Welcome to the world you have inflicted on the supposedly Free and Liberty loving citizens of America.

Our elected representatives in Washington D.C. and the various States have finally came to the conclusion that there really is a Constitution of The United States and a Bill of Rights. Now it appears that the United States Senate is upset by the fact that the Executive Branch is using government agencies to spy on them, but they were okay with the news and the fact that the government is spying on the common American citizens. One has even threatened to declare “war” on one government agency. Did you really think that you would remain “above the law”? With every “radical ideologue” that you confirm to the posts in the Administration and the Supreme Court you are in actuality giving the Executive Branch more and more power. You may even eventually give the administration supreme power over the land. The Seventeenth Amendment only changed the “how” you got to Washington D.C. it did not change the “why”. Maybe the time has finally come that you should read and understand “our founding documents”, after all you did take an oath, or was that just “lip service”. Perhaps you should actually read the bills you send forward for signature and understand that even you will have to live under the laws as written. What liberties and freedoms have you sacrificed that belong to us common people with the passage of the NDAA, or do you have any idea what they were. The time has come for you to remember that you are all public servants and quit being self-serving.
I find it particularly embarrassing that some members of Congress do not even know how long The United States has been around. That alone demonstrates that some and in my opinion most of Congress has not read our “founding documents” and answers the question about “lip service”.


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