Legislative Branch of our form of government was divided into two sections from the beginning for a reason. The House of Representatives were “elected” by popular vote to represent the People of the state they came from. The Senate was “sent” by the State to ensure that the State received equal representation in the government. The House represented the people’s interest and the Senate represented the states interests. The 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in April of 1913, changed all of that the Senators were elected by popular vote. Now they were freed from the duty of ensuring that the state they represented received equal representation, and set about ensuring that they represented their “political party” was represented “state be damned”. Every state was guaranteed a “Republican” form of government by the U.S. Constitution, but no, the Federal Government rammed its agenda down the throats of the citizens using politicians, the gullibility of the citizens and the trust of government. A “Constitutional Republic” was caught-up in political maneuvering that caused an explosion in the size and scope of government and out of the “rubble and ruin” came a “Democracy”. A “Democracy” gives the power to the “majority”, a “Constitutional Republic” gives the power to the “people”. Every administration since Woodrow Wilson has benefited from America becoming a “Democracy, some more than others. Another interesting thing happened in 1913, the 16th Amendment clarifying income taxes was ratified in February. The “income tax” amendment changed the way taxes were collected. The 16th Amendment gave us the Internal Revenue Service which has evolved into a government weapon that can be used against on group of citizens or used for another group of citizens.

A repeal of the 17th amendment would be a good beginning towards returning America to its original envisioned creation of a “Constitutional Republic”. This though, will never happen, the Senate has become accustomed to their power over the people. They will never willingly give that up, nor could they return to watching out for the interest of their states. This fact is easily seen through their actions, some even go to the extreme of assisting with the erection of barricades to prevent their state from enacting legislation that is in the best interest of the state. The only way to repeal this amendment would require a “time machine”, even that would not work because the people of that time honestly believed that they could trust government. Government can say “thank God” for government education, oh that’s right, government took God out of the schools.
Another thing that would help return America to a “Constitutional Republic” would be to institute a new tax system(notice I did not say income tax). An income tax punishes those that have jobs and therefore their employer furnishes a W-2 form and after deductions taxes are paid. The moochers and social parasites have no income and therefore pay no tax, nor do criminals(including politicians). I am not in favor of a “flat tax” either for the same aforementioned reasons. What I am in favor of is a consumption based tax system, The Fair Tax, this system would garner taxes from wage earners, moochers, social parasites and criminals(including politicians) at the same rate. This too would require the repeal of an amendment, the 16th amendment and a new amendment added, the politicians will never go for this either. This would also lessen the power the politicians have over the people, power is what the politicians crave. The government has one practice with money “easy come, easy go” as long as it does not involve their money. The government does not trust the people, this is a fact and is proven by the fact that the government steals their “portion”(pound of flesh) of our hard-earned money before “we the people” receive our paychecks. If the government does not trust the people, just why the hell should the people trust the government.

This is a good time to insert this. It is not only the Federal Government that uses taxes to punish those of us who have chased and caught the American dream. I live in Marion County, Florida, and our County Commission has decided to put on the ballot a referendum to raise property taxes by $1 per $1000 assessed value at the behest of the Marion County School Board. Problem is that every registered voter in the county gets a vote, not just the property owners. The tax increase is supposed to go to the schools. What did you do with the money that you have already taken and wasted that you got from us in the form of property taxes? And while on the subject if the value of my place keeps dropping, why do my taxes keep going up. When will you finally take your pound of flesh? You also might get your scale re-calibrated, I’m getting a mite thin here and can’t afford many more pounds removed. They dropped the idea of a sales tax increase, that failed before. We are Taxed Enough Already. This is another example of government relying on government education. The renters will see this as an opportunity to get the tax burden off of their back and shove it to the home owners and business. They are either “stupid or ignorant”. If they vote for it and it passes the cost will only be passed along in the higher costs for goods and services. So the property owners get a double dose of “government medicine” higher property taxes and higher costs for goods and services. BOHICA property owners. If the renters vote for the property tax increase their land lord will only pass that along to them in the form of rent increases. They will get their second dose when it comes time to sign a new rental contract, and the will wonder why their rent increased. The only people who will not see the effects of the increase are the ones occupying section 8 housing. BOHICA taxpayers. The renters do not and can not see this coming thanks to the “ruling class” telling them how much they are discriminated against and the government education system failing in their task of providing a proper education. But seeing as how “government education” was designed to only educate to the level of “loyal and obedient citizens”. They have succeeded marvelously in that aspect and people still trust and obey without question. Again, I did not get that memo.

The difference between stupid and ignorant is that “stupid” lasts forever and “ignorance” can be overcome with education. I don’t mean with government education, that is how we got in this mess to begin with. Our best chance is for the stupid to stay home on election day watching some reality show, this goes for all elections local, state and federal. Our most important task is to educate the ignorant and save our nation.

The answer to the question of how much longer do we have, may come down to the people who know the truth about government educating those willing to learn and accept the truth about the corruption in all levels of government. We can not help those who are blindly obedient to the government. We must choose our battles.

To be continued.

How much longer do we have? Part 2

BHO is becoming desperate as his failures become clear to America and the world, even though the liberal left and the major media outlets will never admit it, at least not publicly. Obamacare is so flawed that he is forced to change the law, arbitrarily and almost daily, he was offered a way out, but refused, it could have been re-written or repealed, but even more importantly it should have been read. If Congress had read it before passage instead of passing it to find out what is in it, the hideous thing would have never become law. Obamacare is so flawed that his name is not tied to it any longer by the liberal left and the major media outlets. His foreign policy, if he ever had one, has caused him and unfortunately America much embarrassment around the world. The world sees him as weak, spineless, a joker and gutless, unfortunately since he is the President the world has the same view of the American citizens. The sanctions imposed on Russia and the Russians that the administration claims to have been responsible for the Crimean annexation, as I have said previously are meaningless. New and more harsh sanctions are planned if The Ukraine is further violated will be just as meaningless. America is still a formidable opponent and even a hardline Soviet like Putin is not prepared to engage in open warfare with her, not because of BHO, but because of the men and women in the U.S. Military. America still maintains a strong professional Military for now.

Desperation leads to panic. Panic leads to poor decision-making. History provides numerous examples of leaders who panicked when desperate and consequently made wrong decisions, mostly because the were in over their heads to start with. BHO has been in over his head from the beginning, and he knew it. He made no effort to surround himself with the best minds with much-needed experience, he instead chose to surround himself with ideologues, some of which are radical, and like himself do not believe that America and its people are truly exceptional.
This brings us once again to the question of, how much longer do we have. Before that can be answered we must examine how we ever got to this point both domestically and abroad. BHO charged down the path of “Global Humiliation” beginning with the world apology tour and can not seem to slow down. Unfortunately the how, is changing at the same pace as his head long charge. He has refused to accept his role as the “Leader of the free world” and the responsibilities that come with the title of President of The United States of America. BHO has set about a course to divide America. BHO took on The Office of The President willingly, there was only one United States of America when he took office, contrary to what the “liberal left” including the major media outlets have been spouting. The president, the liberal left and the major media outlets seem to always promote a level playing field, income equality, benefits and entitlements.

The only “Utopian” place all this can be achieved is in a “commune”, but even that is less than “ideal”, there are no laws or protections. Sooner or later, even the “commune” will need to join with another “commune” either for economic, social or security reasons, the last is to remove lawlessness from the equation. (The words democratic, republican, democracy and republic have no political party affiliation in the following.) This is when the real problems begin, they will need to establish some form of “government”. The supposed experts would suggest a “democracy” would fit the bill as the best form of government and would best suit the circumstances, nothing could be farther from the truth. In a “democracy” there is no equality in representation, the largest group has the most representation and will address the issues that they feel are the most important or that will affect them the most. This form of government represents the “majority” and not the “minority”. The Founding Fathers did not set about creating a “Democracy” and this was intentional for the aforementioned reasons they also recognized that government was a “necessary evil”. The Founding Fathers set about creating a “Constitutional Republic” to prevent abuses of power and to insure equal representation for the several states. To further insure prevention government abuses an election system is spelled out in the Constitution. The “Constitutional Republic” that was once The United States began to sink to the level of a “Democracy” with the ratification of the 17th amendment in 1913, and each administration since has kept the “bilge” pumps turned off. The sinking of the United States Of America has continued to this day, and has only remained afloat because of the people and not the government. With the continued “majority” rule and a President who is operating outside his Constitutional powers, and a Congress that is unwilling to stop him, the continued effects of constant flooding may soon tip the scales and sink this once great nation.
It is true that I am critical of the President, and Congress and that is only because they at present occupy the driver’s Seat” of an out of control vehicle and will not disengage the cruise control. They have been careening down a road to national destruction, blowing through many yield and even some stop signs. Sooner or later an obstacle will block your path causing you to either stop or crash, or you may reach a dead-end. I am critical of the major media outlets for carrying the water for failed policies and for letting America down in the process. BHO and his refusal to accept the free world leader role created a vacuum and had the unintended consequence of Putin stepping up. With the absence of BHO from the “world” scene many other leaders like Putin will surely step-up to fill the “void”.

The question of, how much longer do we have left could be reduced to simple mathematics. From 1787 until 1913 is 126 years, from 1913 until 2014 is 101 years, 126 years minus 101 years equals 25 years.

How much longer do we have? Part 1

As “Dear Leader” BHO continues his fast paced journey towards his vision of devastation and economic ruin of America, one has to wonder what he and his legions of followers have in mind. That brings us to the question of, how much longer do we have. The following may provide some insight as to what BHO and his minions have in mind.
BHO has gone around the U.S. Constitution, doing as he pleases by arbitrarily changing laws as written. He has also devastated our Military by budget cuts and purging top military leaders. He has issued orders to the Military that place vast numbers of capital equipment in one location providing any enemy with the opportunity to devastate much of our fighting force. Much of our capital equipment is used as a deterrent to attack yet has been gathered for easy destruction. He has so often lied to or threatened our allies that none of them trust us. As corrupt as the Government of Afghanistan is, it is still better to have them on our side, but BHO has set the example of abandonment as demonstrated by Iraq. BHO was in such a hurry to leave Iraq a vacuum was left behind that pulled in the terrorists and Iraq has since been left in turmoil. BHO even told the terrorists and malcontents when it would be safe for their return and return they did. Since there is little to no news about Iraq people assume that the country is stable and a strong friend, nothing could be farther from the truth. BHO and his minions can not even get a Status Of Forces Agreement(SOFA)negotiated with the Afghan Government. The Afghan Government recognizes that BHO can not be trusted and would rather cut a deal with the Taliban than allow Americans to remain. Many American lives and much national treasure has been spent, no wasted, on these two countries, and nothing positive came of the sacrifice and waste. After the American Military departure from Afghanistan, BHO has again told the enemy when we will completely withdraw, there will also be little if any news about Afghanistan. Americans will again believe all is well and right. Both of these countries could have been shining examples, but no, the failed policies of BHO and his minions have left one as a terrorist training ground and the other with an uncertain future, but most likely a resurgence of the Taliban will be their fate. BHO and his administration has to say the least has limited foreign policy experience and every move or action they have taken has caused only further destabilization, turmoil and upheavals in the Middle-East. al-Qaeda and their splinter-groups have benefited greatly from the foreign policy blunders of this and previous administrations the biggest gains they have made have not been by their successes, but by our failures. We have once again won all the battles and still managed to lose the war. Now Russia is in place to be the next to benefit from our failures. Who comes next? China? North Korea? Cuba? Iran? Syria? I will go with Iran being the next to benefit. The only people in the past five plus years that can count on us are the terrorists themselves, our friends and allies can not trust us. Israel may become the one who suffers the most from BHO and his perverted ideas and his failed foreign policy or will it be the lack of one. Then who suffers? South Korea? Taiwan? Japan? America?
The mere fact that BHO has threatened Russia is laughable. Putin knows from experience that dealing with BHO and the state department is no challenge. He has already beaten BHO in Syria. He will beat BHO in The Crimea as well and quite possibly in The Ukraine. Russia has had over twenty years to prepare for this, America has had the same amount of time for prevention. The time wasted would have been a good time to remember “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. The warnings were sounded, but no one listened or heeded the warnings. Putin and the Russians sat idly by, at least appearing to de idle, they were waiting for the “perfect storm”. The U.S.A. also sat idly by, thinking that the world was at last peaceful with the demise of the U.S.S.R. With peace in the world America began the process of even greater social reforms, but social programs require money, a lot of money. America began borrowing money, a lot of money from our former enemies and countries that were considered at best unstable allies and even ourselves(The Federal Reserve). The “perfect storm” they waited for was none other than BHO, the media outlets, the liberal left, and the staggering national debt. When all of these are combined they provide Russia with their “perfect storm” and patience paid off. Russia and the rest of the world has watched as the media outlets have never, in earnest criticized BHO on any of his failures even if they resulted in further destabilization abroad or at home. The media outlets are still in love with BHO. The world has also watched as BHO continues to destroy the U.S. Constitution without even a whimper from the media or the establishment politicians of either party as they only fight to save their self-serving hides. Russia roared in with the storm, BHO went on vacation and got in a little golf, but he at least claims to have made a few phone calls. I wonder if the NSA was listening, we need confirmation.
I personally find that BHO speaking out of both sides of his mouth a bit confusing. He demands that Putin and Russia respect the borders of The Ukraine, yet we have laws for the protection of our own borders he does not and will not enforce them. He has not once demanded that Mexico or any other nation respect our borders. He declared the vote by the people of The Crimea was unconstitutional, yet he is constantly violating the U.S. Constitution. He along with the U.N. instituted and funded a program of voter ID cards for an African country, yet voter ID here in America is seen as a hindrance to voting and may even violate civil rights. As to the matter of threatening to impose sanctions that is also laughable. How can you impose financial sanctions against a country you must give money to if you need a ride to the ISS. You must have forgotten that you destroyed our space program and now America must rely on the Russian taxi service. But the media will praise and support you. You must have also forgotten about the no-bid contract awarded to Russia to provide equipment to the Afghani Army due to their lack of education and the complexity in operating U.S. supplied equipment. How much was that contract and did it include spare parts? The imposition of sanctions is nothing more than political maneuvering or as some would say, smoke and mirrors, regardless it is meaningless.
Maybe you thought Putin would “tuck his tail and run” if you spoke, Putin is not the liberal media and does not get a “tingle up his leg” at the mention of your name, nor will he respond to idle and meaningless threats. Putin is a “Soviet” much like the ones that I spent the early part of my Military career training to fight. He like other communist leaders understand force and power. Seventh Corps remained in Europe for a reason. Eight Army remained in Asia for a reason. The “Cold War” did not end with the Berlin Wall being torn down, the lines were simply moved.
You must have, at sometime, issued an Executive Order demanding that the media, congress and the numb-minded citizens obey and follow you without question. I did not get that Memo.
The answer to the question of how much longer do we have, is that it is up to the people, but only if the government allows the voice and the will of the people to be heard.

He can see the prize from his throne

Dear Leader BHO can see the prize and it is now within his grasp. The GOP is busy fighting among themselves. The country is busy watching the crisis unfolding in The Ukraine and The Crimea and speculating on the missing airliner.

BHO will move forward with his ideas of immigration reform. As it stands now he has already threatened to act alone if Congress fails to act, he has a phone and a pen. He has two chances to accomplish this, force Congress to do something now or wait until the mid-term election results are in. He has already set a dangerous and unchallenged precedent of arbitrarily changing and amending laws to suit his goals. If you are forced into passing a bill that is to rigid, the Senate will either not bring it to the floor for debate, or send it to the President to sign knowing that he will arbitrarily change the law to fit his agenda. If you are forced into submitting a bill that is to weak you will surely lose the election. If he waits until the mid-term election results are in and the Democrats lose the Senate and the Republicans retain the House of Representatives he will use his phone and pen. Any way this plays out BHO is in a win-win situation.The Republican party can still lose in the mid-terms, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The Republicans should have already examined their core values and principles and recognized that The Tea Party is now what they should have always been. If the Republicans take the Senate and retain the House for the sake of this Nation elect a leadership that has some “Backbone”, and set about repairing the damages that have been done.

The stage is already set for the moochers and social parasites to do the bidding of BHO. While Congress was either being self-serving or asleep at the wheel this nation was hi-jacked and went of course. The military cuts are only the beginning of what is to come. Shrinking the Military to pre-World War 2 numbers is an insane course of action given the political instability and radicalism of the world. Pay reductions and cutting benefits will do little to maintain a strong and capable fighting force and the numbers of veteran and experienced Military members will decline, maybe that’s the plan, the numbers of career service members will surely decline. With fewer retired Military members to pay this self-serving and narcissistic President and his “tool” of a Secretary of Defense and the other Cabinet Members will use the savings to pay off their voluntary slaves. We as Military Retirees are already the smallest voting block in the country.

Just which group of illegal immigrants is he seeking immigration reform for? This is the question that has been yet to be addressed. What will be the order of citizenship and what terms will be set as the path toward citizenship? At present there are many different “classes” of illegal aliens residing in America. Are the reforms he envisions designed to be only for the illegals who crossed the southern border? If that is the case, he again divides illegals into small and controllable groups as it leaves out the ones that have over stayed their visas, crossed the northern border and the many other ways they arrive here each day. If one group is favored over another it will only promote more discourse. The reforms will be in the form of a new law, they did not obey the first law what makes the politicians believe the next one will be obeyed. Now we have the issue of states giving driving privileges to illegal aliens, the problem is that all the states honor the licenses of the various states. America is a nation of laws, or at least it is supposed to be. The mere fact that there are illegal aliens here is proof that the current laws are not being enforced and instead of punishment for breaking the law they will be rewarded for breaking the law. And yet again the Federal Government will punish the ones who did everything right to becomes citizens, and the ones who are doing the right thing and the permanent resident aliens. How did this ever become a nation that punishes citizens for lawful behavior while rewarding unlawful behavior?

BHO is a capitalist of sorts, he has capitalized on the blunders of previous administrations, the expansion of government and the ineptness of Congress. He will capitalize on the new citizens that reform will surely bring in the form of new Democratic voters. The new voters will join his ever-growing legion of voluntary government slaves. He has also capitalized on the government practice of throwing money at problems instead of addressing the problem. He has really capitalized of the moral and social corruption and the stagnation of America. He is not the first President to go around Congress to ensure his agenda comes to fruition. He has however, taken his usurpations and abuses of power to new levels and Congress and the Courts have given him the tools he needs. He has and will continue to use the “tools” that head up the Cabinet in his administration to spy, threaten and coerce, use events involving different races, continue to promote discourse and use any advantageous crisis in the world and this country to divide the people into small controllable groups. The latest attempt at racial division came in the announcement of programs to help “young men of color”, it also divides the sexes. BHO making the rounds on the talk and comedy shows is a little disturbing and “smacks” of Hugo Chavez and his constant appearances on Venezuelan television. I don’t think he was at all joking about a third term. I also believe that his constant division of America by race and income inequality is promoted by the majority of the news networks, and the both of them are looking to return to the America of the 1960’s. The race riots and war protests were tearing at the very fiber of America, and let’s not forget the domestic terrorism that was occurring during this time, some of the domestic activists and bombers even became life-long friends of BHO.

And don’t think for a minute that the radical left has missed a thing that is occurring in the world. With the advent of 24 hour news channels every upheaval and insurrection around the world is beamed into Americas living rooms constantly. If the Ukraine can erupt in protests and riots that cause a complete change in the government, what is to say it can not happen here, causing even a partial change. He has already proven on several occasions that he doesn’t need Congress and can even go around the courts. BHO is constantly on the road giving speeches about his proposed social programs and reforms he has proposed while reminding the masses that Congress stands in his way. He blames Congress in general and the House of Representatives in particular for the government shut-down and the sequester inconvenience. In case you missed it the protests began with the Occupy movement BHO, the Left and the Media were right there with them.

The definition as given by Webster’s. Reform: verb: 1a: to put or change into an improved form or condition b: to amend or improve by change of form or removal of faults or abuses 2: to put an end to(an evil)by enforcing a better method or course of action. Reform: noun: 1 amendment of what is defective, vicious, corrupt or depraved 2: a removal or correction of an abuse, a wrong or errors.

At this point the only “reform” I want to see is a reform (using the noun) of the politicians Washington D.C. The politicians at all levels of government are described in the definition of reform especially the words “corrupt and depraved”.

Now for a little history and an observation for our “distinguished and esteemed” members of Congress who seem a little confused about America. In order to avoid confusing you I will include only the years of these historic events, if you need the exact dates feel free to call. I almost forgot you are already spying and have already seen the file. It is the one titled America. The least you could do is read it while you are there, you might even learn something, I have put a lifetime of work into it. Enjoy!
The Revolutionary War began in 1775.
The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776.
The Revolutionary War ended in 1781.
The U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1787. This is the one that you promised to uphold. Read it !!!!
The first President was elected in 1789.
The Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791. These go with the Constitution that you promised to uphold. Read these also !!!

A little bonus for you. This nation began as 13 colonies fighting for freedom and liberty and existed as such from 1781 through 1787 with no form of centralized Federal Government, not even having our first President until 1789. During those years this country as it was prospered because there was no tyranny, only freedom and liberty.

A new low point for America looms

Is it really necessary for the House of Representatives to send forward legislation forcing the President, under threat of being sued, to enforce laws as written? The Senate will not even bring it to the floor for debate , much less a vote. The President will be spared the use of the veto pen due to the Senate protecting his flanks. I thought the U.S. Constitution specifically spelled out the duties and obligations of each of the three branches of government. Our government was divided into three branches to prevent abuse of powers, a system of checks and balances. Unfortunately the answer is “Yes”. Congress had abdicated its role in government prior to the arrival of the Tea Party. The “ruling” party has stacked the Supreme Court with lifetime appointments, and the lower courts(lately the more radical, the better)to ensure the current point-of-view is never challenged successfully. The Cabinet has been filled with the most corrupt and radical ideologues to ensure the “ruling party” continues down the path of destruction. So much for the separation of powers and a system of checks and balances.

Welcome to the world you have inflicted on the supposedly Free and Liberty loving citizens of America.

Our elected representatives in Washington D.C. and the various States have finally came to the conclusion that there really is a Constitution of The United States and a Bill of Rights. Now it appears that the United States Senate is upset by the fact that the Executive Branch is using government agencies to spy on them, but they were okay with the news and the fact that the government is spying on the common American citizens. One has even threatened to declare “war” on one government agency. Did you really think that you would remain “above the law”? With every “radical ideologue” that you confirm to the posts in the Administration and the Supreme Court you are in actuality giving the Executive Branch more and more power. You may even eventually give the administration supreme power over the land. The Seventeenth Amendment only changed the “how” you got to Washington D.C. it did not change the “why”. Maybe the time has finally come that you should read and understand “our founding documents”, after all you did take an oath, or was that just “lip service”. Perhaps you should actually read the bills you send forward for signature and understand that even you will have to live under the laws as written. What liberties and freedoms have you sacrificed that belong to us common people with the passage of the NDAA, or do you have any idea what they were. The time has come for you to remember that you are all public servants and quit being self-serving.
I find it particularly embarrassing that some members of Congress do not even know how long The United States has been around. That alone demonstrates that some and in my opinion most of Congress has not read our “founding documents” and answers the question about “lip service”.

How much more embarrassment must we endure?

The world sees this once great nation as a joke, therefore we are not taken seriously. As a nation we have been humiliated by this empty suit in the White House. The world is in constant turmoil and upheaval and this abject failure of a leader makes a threat he can not and will not follow through on and goes on vacation. Europe in general and Eastern Europe in particular are at the mercy of a new Russian threat and that is the need for energy. Russia has developed its natural resources and provide much of Eastern Europe much-needed natural gas and oil. Their Eastern European leaders know if they take a hard stand against Russia’s military incursion into The Ukraine in general and The Crimea in particular Putin will turn the valve and slow or stop the flow through the pipeline. The Eastern European countries have even asked the U.S. to increase production to thwart any move by Russia to cut off or even limit oil and natural gas flow to their respective countries. BHO and the State Department will make threats towards Russia. Russia will in turn make demands. If BHO caves in which is his usual route, Russia will win and the Europeans will lose. The past teaches us that empty threats meet by demands will lead to appeasement. Appeasement leads to further demands and more appeasement. Europe and the World has been subjected to that before with disastrous results. The world watches as we do nothing but make threats followed by going on vacation. Placing sanctions on Russia will not work, and has not worked even on Iran. The sanctions on Iran were eased on promises to play nice. Iran has made demands and has been met with appeasement. Iran has no intention to play nice, they have only one goal, they will get a nuclear weapon, it is only a matter of time. When Iran goes nuclear, how will their new demands be met? Even Syria was appeased on promises amid threats, aided by Russian intervention. We as a nation backed down and Russia gained respect in the world. Putin and BHO were staring each other down, BHO blinked and Russia won. Russia is playing a game of dare and will go all the way to the edge, then stand firm with no further incursion or aggression and wait us out. While all of this is going on no eyes watch Asia, the aggressors in that part of the world are watching and waiting. Europe has made themselves dependent on Russia and therefore are subject to its wills and actions. Russia has strong ties and allies in Asia with like-minded forms of government. If China joins Russia the sanctions that may be placed on Russia will have no teeth. China holds much of the American debt and therefore has a strong economic sword to wield against America. Imagine if Russia dumps the dollar for another currency, and China does the same or even worse demands payment in full. What would we sacrifice in order to pay our debts? Britain sacrificed a strong military to pay debts and then Hitler arrived on the scene. The nations of this world have become so financially entangled that any one of them can inflict financial catastrophe on the other and any two can join forces and send another in financial ruin. The exception to this is of course is America as we have become a debtor nation, with continued borrowing to support social programs. This may well be what Putin meant when he said that the sanctions may boomerang back on us. History has led this nation full circle in just a few short years. We have arrived at this point because the Liberal Left believes that a strong agenda of social reforms and programs trumps the need for a strong military, after all War was outlawed in 1928.
In closing I will put this out. While BHO was using the Federal Government to spy on and harass American citizens he may have missed the Big Picture of the World. Maybe he didn’t miss a thing. He may well have found a way to truly end American hegemony. His last act after having destroyed America will probably be another vacation, probably to Africa, most likely Kenya. Upon his arrival he will have the tires and wheels of Air Force One removed and place that last symbol of American greatness on cinder blocks. It will be left there as a monument, depicting a story of how one man with a legion of useful idiots could do to America what no nation could do with a Military.

Take a stand

The insanity at the White House has reached epic proportions, the President seems to think he can devastate our Military and threaten Putin and the Russian Military at the same time. Putin has no fear of BHO or the United States of America. BHO has so weakened this country financially and militarily that no nation on this planet fears us and not a one has any respect, nor does anyone trust this corrupt government, and why should they. BHO has used the NSA to spy on our Allies and every citizen in this country.
BHO is a strange combination of Neville Chamberlain, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Franklin Roosevelt and somewhat like Winston Churchill, but the true oddity lies in his similarities to Viktor Yanukovych and Hugo Chavez.

Chamberlain did with Hitler, as BHO is doing now in the Middle-East in regards to Israel and the Palestinians, he is seeking to gain peace through appeasement. BHO somehow thinks, or rather believes that if Israel would return to its 1967 borders all will be well and peace will suddenly return to the Middle-East. He also believes that if only the Palestinians had a country to call their own then, they would accept that Israel has a right to exist and again all would be well. There could already be a Palestine, but it would have come at the cost of recognizing Israel and its right to exist. Golda Meir said it best “There will be no peace until they love their children as much as they hate us”. The Palestinians will not appease the world in order to gain land, which is just as well, it would become an even greater financial burden on the world than it is now in its current state of existence as the Palestinian Authority. Chamberlain also did as BHO is doing, cutting the Military to pay for social reform and pay-off debts from WW 1. History is indeed a cruel teacher, for no sooner than the debts of WW 1 were satisfied, at the cost of losing military strength, Hitler arrived on the scene and the borrowing to build-up the military began again. Maybe the social reforms should have waited, appeasement was used to buy time. Appeasement did not stop WW 2 from coming, and appeasement will not stop the next war. The most effective prevention of wars and attacks is to have a strong military and a nation of strong resolve and good moral character. When will BHO appease the world by suggesting that America return to its original borders, and what time in history will he pick?

Stalin did to the military as BHO is doing now, the only difference is that Stalin’s Military purge came with the murders of the top military leaders that he did not trust. At least BHO has not ordered the execution of the top Military leaders he does not trust. But why does BHO not trust the top Military commanders? Stalin had a big problem, shortly after and during his purge of the military Hitler came calling. Russia was ill-prepared for war, when Russian troops took to the field without experienced leaders they were slaughtered, no one would speak-out against Stalin or his plans as that would surely invite death. As now with BHO if a senior military commander speaks-out he will be purged from service, we may well find out one day that BHO used the same tactics and lies as Stalin. When an enemy comes calling, will we have enough Military members left to repel the attack? I think not, what few are left will be sacrificed in fighting a delaying action to buy time. After they are used-up, we will be forced to do as Stalin did and rely on scorched earth policy to deny the enemy any useful resources. We will have done at that time what no country on earth was capable of, we will destroy our own country because the uninformed public could so easily be bought with lies and deceptions. Like lemmings the liberal left will follow BHO right over the cliff. I may have just insulted the lemmings by using them and liberal left in the same sentence, but no matter they have already perished.

Hitler gathered a coalition of useful idiots then as BHO has done now and will use them in the same manner. Like Hitler, BHO has no shortage of useful idiots, but I caution you, when they were no longer of any use Hitler purged them from his legions. During his rise to power he gladly accepted assistance from Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals and many other groups and sects, only to destroy them one-by-one as their help was no longer required to go to his next phase on the road to world domination. His most effective weapon was empty and idle threats, but he was feared by the appeasers of the world. The more he was appeased the stronger he became, he was able to conquer much of Europe with-out firing a single shot. With each gain of land he was able to increase his legions with the vanquished and each swore an allegiance to him. We now have legions of useful idiots here in America for BHO to gather-up as he goes along telling them that they are oppressed or have been denied something and promises that all will be well, the government is here to help and will save you. As I have stated before, the government has placed them where they are, but the government can not force them to stay where they were put. The fact that they need the government to save them is that they made a conscious decision to remain and therefore they deserve what they have gotten. They have chosen to, by inaction, to be assembled into a legion of useful idiots. Hitler was and, BHO is a master at playing the blame game, even when, and I submit that most often, it is his fault he comes up with a group or individual to place the blame on and fault anyone that opposes his ill-fated policies. He has even said that his programs and policies fail because of the divided government. Our Constitution set up a Divided Government to keep people like BHO in check. Hitler played the ultimate blame game and nearly destroyed the entire Jewish population, and brought the world to war and was only prevented from achieving world domination by a nation with tremendous resource and resolve, America. When the BHO legions are unleashed on this nation who will come to our rescue? I would venture to say no one will come. This to is okay fine, our forefathers needed no outside help, they did it on their own, all it took was a strong resolve to remove the yoke of tyranny.

Roosevelt played to the notion of inequality and was elected on a notion of “happy days are here again”(quite a catchy tune), similar to how BHO was elected on a notion of “hope and change”. Both assembled a coalition of useful idiots to help them get elected, but neither of them solved the inequality that everyone on the left seems to think is so prevalent in this country. The difference between them is that Roosevelt truly believed in the greatness of America and its people. Roosevelt’s social programs were designed to bring America out of the depression, and return us to a nation of greatness. Some of his programs led us only to temporary financial strength, and led us right back into a deep recession. Still some of his other programs created a dependence on government that continues to this day. He wanted to stay out of the war in Europe, but would provide material support to England in the form of Lend-Lease, and would become the Arsenal of Democracy. The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Imperial Japanese Navy caused the U.S. to enter the war. BHO on the other hand has created social programs that has caused us to remain in a recession. “Monkeying” with the numbers and definitions to cause the appearance of economic recovery does not make it true, we are still in a recession, the jobless numbers should indicate that. ‘Monkeying” with the unemployment numbers does not mean that jobs are created. While on the subject, just what the hell is “seasonally adjusted”? When I was coming up seasonal work was a way for a working man to “moon light” and get some extra “folding” or “walking around” money. Moving money from one pile to another does not create wealth. Unemployment checks and the minimum wage were never meant to become a lively hood or to support a family. Raising the minimum wage will not lift a person out of poverty, raising the minimum wage will only cause the cost of goods and services to go up also, and therefore any gain in pay will be lost. It will however, generate more tax revenue but that too, will be lost as raising the pay of one will cost another their job. Welfare and food stamps were supposed to be temporary assistance and they too have become a lifestyle. All of these social programs cost money, a lot of money, and will eventually break the bank. Roosevelt at least did not scrap the military to pay for his social agenda. When the enemy comes calling, I suggest that the “social parasites” and “moochers” be sent in first and used as “cannon fodder” to buy time for the Militia to assemble, after all the Military will have already been sacrificed to pay for an ever-expanding social agenda. Their demise would at least in part remove some financial burden. One final note, FDR wanted to provide an “arsenal of democracy”. BHO wants to provide an “arsenal of insurgency”. I will expound on this later.

Yanukovych lived a lavish lifestyle while serving as the President of Ukraine, much the same as BHO has done and will continue to do here in America. BHO has been on what seems a perpetual vacation since being elected. The office of President of the U.S.A. is not supposed to be a never-ending party. Even during the sequester BHO was flying around the country and even the world. Apparently BHO will not be deprived of lavishness even if it causes even more pain and suffering here in America. The sequester was his idea and he knew how much it would affect America if it was ever implemented. He knew that Congress would never get a budget done in time, after all no budget was proposed during the time the Democrats controlled the House, Senate and the White House. There would be no one to blame when the budget devastated our nation. BHO also seems to think the as President he is above the Constitution, changing already passed and signed Legislation, normally called Laws, to suit his need to pander to any supposedly disenfranchised group or special interest group. He is using a delaying tactic to lessen the loses to the Democratic Party in the upcoming mid-term elections, but in the end this monstrosity of a law will be implemented. There are so many things hidden in Obamacare that have been revealed since, “you have to pass it to find out what is in it”, and more is sure to come. But no matter, BHO and Congress are above the law and therefore are above the destruction that their arrogance and vanity will inflict on the general population. It may take years to undo the damages done while BHO has been in office.

Chavez was a Socialist, the same as BHO is. Chavez was on the way to nationalizing the entire country of Venezuela, much the same as BHO envisions for America. At least Chavez had the “intestinal fortitude” to come out and say what he wanted. He wanted to be “President for Life”, aka dictator, and did his best to try to make that happen. His time on earth was cut short, even government medicine could not save his miserable life. BHO do yourself and us a favor, it would be much easier on all concerned if you would kindly remove the “mask” and reveal what it is that you truly want. Stop all this ‘beating around the bush” and get to the point, you have already said you will act without Congress, break out your phone and your pen along with your big pad and just tell us. Those of us who do not trust you, already know what you are about most of us knew early on while some came to that realization over the course of time however, your legions of useful idiots do not and will not believe us, you must tell them.

You need not worry, you will not be chased out of this country as was the fate of Yanukovych, and that is due to the fact that, as much as you will not admit it and constantly deny it, America is truly an exceptional country. We that understand the Constitution live by it and want our way of life preserved, unlike you seeking to destroy America and its way of life. The Founding Fathers of this nation got it right, Putin is not on the wrong side of history, you are. Your legions will continue to follow you and some even worship you and will be loyal as long as you can continue to purchase their loyalty. As with the Founding Fathers, men of good character and good conscience can be pushed only so far. Maybe you recognized this, and that is what caused you to say, We need a civilian force as well-trained and equipped as the military. As for me, I will not wear a yoke, hell man I despise a neck tie as I find it to restrictive.

As for the matter of FDR’s “Arsenal of Democracy” it was in the beginning meant as a tool to resist Hitler and his conquest of Europe. As to your “Arsenal of Insurrection” from the beginning it has been meant to spread instability throughout the world, but only in the parts of the world that you want to be de-stabilized or at least remain in a pitiful state of purgatory. You chose not to assist the Iranians during their short-lived protests. You chose to take it upon yourself to use airpower to unseat the Libyan dictator. You threatened to assist the terrorists trying to over-run Syria. Now you offer financial assistance to The Ukraine, while threatening Russia. Russia may be occupying parts of The Ukraine unlawfully, but must protect its interests and military bases. How would you act, or would you even care if one of our neighbors were to act as The Ukraine has acted. They have de-stabilized their own nation, ousted their duly elected President, and all of this was done without a plan to right the country afterward. But, true to your dreams and previous actions you will sneak some social agenda in while the world watches what Russia does in regard to the Ukrainian Crisis. You may even be able to expand on your legions during this crisis and get through your amnesty program, after all you should never let a good crisis go to waste.

One last closing thought on this post. How can this be the same government that supports insurrections throughout the world be the same Federal Government that spared no cost in militarily crushing the South when they attempted to break away and form their own government?