How much longer do we have? Part 1

As “Dear Leader” BHO continues his fast paced journey towards his vision of devastation and economic ruin of America, one has to wonder what he and his legions of followers have in mind. That brings us to the question of, how much longer do we have. The following may provide some insight as to what BHO and his minions have in mind.
BHO has gone around the U.S. Constitution, doing as he pleases by arbitrarily changing laws as written. He has also devastated our Military by budget cuts and purging top military leaders. He has issued orders to the Military that place vast numbers of capital equipment in one location providing any enemy with the opportunity to devastate much of our fighting force. Much of our capital equipment is used as a deterrent to attack yet has been gathered for easy destruction. He has so often lied to or threatened our allies that none of them trust us. As corrupt as the Government of Afghanistan is, it is still better to have them on our side, but BHO has set the example of abandonment as demonstrated by Iraq. BHO was in such a hurry to leave Iraq a vacuum was left behind that pulled in the terrorists and Iraq has since been left in turmoil. BHO even told the terrorists and malcontents when it would be safe for their return and return they did. Since there is little to no news about Iraq people assume that the country is stable and a strong friend, nothing could be farther from the truth. BHO and his minions can not even get a Status Of Forces Agreement(SOFA)negotiated with the Afghan Government. The Afghan Government recognizes that BHO can not be trusted and would rather cut a deal with the Taliban than allow Americans to remain. Many American lives and much national treasure has been spent, no wasted, on these two countries, and nothing positive came of the sacrifice and waste. After the American Military departure from Afghanistan, BHO has again told the enemy when we will completely withdraw, there will also be little if any news about Afghanistan. Americans will again believe all is well and right. Both of these countries could have been shining examples, but no, the failed policies of BHO and his minions have left one as a terrorist training ground and the other with an uncertain future, but most likely a resurgence of the Taliban will be their fate. BHO and his administration has to say the least has limited foreign policy experience and every move or action they have taken has caused only further destabilization, turmoil and upheavals in the Middle-East. al-Qaeda and their splinter-groups have benefited greatly from the foreign policy blunders of this and previous administrations the biggest gains they have made have not been by their successes, but by our failures. We have once again won all the battles and still managed to lose the war. Now Russia is in place to be the next to benefit from our failures. Who comes next? China? North Korea? Cuba? Iran? Syria? I will go with Iran being the next to benefit. The only people in the past five plus years that can count on us are the terrorists themselves, our friends and allies can not trust us. Israel may become the one who suffers the most from BHO and his perverted ideas and his failed foreign policy or will it be the lack of one. Then who suffers? South Korea? Taiwan? Japan? America?
The mere fact that BHO has threatened Russia is laughable. Putin knows from experience that dealing with BHO and the state department is no challenge. He has already beaten BHO in Syria. He will beat BHO in The Crimea as well and quite possibly in The Ukraine. Russia has had over twenty years to prepare for this, America has had the same amount of time for prevention. The time wasted would have been a good time to remember “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. The warnings were sounded, but no one listened or heeded the warnings. Putin and the Russians sat idly by, at least appearing to de idle, they were waiting for the “perfect storm”. The U.S.A. also sat idly by, thinking that the world was at last peaceful with the demise of the U.S.S.R. With peace in the world America began the process of even greater social reforms, but social programs require money, a lot of money. America began borrowing money, a lot of money from our former enemies and countries that were considered at best unstable allies and even ourselves(The Federal Reserve). The “perfect storm” they waited for was none other than BHO, the media outlets, the liberal left, and the staggering national debt. When all of these are combined they provide Russia with their “perfect storm” and patience paid off. Russia and the rest of the world has watched as the media outlets have never, in earnest criticized BHO on any of his failures even if they resulted in further destabilization abroad or at home. The media outlets are still in love with BHO. The world has also watched as BHO continues to destroy the U.S. Constitution without even a whimper from the media or the establishment politicians of either party as they only fight to save their self-serving hides. Russia roared in with the storm, BHO went on vacation and got in a little golf, but he at least claims to have made a few phone calls. I wonder if the NSA was listening, we need confirmation.
I personally find that BHO speaking out of both sides of his mouth a bit confusing. He demands that Putin and Russia respect the borders of The Ukraine, yet we have laws for the protection of our own borders he does not and will not enforce them. He has not once demanded that Mexico or any other nation respect our borders. He declared the vote by the people of The Crimea was unconstitutional, yet he is constantly violating the U.S. Constitution. He along with the U.N. instituted and funded a program of voter ID cards for an African country, yet voter ID here in America is seen as a hindrance to voting and may even violate civil rights. As to the matter of threatening to impose sanctions that is also laughable. How can you impose financial sanctions against a country you must give money to if you need a ride to the ISS. You must have forgotten that you destroyed our space program and now America must rely on the Russian taxi service. But the media will praise and support you. You must have also forgotten about the no-bid contract awarded to Russia to provide equipment to the Afghani Army due to their lack of education and the complexity in operating U.S. supplied equipment. How much was that contract and did it include spare parts? The imposition of sanctions is nothing more than political maneuvering or as some would say, smoke and mirrors, regardless it is meaningless.
Maybe you thought Putin would “tuck his tail and run” if you spoke, Putin is not the liberal media and does not get a “tingle up his leg” at the mention of your name, nor will he respond to idle and meaningless threats. Putin is a “Soviet” much like the ones that I spent the early part of my Military career training to fight. He like other communist leaders understand force and power. Seventh Corps remained in Europe for a reason. Eight Army remained in Asia for a reason. The “Cold War” did not end with the Berlin Wall being torn down, the lines were simply moved.
You must have, at sometime, issued an Executive Order demanding that the media, congress and the numb-minded citizens obey and follow you without question. I did not get that Memo.
The answer to the question of how much longer do we have, is that it is up to the people, but only if the government allows the voice and the will of the people to be heard.

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