How much longer do we have? Part 3

The Duke Knew

The Duke Knew

life in the minority

life in the minority

The future and the continued existence of The United States of America may well lie in our past. As stated in part 2 of this series 1913 was the year that America changed from a “Constitutional republic” into a “Democracy”. The Legislative Branch of our form of government was divided into two sections from the beginning for a reason. The House of Representatives were “elected” by popular vote to represent the People of the state they came from. The Senate was “sent” by the State to ensure that the State received equal representation in the government. The House represented the people’s interest and the Senate represented the states interests. The 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in April of 1913, changed all of that the Senators were elected by popular vote. Now they were freed from the duty of ensuring that the state they represented received equal representation, and set about ensuring that they represented their “political party” was represented “state be damned”. Every state was guaranteed a “Republican” form of government by the U.S. Constitution, but no, the Federal Government rammed its agenda down the throats of the citizens using politicians, the gullibility of the citizens and the trust of government. A “Constitutional Republic” was caught-up in political maneuvering that caused an explosion in the size and scope of government and out of the “rubble and ruin” came a “Democracy”. A “Democracy” gives the power to the “majority”, a “Constitutional Republic” gives the power to the “people”. Every administration since Woodrow Wilson has benefited from America becoming a “Democracy, some more than others. Another interesting thing happened in 1913, the 16th Amendment clarifying income taxes was ratified in February. The “income tax” amendment changed the way taxes were collected. The 16th Amendment gave us the Internal Revenue Service which has evolved into a government weapon that can be used against on group of citizens or used for another group of citizens.

A repeal of the 17th amendment would be a good beginning towards returning America to its original envisioned creation of a “Constitutional Republic”. This though, will never happen, the Senate has become accustomed to their power over the people. They will never willingly give that up, nor could they return to watching out for the interest of their states. This fact is easily seen through their actions, some even go to the extreme of assisting with the erection of barricades to prevent their state from enacting legislation that is in the best interest of the state. The only way to repeal this amendment would require a “time machine”, even that would not work because the people of that time honestly believed that they could trust government. Government can say “thank God” for government education, oh that’s right, government took God out of the schools.
Another thing that would help return America to a “Constitutional Republic” would be to institute a new tax system(notice I did not say income tax). An income tax punishes those that have jobs and therefore their employer furnishes a W-2 form and after deductions taxes are paid. The moochers and social parasites have no income and therefore pay no tax, nor do criminals(including politicians). I am not in favor of a “flat tax” either for the same aforementioned reasons. What I am in favor of is a consumption based tax system, The Fair Tax, this system would garner taxes from wage earners, moochers, social parasites and criminals(including politicians) at the same rate. This too would require the repeal of an amendment, the 16th amendment and a new amendment added, the politicians will never go for this either. This would also lessen the power the politicians have over the people, power is what the politicians crave. The government has one practice with money “easy come, easy go” as long as it does not involve their money. The government does not trust the people, this is a fact and is proven by the fact that the government steals their “portion”(pound of flesh) of our hard-earned money before “we the people” receive our paychecks. If the government does not trust the people, just why the hell should the people trust the government.

This is a good time to insert this. It is not only the Federal Government that uses taxes to punish those of us who have chased and caught the American dream. I live in Marion County, Florida, and our County Commission has decided to put on the ballot a referendum to raise property taxes by $1 per $1000 assessed value at the behest of the Marion County School Board. Problem is that every registered voter in the county gets a vote, not just the property owners. The tax increase is supposed to go to the schools. What did you do with the money that you have already taken and wasted that you got from us in the form of property taxes? And while on the subject if the value of my place keeps dropping, why do my taxes keep going up. When will you finally take your pound of flesh? You also might get your scale re-calibrated, I’m getting a mite thin here and can’t afford many more pounds removed. They dropped the idea of a sales tax increase, that failed before. We are Taxed Enough Already. This is another example of government relying on government education. The renters will see this as an opportunity to get the tax burden off of their back and shove it to the home owners and business. They are either “stupid or ignorant”. If they vote for it and it passes the cost will only be passed along in the higher costs for goods and services. So the property owners get a double dose of “government medicine” higher property taxes and higher costs for goods and services. BOHICA property owners. If the renters vote for the property tax increase their land lord will only pass that along to them in the form of rent increases. They will get their second dose when it comes time to sign a new rental contract, and the will wonder why their rent increased. The only people who will not see the effects of the increase are the ones occupying section 8 housing. BOHICA taxpayers. The renters do not and can not see this coming thanks to the “ruling class” telling them how much they are discriminated against and the government education system failing in their task of providing a proper education. But seeing as how “government education” was designed to only educate to the level of “loyal and obedient citizens”. They have succeeded marvelously in that aspect and people still trust and obey without question. Again, I did not get that memo.

The difference between stupid and ignorant is that “stupid” lasts forever and “ignorance” can be overcome with education. I don’t mean with government education, that is how we got in this mess to begin with. Our best chance is for the stupid to stay home on election day watching some reality show, this goes for all elections local, state and federal. Our most important task is to educate the ignorant and save our nation.

The answer to the question of how much longer do we have, may come down to the people who know the truth about government educating those willing to learn and accept the truth about the corruption in all levels of government. We can not help those who are blindly obedient to the government. We must choose our battles.

To be continued.

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