How much more embarrassment must we endure?

The world sees this once great nation as a joke, therefore we are not taken seriously. As a nation we have been humiliated by this empty suit in the White House. The world is in constant turmoil and upheaval and this abject failure of a leader makes a threat he can not and will not follow through on and goes on vacation. Europe in general and Eastern Europe in particular are at the mercy of a new Russian threat and that is the need for energy. Russia has developed its natural resources and provide much of Eastern Europe much-needed natural gas and oil. Their Eastern European leaders know if they take a hard stand against Russia’s military incursion into The Ukraine in general and The Crimea in particular Putin will turn the valve and slow or stop the flow through the pipeline. The Eastern European countries have even asked the U.S. to increase production to thwart any move by Russia to cut off or even limit oil and natural gas flow to their respective countries. BHO and the State Department will make threats towards Russia. Russia will in turn make demands. If BHO caves in which is his usual route, Russia will win and the Europeans will lose. The past teaches us that empty threats meet by demands will lead to appeasement. Appeasement leads to further demands and more appeasement. Europe and the World has been subjected to that before with disastrous results. The world watches as we do nothing but make threats followed by going on vacation. Placing sanctions on Russia will not work, and has not worked even on Iran. The sanctions on Iran were eased on promises to play nice. Iran has made demands and has been met with appeasement. Iran has no intention to play nice, they have only one goal, they will get a nuclear weapon, it is only a matter of time. When Iran goes nuclear, how will their new demands be met? Even Syria was appeased on promises amid threats, aided by Russian intervention. We as a nation backed down and Russia gained respect in the world. Putin and BHO were staring each other down, BHO blinked and Russia won. Russia is playing a game of dare and will go all the way to the edge, then stand firm with no further incursion or aggression and wait us out. While all of this is going on no eyes watch Asia, the aggressors in that part of the world are watching and waiting. Europe has made themselves dependent on Russia and therefore are subject to its wills and actions. Russia has strong ties and allies in Asia with like-minded forms of government. If China joins Russia the sanctions that may be placed on Russia will have no teeth. China holds much of the American debt and therefore has a strong economic sword to wield against America. Imagine if Russia dumps the dollar for another currency, and China does the same or even worse demands payment in full. What would we sacrifice in order to pay our debts? Britain sacrificed a strong military to pay debts and then Hitler arrived on the scene. The nations of this world have become so financially entangled that any one of them can inflict financial catastrophe on the other and any two can join forces and send another in financial ruin. The exception to this is of course is America as we have become a debtor nation, with continued borrowing to support social programs. This may well be what Putin meant when he said that the sanctions may boomerang back on us. History has led this nation full circle in just a few short years. We have arrived at this point because the Liberal Left believes that a strong agenda of social reforms and programs trumps the need for a strong military, after all War was outlawed in 1928.
In closing I will put this out. While BHO was using the Federal Government to spy on and harass American citizens he may have missed the Big Picture of the World. Maybe he didn’t miss a thing. He may well have found a way to truly end American hegemony. His last act after having destroyed America will probably be another vacation, probably to Africa, most likely Kenya. Upon his arrival he will have the tires and wheels of Air Force One removed and place that last symbol of American greatness on cinder blocks. It will be left there as a monument, depicting a story of how one man with a legion of useful idiots could do to America what no nation could do with a Military.


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