But, at what cost?

BHO was elected on a slogan of “hope and change” and a promise to radically “transform America”, but at what cost. He was re-elected on a slogan of “forward”, and again at what cost. Much of this post will have a tie-in to previous posts I have written, and there are future posts that will have a tie-in to this post. As I have said before I am a student of history, learn its lessons or they will be re-visited upon you, expanding on that, your future will be a direct result of the choices you make today. Therefore we all must learn from the past, use that knowledge, and make wise and prudent choices that will ensure a future of prosperity. There will also be references to events, speeches, parts of speeches and sayings of people from Americas present that tell of our future, and past that foretold of our future had those before us listened. They will not be referenced or mentioned in this post. Likewise, if in reading this post you happen across some you have not heard before they are probably mine , feel free to use them I seek no credit. This post is not about them, it is about you and me. the only direct reference that will be made is to our current President and will be referenced only as BHO.
Slavery. This especially cruel and vile practice did not come about with the advent of America. Slavery has been used throughout history as a tool of forced labor even dating back to Biblical times, entire nations were taken into slavery as a result of military conquests. Historically there are 2 types of slavery. The first is, Involuntary slavery, the being taken, sold and used as forced labor, or just being captured and used as forced labor. I doubt seriously that a “pasty white” European was running through the jungles or across vast plains or savannahs capturing natives then dragging them back to load them onto ships and sailing to the new world to sell their cargo. The shear cost of this operation would have been staggering and logistically impossible. The most likely scenario is the victors selling the vanquished on the beaches to the pasty white Europeans. This type of slavery relies on a physical difference between the slave and the slave holder making visual identity easy should a slave escape or be lost, aiding in recovery. This type of slavery historically collapses on its own weight and technological advances, even becoming logistically impossible to maintain control as the number of slaves grows. Humans typically want to be free and will eventually reach a point in sufficient numbers and strength to challenge the slave holders and gain freedom either through force or the logistics of maintaining forced labor becoming so over-bearing to a point where a free person becomes more useful than a slave. The second and perhaps the most heinous type is Voluntary slavery, that is selling yourself to be used in any shape, manner or fashion to the person or group you have sold yourself to. At this point I must mention this, do not confuse “Indentured Servitude” with “Voluntary Slavery”, as it is we all, at some time or another in our lives become indentured servants. Indentured servants generally sign a contract to work off or pay-off a financial obligation such as a mortgage, automobile purchase or apply for and use a credit card, these are all for a specified length of time, not a life time. A person who has agreed to become a voluntary slave has entered into a life long obligation and quite possibly for generations. At this point I will make the following statements to illustrate my point. The “Involuntary Slave” has no loyalty to the slave holder and everyday seeks a way out and longs for freedom, liberty and the right to self-determination. The “Indentured Servant” is only loyal until the debt is satisfied and knows exactly when freedom, liberty and self-determination will be restored. The “Voluntary Slave” is loyal to the point of sacrificing freedom, liberty and self-determination, but through this act can demand higher payments for continued loyalty. Now enters “The Law of Unintended Consequences”, at some point in time the payments used to purchase your loyalty will stop because you have taken all there is to take and there is no more. The only recourse you “Slave Holder” has is to beg and borrow money from foreign nations, who are not our friends, to continue purchasing your loyalty. I signed no contract and yet I am now an “Involuntary Indentured Servant” working to pay-off a debt that was incurred just so the government can continue purchasing the loyalty of an ever-growing and expanding pool of “Voluntary Slaves”. When a Freeman is forced into involuntary anything, he is looking for a way out and most often will find one. BHO and Presidents before him have capitalized on your selfishness and lack of self-respect and willingness to sell your self into “voluntary government slavery” and they can and could revel in the fact that slavery is not dead. “Ask not what my country can do for me, but rather Ask what I can do for my country”. I will close this paragraph with this. The “Voluntary Slaves” are nothing but “Government Whores”, but they can all rest easy tonight in the fact that no one can call any of you or your off-spring “cheap government whores”.
When the total cost of 8 years of this corrupt, social program engineering administration is added up it may well be more than can be afforded. With the cancellation of the new model of spacecraft we now have to rely on foreign governments to give our Astronauts a ride to the ISS. With the tensions with Russia over The Ukraine has BHO given total and absolute control over the ISS to Russia? BHO has put the U.S. in the awkward position of having to rely on other nations for assistance. The U.S. has never had to rely on any one for anything. We were at one time a nation that was self-sufficient and self-reliant. The world “apology tour” only demonstrated to the world that we had gone from a mentality of “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” to a mentality of “we fear everything and everyone”. And all of the bowing down before other world leaders only served to illustrate the point that BHO had declared that America was inferior to the rest of the world. As I have said before BHO fears all foreign governments and their people, but has no fear of the American Government or People. BHO has his legions of “voluntary slave government whores” to do his bidding as long as he can keep the loyalty payments coming. I have noticed the absence of many of the BHO activist groups from the scene, they are still out there but are strangely quite, waiting in the wings to be called into action and service once again. The BHO activist groups are ever-expanding, and I venture to say, the quite groups are training and preparing to act at the next prompt or crisis to propel BHO into the next phase of his assault on America.
The destruction of the U.S. military by BHO and his henchmen is only the beginning of this phase of his assault on America. The monies saved by cutting our military are being used to form a new legion of “voluntary slaves” by saying that the minority groups aka “young men of color” need new opportunities to lift themselves out of whatever situation they find themselves in. I would challenge these young men of color to ask BHO what took you so long to see us, and why did you not do something while you were in Congress. The answer to you question would be, I need you now. “A man should be judged by his content not the color of his skin”. I say to these young men, you are where you are because of government interference and you have been kept there by government not by society. The government in general and BHO in particular now needs you to sell yourselves into “voluntary slavery” to make yourselves beholden to government. They will only offer campaign slogans and broken promises, when you are no longer useful you will not get the slightest mention and be placed in storage, with pay of course, until you are needed again. The family unit was destroyed by government, look back in history at how various groups in America regardless of color have been used by government as a tool to further their agenda and promote some ill-guided program that became necessary only because of government meddling. “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”
The SOTU address mentioned “promise zones”(spelled correctly here), of late BHO has mentioned the “manufacturing hubs” when these doomed plans come into light there will be a strong unionization push to protect the workers rights to protect them from the evil corporations. The “evil legions” and the “voluntary slaves” will be mobilized and the will of the few will override common sense. If the unionization attempt fails the NLRB will be called into action. BHO must protect his base.
The institution of slavery whether it is “involuntary” or “voluntary” will at some point collapse under its own weight. In the end the “slave holder” will become the “slave”.
One interesting thing about “voluntary slaves” is that at the ballot box, they can use their vote to enslave not only their city, county and state but the nation as a whole. I will not be an involuntary anything. This is America and people can and do vote with their feet. Selfishness and greed will cause free people to relocate and leave the voluntary slaves to their own devices.
This is a thought on the “establishment politicians” you finally got your “dream come true” with the election and re-election of BHO, you finally feel free and un-encumbered to inflict as much pain on America as possible while using BHO as a shield. You are truly “pathetic”. “If your brains were to catch fire and I was there I would not even pee in your ears”.
America has a Constitution and a Bill of Rights. The second guarantees that you will have the rest. The States are under threat to comply with BHO.
BHO has told President Putin that will be costs. Another empty threat from an empty suit. Putin may not be invited to an “elitist” meeting. I can hear Putin shaking in his boots right now.
I saved this one for last. “Starch is one of the greatest products ever, it can provide rigidity to flimsy fabric, but it can not be used to make up for the lack of a spine”.
We as a nation have been thrown a “life-preserver” in the name of The TEA party, grab ahold of it, do not push it away. Support it . Attend rallies. Vote.
“These are the times that try men’s souls”.
If you see me on the street greet me. You can call me by my title Sergeant Bryan, or you can call me Mr. Bryan, if you think yourself my superior or at least my equal call me Willis, if you are my friend call me Gracin. There is no cost to be my friend. I took an oath to defend this country from all enemies foreign and domestic.


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