He can see the prize from his throne

Dear Leader BHO can see the prize and it is now within his grasp. The GOP is busy fighting among themselves. The country is busy watching the crisis unfolding in The Ukraine and The Crimea and speculating on the missing airliner.

BHO will move forward with his ideas of immigration reform. As it stands now he has already threatened to act alone if Congress fails to act, he has a phone and a pen. He has two chances to accomplish this, force Congress to do something now or wait until the mid-term election results are in. He has already set a dangerous and unchallenged precedent of arbitrarily changing and amending laws to suit his goals. If you are forced into passing a bill that is to rigid, the Senate will either not bring it to the floor for debate, or send it to the President to sign knowing that he will arbitrarily change the law to fit his agenda. If you are forced into submitting a bill that is to weak you will surely lose the election. If he waits until the mid-term election results are in and the Democrats lose the Senate and the Republicans retain the House of Representatives he will use his phone and pen. Any way this plays out BHO is in a win-win situation.The Republican party can still lose in the mid-terms, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The Republicans should have already examined their core values and principles and recognized that The Tea Party is now what they should have always been. If the Republicans take the Senate and retain the House for the sake of this Nation elect a leadership that has some “Backbone”, and set about repairing the damages that have been done.

The stage is already set for the moochers and social parasites to do the bidding of BHO. While Congress was either being self-serving or asleep at the wheel this nation was hi-jacked and went of course. The military cuts are only the beginning of what is to come. Shrinking the Military to pre-World War 2 numbers is an insane course of action given the political instability and radicalism of the world. Pay reductions and cutting benefits will do little to maintain a strong and capable fighting force and the numbers of veteran and experienced Military members will decline, maybe that’s the plan, the numbers of career service members will surely decline. With fewer retired Military members to pay this self-serving and narcissistic President and his “tool” of a Secretary of Defense and the other Cabinet Members will use the savings to pay off their voluntary slaves. We as Military Retirees are already the smallest voting block in the country.

Just which group of illegal immigrants is he seeking immigration reform for? This is the question that has been yet to be addressed. What will be the order of citizenship and what terms will be set as the path toward citizenship? At present there are many different “classes” of illegal aliens residing in America. Are the reforms he envisions designed to be only for the illegals who crossed the southern border? If that is the case, he again divides illegals into small and controllable groups as it leaves out the ones that have over stayed their visas, crossed the northern border and the many other ways they arrive here each day. If one group is favored over another it will only promote more discourse. The reforms will be in the form of a new law, they did not obey the first law what makes the politicians believe the next one will be obeyed. Now we have the issue of states giving driving privileges to illegal aliens, the problem is that all the states honor the licenses of the various states. America is a nation of laws, or at least it is supposed to be. The mere fact that there are illegal aliens here is proof that the current laws are not being enforced and instead of punishment for breaking the law they will be rewarded for breaking the law. And yet again the Federal Government will punish the ones who did everything right to becomes citizens, and the ones who are doing the right thing and the permanent resident aliens. How did this ever become a nation that punishes citizens for lawful behavior while rewarding unlawful behavior?

BHO is a capitalist of sorts, he has capitalized on the blunders of previous administrations, the expansion of government and the ineptness of Congress. He will capitalize on the new citizens that reform will surely bring in the form of new Democratic voters. The new voters will join his ever-growing legion of voluntary government slaves. He has also capitalized on the government practice of throwing money at problems instead of addressing the problem. He has really capitalized of the moral and social corruption and the stagnation of America. He is not the first President to go around Congress to ensure his agenda comes to fruition. He has however, taken his usurpations and abuses of power to new levels and Congress and the Courts have given him the tools he needs. He has and will continue to use the “tools” that head up the Cabinet in his administration to spy, threaten and coerce, use events involving different races, continue to promote discourse and use any advantageous crisis in the world and this country to divide the people into small controllable groups. The latest attempt at racial division came in the announcement of programs to help “young men of color”, it also divides the sexes. BHO making the rounds on the talk and comedy shows is a little disturbing and “smacks” of Hugo Chavez and his constant appearances on Venezuelan television. I don’t think he was at all joking about a third term. I also believe that his constant division of America by race and income inequality is promoted by the majority of the news networks, and the both of them are looking to return to the America of the 1960’s. The race riots and war protests were tearing at the very fiber of America, and let’s not forget the domestic terrorism that was occurring during this time, some of the domestic activists and bombers even became life-long friends of BHO.

And don’t think for a minute that the radical left has missed a thing that is occurring in the world. With the advent of 24 hour news channels every upheaval and insurrection around the world is beamed into Americas living rooms constantly. If the Ukraine can erupt in protests and riots that cause a complete change in the government, what is to say it can not happen here, causing even a partial change. He has already proven on several occasions that he doesn’t need Congress and can even go around the courts. BHO is constantly on the road giving speeches about his proposed social programs and reforms he has proposed while reminding the masses that Congress stands in his way. He blames Congress in general and the House of Representatives in particular for the government shut-down and the sequester inconvenience. In case you missed it the protests began with the Occupy movement BHO, the Left and the Media were right there with them.

The definition as given by Webster’s. Reform: verb: 1a: to put or change into an improved form or condition b: to amend or improve by change of form or removal of faults or abuses 2: to put an end to(an evil)by enforcing a better method or course of action. Reform: noun: 1 amendment of what is defective, vicious, corrupt or depraved 2: a removal or correction of an abuse, a wrong or errors.

At this point the only “reform” I want to see is a reform (using the noun) of the politicians Washington D.C. The politicians at all levels of government are described in the definition of reform especially the words “corrupt and depraved”.

Now for a little history and an observation for our “distinguished and esteemed” members of Congress who seem a little confused about America. In order to avoid confusing you I will include only the years of these historic events, if you need the exact dates feel free to call. I almost forgot you are already spying and have already seen the file. It is the one titled America. The least you could do is read it while you are there, you might even learn something, I have put a lifetime of work into it. Enjoy!
The Revolutionary War began in 1775.
The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776.
The Revolutionary War ended in 1781.
The U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1787. This is the one that you promised to uphold. Read it !!!!
The first President was elected in 1789.
The Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791. These go with the Constitution that you promised to uphold. Read these also !!!

A little bonus for you. This nation began as 13 colonies fighting for freedom and liberty and existed as such from 1781 through 1787 with no form of centralized Federal Government, not even having our first President until 1789. During those years this country as it was prospered because there was no tyranny, only freedom and liberty.

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