How much longer do we have? Part 5

The “State of the Union” is one big mess for the following reasons. We have a President with no real world experience only an agenda. We have a Congress full of self-serving ideologues. We have a Supreme Court being filled with activist judges. That about sums up the three branches of government. Not a one of the three is following much less upholding the Constitution.
Oh, don’t worry I would leave the Media or the “moochers and social parasites” out.
How did we get to this point?
We have a President that was elected with zero experience, but he offered “hope and change” and transparency in his administration. His background is that of a “community organizer”, college professor and a lackluster politician. The only “change” he had in mind was to transform America from the world “superpower” into a third world nation. His “hope” was that Congress, the “moochers and social parasites” would aid and assist him in his quest. Congress was more than willing to oblige and the “moochers and social parasites” have been constantly rewarded for their loyalty. His “hope and change” is being fulfilled though it may not be what was expected by some and is not enough for others. The transparency of his administration, though it is at least if not more secretive than previous administrations, it is becoming clear to more and more Americans. The whole thing is one big LIE! Having no real world experience has had the effect of blaming others for the failures of his own domestic and foreign policies, he has no concept of responsibility. If he is supposed to be the “leader of the free world” we are in deep trouble. A successful leader accepts both responsibility and blame. His style of and his practice of non-leadership is demonstrated by his acceptance of neither. The best example of this would be the sequester, it was his idea, and the outcome was his fault. But true to his government education he accepted neither. He found a way to shift the “blame’ to congress for not acting to prevent the mandatory cuts he proposed in the event a budget was not reached. Somehow it became the “responsibility” of congress to prevent his plan from taking effect. Yet he acts to prevent congress from stopping his plans, example Obamacare, lately referred to as “The Affordable Healthcare Act”, which he has arbitrarily changed himself 38 times, because it does not work. He will not let it be repealed and fixed, or admit that what we had before was better than this “POS” law that was rammed down the throat of America. He will simply keep offering exemptions(if they fit his personal agenda or helps some or all of his supporters and their special interests)and delaying portions of the act that can not possibly be met in any time frame. He has even found a way to better Clinton, we now have a new definition of what a delay is. It’s not a delay if you are in line, it is only a continuation of the previous delay. There are still no accurate numbers of how many people have signed up for Obamacare”, Medicare, Medicaid or paying customers. Out of the paying customers there is no information as to how many have actually paid the premiums. This part would be humorous if it wasn’t so sad, He considers himself the smartest person in the room, surrounds himself with advisors, more aptly called “yes people” and when confronted with an event, he says I found out the same time you did, on the news. He has constantly denied the greatness of America and her people willing to give or negotiate away our greatness and achievements. I still can’t understand why his approval rating is anything but “a big fat zero”. He is in my opinion a “radical leftist socialist ideologue”. He is also in my opinion a product of government education.
We have a congress that is failing in their duties they no longer represent the people they instead represent their political parties agendas, their own agendas and the agendas of the special interest groups. They see themselves as a perverted idea of a modern-day “robin hood” more aptly spelled “robbing hood”, stealing from everyone and giving to anyone that will assist them in their quest for re-election thereby increasing their power. In truth what they are stealing is the American dream of this and future generations. They use the various government departments as tools or as weapons as the need arises. The Department of Education in particular and government education in general has taken Prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and most notably God out of the public school system. My theory as to why God was taken out of public school was that the government will not tolerate “competition”. The people have been and are still being “trained” to call on government in times of trial and hardship and government is more than willing to answer the call.
The Supreme Court as well as the lower courts are filled by each administration as vacancies occur, as is stipulated by the Constitution. Problem is each administration tries to “stack” the courts will justices or judges that will interpret the Constitution or the laws presented before them according to the “views” of the administration. This causes the “oddest” reaction from the press, the congress and the public. They all knew the how they would interpret based on their political views, the views of the nominating administration and the political views of those who confirmed them, and still act surprised at the ruling. If you have a radical left administration or a radical right administration, who did you think they would nominate or appoint. Again I don’t think this was the process the Founding Fathers intended.
The media are failing in their duties and responsibilities to inform America, and most importantly failing to be the “watchdog” over the government. That goes for all of them. The only reliable source of information is the internet and even that has to be sorted out to uncover the truth. The major news outlets that lean-to the left praise and tout BHO and the current administration no matter what. The major news outlets that lean-to the right do attempt to expose BHO and his administration for what they are, but will leave that arena for any breaking news story. The major news outlets are like humming birds, going from flower to flower trying to make news instead of reporting it.
The “moochers and social parasites” may well be the “straw that broke the camels back”, 53% of the working class of Americans “tote the freight” for 100% of America, while the other 47% that could be participating choose instead to live off the hard work and achievements of the tax paying few. The amount of assistance provided to the moochers and social parasites in the form of “food stamps”(EBT), WIC, free or reduced telephones, internet, electricity, housing and welfare are a constant drain on national treasure. There is little or no oversight on the “social programs” and most programs are redundant, with some of the mooching class receiving the same monies from more than one agency. There are always threats that “social security” may not be able to meet its obligations, but not once have I heard that “welfare” will not be able to meet their payments. The government, at all levels, have found willing accomplices in the moochers and social parasites to continue their “crimes against America” and the principles this nation were founded under. The government has taught the mooching class well. They have been taught to become totally dependent on government for their mere existence. They are taught that self-reliance, self-determination, personal responsibility and consequences of actions are all covered by a social program and they need not be inconvenienced in the least.(If the actions of a male and a female cause an un-intended pregnancy the government has approved social programs to aid in the consequences of a careless act, thus removing all responsibility.) This class of people is the reason that “Independence Day” is no longer celebrated, instead they celebrate the 4th of July, and oddly enough that is how it is now marketed and sold, which is probably just as well, the moochers have no idea what “Independence’ is. The moochers and social parasites have no right to celebrate “Independence Day” they need their own special day to celebrate “dependence day” because that is what they are, dependent, oh that’s right, they do celebrate every month when the government sends them their “loyalty checks”. The mooching class are no more than “bargaining chips” to the corrupt “political class” with each political party promising more than the other to gain their temporary loyalty. It seems that the mooching class, with the aid of the corrupt politicians, have found a way to vote themselves money from the national treasury. With each new attempt at reforming a failed policy from this and past administrations, or the attempt to reform a law, such as immigration, new disasters are the only product, and will only produce new moochers to steal more from America. This is a direct result of government creating a ‘benefit and entitlement” society. The only benefits and entitlements that come from being an American citizen or living in America is Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
The news of late is loaded with corrupt politicians being led away in handcuffs. Maybe terms limits for politicians should be implemented, I’m for all of them getting one more term, I’m thinking 20 to life. Maybe Alcatraz should be re-opened so the entire lot of them will have a view of the ocean, they will think they are still on a tax-payer funded vacation.
To be continued.

All the conveniences of home

All the conveniences of home

Even a desk to write your memoirs from.

Even a desk to write your memoirs from.

A view of the home you deserve.

A view of the home you deserve.


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