How much longer do we have? Part 2

BHO is becoming desperate as his failures become clear to America and the world, even though the liberal left and the major media outlets will never admit it, at least not publicly. Obamacare is so flawed that he is forced to change the law, arbitrarily and almost daily, he was offered a way out, but refused, it could have been re-written or repealed, but even more importantly it should have been read. If Congress had read it before passage instead of passing it to find out what is in it, the hideous thing would have never become law. Obamacare is so flawed that his name is not tied to it any longer by the liberal left and the major media outlets. His foreign policy, if he ever had one, has caused him and unfortunately America much embarrassment around the world. The world sees him as weak, spineless, a joker and gutless, unfortunately since he is the President the world has the same view of the American citizens. The sanctions imposed on Russia and the Russians that the administration claims to have been responsible for the Crimean annexation, as I have said previously are meaningless. New and more harsh sanctions are planned if The Ukraine is further violated will be just as meaningless. America is still a formidable opponent and even a hardline Soviet like Putin is not prepared to engage in open warfare with her, not because of BHO, but because of the men and women in the U.S. Military. America still maintains a strong professional Military for now.

Desperation leads to panic. Panic leads to poor decision-making. History provides numerous examples of leaders who panicked when desperate and consequently made wrong decisions, mostly because the were in over their heads to start with. BHO has been in over his head from the beginning, and he knew it. He made no effort to surround himself with the best minds with much-needed experience, he instead chose to surround himself with ideologues, some of which are radical, and like himself do not believe that America and its people are truly exceptional.
This brings us once again to the question of, how much longer do we have. Before that can be answered we must examine how we ever got to this point both domestically and abroad. BHO charged down the path of “Global Humiliation” beginning with the world apology tour and can not seem to slow down. Unfortunately the how, is changing at the same pace as his head long charge. He has refused to accept his role as the “Leader of the free world” and the responsibilities that come with the title of President of The United States of America. BHO has set about a course to divide America. BHO took on The Office of The President willingly, there was only one United States of America when he took office, contrary to what the “liberal left” including the major media outlets have been spouting. The president, the liberal left and the major media outlets seem to always promote a level playing field, income equality, benefits and entitlements.

The only “Utopian” place all this can be achieved is in a “commune”, but even that is less than “ideal”, there are no laws or protections. Sooner or later, even the “commune” will need to join with another “commune” either for economic, social or security reasons, the last is to remove lawlessness from the equation. (The words democratic, republican, democracy and republic have no political party affiliation in the following.) This is when the real problems begin, they will need to establish some form of “government”. The supposed experts would suggest a “democracy” would fit the bill as the best form of government and would best suit the circumstances, nothing could be farther from the truth. In a “democracy” there is no equality in representation, the largest group has the most representation and will address the issues that they feel are the most important or that will affect them the most. This form of government represents the “majority” and not the “minority”. The Founding Fathers did not set about creating a “Democracy” and this was intentional for the aforementioned reasons they also recognized that government was a “necessary evil”. The Founding Fathers set about creating a “Constitutional Republic” to prevent abuses of power and to insure equal representation for the several states. To further insure prevention government abuses an election system is spelled out in the Constitution. The “Constitutional Republic” that was once The United States began to sink to the level of a “Democracy” with the ratification of the 17th amendment in 1913, and each administration since has kept the “bilge” pumps turned off. The sinking of the United States Of America has continued to this day, and has only remained afloat because of the people and not the government. With the continued “majority” rule and a President who is operating outside his Constitutional powers, and a Congress that is unwilling to stop him, the continued effects of constant flooding may soon tip the scales and sink this once great nation.
It is true that I am critical of the President, and Congress and that is only because they at present occupy the driver’s Seat” of an out of control vehicle and will not disengage the cruise control. They have been careening down a road to national destruction, blowing through many yield and even some stop signs. Sooner or later an obstacle will block your path causing you to either stop or crash, or you may reach a dead-end. I am critical of the major media outlets for carrying the water for failed policies and for letting America down in the process. BHO and his refusal to accept the free world leader role created a vacuum and had the unintended consequence of Putin stepping up. With the absence of BHO from the “world” scene many other leaders like Putin will surely step-up to fill the “void”.

The question of, how much longer do we have left could be reduced to simple mathematics. From 1787 until 1913 is 126 years, from 1913 until 2014 is 101 years, 126 years minus 101 years equals 25 years.


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