How much longer do we have? Part 4

The question still lingers. It seems that the politicians will spare no effort to hurry us to the end. The Congress and BHO have poked yet another hole in the hull of the ship known as The United States of America. The criminals in Washington D.C. are still trying to use the notion of Utopia, which is a “fairy tale” and does not and will not exist no matter how hard they try. If the politicians believe in Utopia they might as well saddle their your Unicorns. The insanity coming from Washington D.C. should be proof positive to America the talk out of both sides of their mouths. BHO stands up before America and the World and says on “climate change” the matter is settled and the time for debate is over, Congress pulls an all-night session trying to come up with a plan, no a scheme, to steal even more from America. Then BHO jumps on Air Force One and heads out to another fund-raiser, coming to Florida to welcome in spring break, hell he was just here during the supposed Ukrainian crisis. Moochele heads to china on a tax-payer funded vacation. WTF does he think those jets use for fuel “pixie dust”? Just another example of the “Elite” living a “lavish lifestyle” while the common man struggles daily to eek out a living. “Do as I say, not as I do” should be the motto of the current administration.

The new crisis they find useful in their endeavors to destroy America is the minimum wage. They are pushing forward with “The Fair Wage Act” They claim to be looking out for the “poor” and the “middle class”, hell people the “middle class” was destroyed years ago. The only people they are watching out for is themselves. Instead of worrying about “income inequality” they should be working to ensure “dollar equality”. There can never be “income equality”, not even in a communist country, but the dollar can be equal, no matter who holds it. If the “greedy rich” are the problem why don’t BHO and the Congress set the example and distribute their wealth among those that they claim to be looking out for and protecting. If this helps, think of America as a pyramid, tree equal sides point at the top. The top can only be supported by a broad base. If you turn it upside down with the point at the bottom creating a new base it is too small to support the top, the weight will force the whole thing down and all wind up on the bottom. I guess this could be what they are aiming for equal poverty, but even then as in any communist country the “ruling class” still has more. Has anyone ever seen a “dictator” living the same kind of life that was inflicted on the “people”? Also, Let me know if a poor man or woman has ever given anyone a job. In America anyone can make it to the top, but there is not room at the top for everyone. Raising the minimum wage will make no difference in anyone’s life except the criminals in Congress, as they will be able to steal more from you in taxes. Possibly driving up the unemployment rate, but they do not see that as a problem, some have even said that unemployment checks will improve the economy, because people will spend the money and return it to the economy. And just where does this money come from? These are the kinds of people who keep getting re-elected and they rely on government education to provide a never-ending supply of voters. As I have pointed out before the added cost of wages will be made up somehow, someway. Most certainly the costs of goods and services will go up to reclaim lost profits, quite likely hours will be cut and layoffs are even possible. Business owners are not in business to break even or lose money. That is a function of government, after all they spend and waste other people’s money(OPM). The gains you make in better wages will be lost when you spend it, you will remain poor and in the process drag what remains of the less poor(the former middle class)down with you. What happens to you, happens to us as well. The rich and the politicians will still be rich and they will remain so, no matter what happens to the poor or the less poor. You can not spend your way out of poverty. If you truly want more money in your paycheck you must get the greedy, grimy and corrupt paws of government out of you paycheck.

When all else fails BHO, Congress, The Media and all their Minions will play the “class warfare card”. They all know that the uneducated will fall for this every time without fail. You can rest assured that nothing in life is free. Smarter men than me have said this in the past “government is not the solution, government is the problem”. The money that the government bestows for assistance on you in the name of equality and fairness will eventually come with a cost, and they will at some time collect their “pound of flesh”. You have already sold yourself to government and they will count on you for continued support in the “march” to destroy America. The question for the “government slaves” is, how far will they go to insure that the agenda of continued social reform succeeds.

The answer to the question of how much longer do we have, my well depend on the politicians, and that will depend on whether they are willing to drop the designation of (D), (R) or (I). If the House of Representative can do that they will have stopped representing the political parties and their agendas, and begin representing the people as the Constitution that took an oath to uphold says they should. If the Senate can do that they too will have stopped supporting political parties and their agendas and return to ensuring that their respective states are equally represented in government again described in the Constitution, that they also took an oath to uphold. As to the president, his duties are quite simple and again are spelled out in the Constitution, like the previous two, he took an oath to uphold the Constitution. The President, House and Senate are all Constitutional offices and currently these offices, like those in local and state governments, are occupied by “politicians” not “Statesmen”. The politicians will never give up being identified with a political party for two reasons “money and power”. The vast sums of money that each party collects at the fund-raising events is staggering. The money is used to purchase air time for ads that never say anything of “substance”, and to send mailers out to registered voters of the particular political parties. This brings up the USPS, that loses money on a daily basis, being used as a personal delivery system for political ads. Proving once again that the government will “prop up” a failing system if it can be used to governments advantage. If the ad comes from a sitting member of congress the postage is tax-payer funded as a part of the “perks” of holding office. The power the politicians comes from being in the majority. That is only possible because America has become a “Democracy”, for if you are not in the “majority”, you most assuredly will be in the “minority”. Somehow we have let such a small and insignificant number of politicians, 535 “popularly” elected members of Congress, a President, a Vice-President also a popularity contest, and 9 Supreme Court Justices, which are nominated by the President, according to their views aligning with his, and are confirmed by the Senate, most times divided along party lines or even worse voting to confirm on the lesser of evils. We end up with a total of 546 people writing, passing, and upholding the laws of the land, but only if the laws suit their agenda or their particular political party affiliation. All three branches of government do nothing but support the agenda of political parties. This great nation has sunk to the new level of “a government of, by and for the political party”, when it should be and was supposed to be, “a government of, by and for the people”.

Lately, a number of “politicians”, who should be more aptly be called “statesmen” have been sent to Washington, D.C. and the State Capitals with a mission to “drain the swamp”. When they arrive they face an almost impossible task. They are met with resistance by the “establishment politicians” that have lost touch with America, and listening to or reading their statements and speeches, they have also lost touch with “reality”, some are quite possibly “senile”. As for “draining the swamp” it is damned difficult to remember you mission when you find yourself up to your eyeballs in alligators.

To be continued.946e74df1e1c82bca0b12c380273b0e9

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