Take a stand

The insanity at the White House has reached epic proportions, the President seems to think he can devastate our Military and threaten Putin and the Russian Military at the same time. Putin has no fear of BHO or the United States of America. BHO has so weakened this country financially and militarily that no nation on this planet fears us and not a one has any respect, nor does anyone trust this corrupt government, and why should they. BHO has used the NSA to spy on our Allies and every citizen in this country.
BHO is a strange combination of Neville Chamberlain, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Franklin Roosevelt and somewhat like Winston Churchill, but the true oddity lies in his similarities to Viktor Yanukovych and Hugo Chavez.

Chamberlain did with Hitler, as BHO is doing now in the Middle-East in regards to Israel and the Palestinians, he is seeking to gain peace through appeasement. BHO somehow thinks, or rather believes that if Israel would return to its 1967 borders all will be well and peace will suddenly return to the Middle-East. He also believes that if only the Palestinians had a country to call their own then, they would accept that Israel has a right to exist and again all would be well. There could already be a Palestine, but it would have come at the cost of recognizing Israel and its right to exist. Golda Meir said it best “There will be no peace until they love their children as much as they hate us”. The Palestinians will not appease the world in order to gain land, which is just as well, it would become an even greater financial burden on the world than it is now in its current state of existence as the Palestinian Authority. Chamberlain also did as BHO is doing, cutting the Military to pay for social reform and pay-off debts from WW 1. History is indeed a cruel teacher, for no sooner than the debts of WW 1 were satisfied, at the cost of losing military strength, Hitler arrived on the scene and the borrowing to build-up the military began again. Maybe the social reforms should have waited, appeasement was used to buy time. Appeasement did not stop WW 2 from coming, and appeasement will not stop the next war. The most effective prevention of wars and attacks is to have a strong military and a nation of strong resolve and good moral character. When will BHO appease the world by suggesting that America return to its original borders, and what time in history will he pick?

Stalin did to the military as BHO is doing now, the only difference is that Stalin’s Military purge came with the murders of the top military leaders that he did not trust. At least BHO has not ordered the execution of the top Military leaders he does not trust. But why does BHO not trust the top Military commanders? Stalin had a big problem, shortly after and during his purge of the military Hitler came calling. Russia was ill-prepared for war, when Russian troops took to the field without experienced leaders they were slaughtered, no one would speak-out against Stalin or his plans as that would surely invite death. As now with BHO if a senior military commander speaks-out he will be purged from service, we may well find out one day that BHO used the same tactics and lies as Stalin. When an enemy comes calling, will we have enough Military members left to repel the attack? I think not, what few are left will be sacrificed in fighting a delaying action to buy time. After they are used-up, we will be forced to do as Stalin did and rely on scorched earth policy to deny the enemy any useful resources. We will have done at that time what no country on earth was capable of, we will destroy our own country because the uninformed public could so easily be bought with lies and deceptions. Like lemmings the liberal left will follow BHO right over the cliff. I may have just insulted the lemmings by using them and liberal left in the same sentence, but no matter they have already perished.

Hitler gathered a coalition of useful idiots then as BHO has done now and will use them in the same manner. Like Hitler, BHO has no shortage of useful idiots, but I caution you, when they were no longer of any use Hitler purged them from his legions. During his rise to power he gladly accepted assistance from Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals and many other groups and sects, only to destroy them one-by-one as their help was no longer required to go to his next phase on the road to world domination. His most effective weapon was empty and idle threats, but he was feared by the appeasers of the world. The more he was appeased the stronger he became, he was able to conquer much of Europe with-out firing a single shot. With each gain of land he was able to increase his legions with the vanquished and each swore an allegiance to him. We now have legions of useful idiots here in America for BHO to gather-up as he goes along telling them that they are oppressed or have been denied something and promises that all will be well, the government is here to help and will save you. As I have stated before, the government has placed them where they are, but the government can not force them to stay where they were put. The fact that they need the government to save them is that they made a conscious decision to remain and therefore they deserve what they have gotten. They have chosen to, by inaction, to be assembled into a legion of useful idiots. Hitler was and, BHO is a master at playing the blame game, even when, and I submit that most often, it is his fault he comes up with a group or individual to place the blame on and fault anyone that opposes his ill-fated policies. He has even said that his programs and policies fail because of the divided government. Our Constitution set up a Divided Government to keep people like BHO in check. Hitler played the ultimate blame game and nearly destroyed the entire Jewish population, and brought the world to war and was only prevented from achieving world domination by a nation with tremendous resource and resolve, America. When the BHO legions are unleashed on this nation who will come to our rescue? I would venture to say no one will come. This to is okay fine, our forefathers needed no outside help, they did it on their own, all it took was a strong resolve to remove the yoke of tyranny.

Roosevelt played to the notion of inequality and was elected on a notion of “happy days are here again”(quite a catchy tune), similar to how BHO was elected on a notion of “hope and change”. Both assembled a coalition of useful idiots to help them get elected, but neither of them solved the inequality that everyone on the left seems to think is so prevalent in this country. The difference between them is that Roosevelt truly believed in the greatness of America and its people. Roosevelt’s social programs were designed to bring America out of the depression, and return us to a nation of greatness. Some of his programs led us only to temporary financial strength, and led us right back into a deep recession. Still some of his other programs created a dependence on government that continues to this day. He wanted to stay out of the war in Europe, but would provide material support to England in the form of Lend-Lease, and would become the Arsenal of Democracy. The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Imperial Japanese Navy caused the U.S. to enter the war. BHO on the other hand has created social programs that has caused us to remain in a recession. “Monkeying” with the numbers and definitions to cause the appearance of economic recovery does not make it true, we are still in a recession, the jobless numbers should indicate that. ‘Monkeying” with the unemployment numbers does not mean that jobs are created. While on the subject, just what the hell is “seasonally adjusted”? When I was coming up seasonal work was a way for a working man to “moon light” and get some extra “folding” or “walking around” money. Moving money from one pile to another does not create wealth. Unemployment checks and the minimum wage were never meant to become a lively hood or to support a family. Raising the minimum wage will not lift a person out of poverty, raising the minimum wage will only cause the cost of goods and services to go up also, and therefore any gain in pay will be lost. It will however, generate more tax revenue but that too, will be lost as raising the pay of one will cost another their job. Welfare and food stamps were supposed to be temporary assistance and they too have become a lifestyle. All of these social programs cost money, a lot of money, and will eventually break the bank. Roosevelt at least did not scrap the military to pay for his social agenda. When the enemy comes calling, I suggest that the “social parasites” and “moochers” be sent in first and used as “cannon fodder” to buy time for the Militia to assemble, after all the Military will have already been sacrificed to pay for an ever-expanding social agenda. Their demise would at least in part remove some financial burden. One final note, FDR wanted to provide an “arsenal of democracy”. BHO wants to provide an “arsenal of insurgency”. I will expound on this later.

Yanukovych lived a lavish lifestyle while serving as the President of Ukraine, much the same as BHO has done and will continue to do here in America. BHO has been on what seems a perpetual vacation since being elected. The office of President of the U.S.A. is not supposed to be a never-ending party. Even during the sequester BHO was flying around the country and even the world. Apparently BHO will not be deprived of lavishness even if it causes even more pain and suffering here in America. The sequester was his idea and he knew how much it would affect America if it was ever implemented. He knew that Congress would never get a budget done in time, after all no budget was proposed during the time the Democrats controlled the House, Senate and the White House. There would be no one to blame when the budget devastated our nation. BHO also seems to think the as President he is above the Constitution, changing already passed and signed Legislation, normally called Laws, to suit his need to pander to any supposedly disenfranchised group or special interest group. He is using a delaying tactic to lessen the loses to the Democratic Party in the upcoming mid-term elections, but in the end this monstrosity of a law will be implemented. There are so many things hidden in Obamacare that have been revealed since, “you have to pass it to find out what is in it”, and more is sure to come. But no matter, BHO and Congress are above the law and therefore are above the destruction that their arrogance and vanity will inflict on the general population. It may take years to undo the damages done while BHO has been in office.

Chavez was a Socialist, the same as BHO is. Chavez was on the way to nationalizing the entire country of Venezuela, much the same as BHO envisions for America. At least Chavez had the “intestinal fortitude” to come out and say what he wanted. He wanted to be “President for Life”, aka dictator, and did his best to try to make that happen. His time on earth was cut short, even government medicine could not save his miserable life. BHO do yourself and us a favor, it would be much easier on all concerned if you would kindly remove the “mask” and reveal what it is that you truly want. Stop all this ‘beating around the bush” and get to the point, you have already said you will act without Congress, break out your phone and your pen along with your big pad and just tell us. Those of us who do not trust you, already know what you are about most of us knew early on while some came to that realization over the course of time however, your legions of useful idiots do not and will not believe us, you must tell them.

You need not worry, you will not be chased out of this country as was the fate of Yanukovych, and that is due to the fact that, as much as you will not admit it and constantly deny it, America is truly an exceptional country. We that understand the Constitution live by it and want our way of life preserved, unlike you seeking to destroy America and its way of life. The Founding Fathers of this nation got it right, Putin is not on the wrong side of history, you are. Your legions will continue to follow you and some even worship you and will be loyal as long as you can continue to purchase their loyalty. As with the Founding Fathers, men of good character and good conscience can be pushed only so far. Maybe you recognized this, and that is what caused you to say, We need a civilian force as well-trained and equipped as the military. As for me, I will not wear a yoke, hell man I despise a neck tie as I find it to restrictive.

As for the matter of FDR’s “Arsenal of Democracy” it was in the beginning meant as a tool to resist Hitler and his conquest of Europe. As to your “Arsenal of Insurrection” from the beginning it has been meant to spread instability throughout the world, but only in the parts of the world that you want to be de-stabilized or at least remain in a pitiful state of purgatory. You chose not to assist the Iranians during their short-lived protests. You chose to take it upon yourself to use airpower to unseat the Libyan dictator. You threatened to assist the terrorists trying to over-run Syria. Now you offer financial assistance to The Ukraine, while threatening Russia. Russia may be occupying parts of The Ukraine unlawfully, but must protect its interests and military bases. How would you act, or would you even care if one of our neighbors were to act as The Ukraine has acted. They have de-stabilized their own nation, ousted their duly elected President, and all of this was done without a plan to right the country afterward. But, true to your dreams and previous actions you will sneak some social agenda in while the world watches what Russia does in regard to the Ukrainian Crisis. You may even be able to expand on your legions during this crisis and get through your amnesty program, after all you should never let a good crisis go to waste.

One last closing thought on this post. How can this be the same government that supports insurrections throughout the world be the same Federal Government that spared no cost in militarily crushing the South when they attempted to break away and form their own government?


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