How much longer do we have? Part 6

The answer to the question may come down to simple mathematics, 53% can only support 100% for a short while, immigration reform will only add numbers to the 100% and will do nothing to increase the numbers in the 53%. The ratio of productive to non-productive only goes to illustrate and support my opinion that the politicians do not have the continued existence of America in their plans. A boat full of water can still remain at the surface, but it can not move or be moved, and will go completely under water and sink to the bottom when attacked by even the smallest of waves. To save our country we need to start pumping out the “water” now, we can not wait until we are level with the water’s surface. We should have starting “pumping” long ago. Even better we should have prevented any “water” from entering above what was needed for “ballast”, excess “water” is only “deadweight”. Riding high in a storm will capsize even the mightiest of vessels. We will go under at a 50/50 ratio, and no government plan will stop that. I may have spoken to soon about no government plan could stop that, the government could do as many families are doing now, just to manage to get through, during this magnificent economic recovery, have a yard sale. What could they possibly sell? The government could offer for sale the fleet of Presidential aircraft, no that wouldn’t work, if they were sold BHO and family couldn’t go on any more vacations, attend fund-raising events or just go golfing, and they could never let the elite do with-out. The Military is being cut to pre-WW2 levels, the government could sell the surplus equipment. We could offer small arms, ammunition, tanks, helicopters, jets, artillery pieces, uniforms, ships and all other un-needed weapons of destruction. But who or what countries could by the stuff? We could not invite Iran, they have no money, the economic sanctions imposed on them after the seizure of the U.S. embassy in Teheran have left them so economically devastated they couldn’t even continue their nuclear program. The Palestinian authority would be a good choice, at least we could get some of the money back we have given that terrorist basket case in the name of humanity. We could sell some to the Muslim Brotherhood they still have to beat Christians to death. I’m sure that North Korea, Syria, China, Russia and countless other small nations would “pony” up some cash for a few good pieces of surplus equipment, though most of the cash would be only the return the gifts of humanitarian aid. But the government must get in writing a stipulation that the weaponry will not be used against us or our friends(if there are any left). Everybody knows that government can be trusted and would never lie. Right! With all of that cash on hand the government could pay off the national debt, no that would never work. The government could further expand their social plans and give the “moochers and social parasites” a well deserved raise, this would work, the government could continue making loyalty payments. This cash would soon be exhausted, but not to worry the government could have another yard sale. The national archives, museums and our heritage could be sold to some foreign benefactor they alone should bring enough cash to pay-off the moochers, no they will never get enough. BHO and Congress have to feed the monster created out of fairness and equality, an again the money would squandered. The states that are resisting BHO and his minions could be offered up for sale, surly some foreign nation would love to get some prime real estate. Again the government would have cash, but it too would be squandered, forcing yet another yard sale and the cycle could continue until America was sold-out by a man with a vision of “hope and change”. Think about it, no nation on earth can beat us with force, but why should they, no need in wrecking the house you plan to buy.8660

If you don’t think the yard sale is possible consider the following.
The U.S.A. is 17 trillion dollars in debt and the corrupt politicians in Washington D.C. are still spending. The nations of the world will soon stop lending the U.S. money. The nations that the government has borrowed from will demand payment and they all know that it can not be repaid. The rest of the world will “dump” the dollar for some other currency. When, not if, this happens the government will have 2 options, both of which will end life in America as we know it.

The first option is this. There is an estimated 21 trillion dollars in retirement accounts across our land. I think that is a “little” high, but that’s what the “experts” say. I guess if you were to add the IRA’s(both paper and metals), employer funded retirement accounts, employer/employee funded retirement accounts, personal savings accounts and what is left in the social security trust fund you might arrive at a number that would be close to 21 trillion dollars. The government could simply seize all the personal wealth and use it to pay-off the national debt, leaving approximately 4 trillion in surplus(but as pointed out above, government would never do that, 21 trillion dollars would go along way in social reform). Enter the Government Retirement Accounts. The people(with common sense)would never stand for that, our streets would look like The Ukraine and Venezuela, but Americans won’t need to throw rocks. BHO will need a disaster natural or man-made to destroy the rest of the Constitution, and even then he would come-up short and he knows it. But, lets not forget what BHO said, We need a civilian force just as well-trained and as well armed as our military.

The second option is this. America could go to a cash-less society, after all almost everyone has a debit card, and almost all that still have a job are required to have direct deposit. BHO could just issue an executive order requiring that every American have a bank account with a debit card and must have direct deposit. No matter which bank you use they all would be government-owned and controlled, government would have all of the money. Possession of cash would be a crime, all transactions would be electronic. With the exception of a banking crisis the economic environment is the same now as it was just before the “great depression”, remove the cash and there can be no banking crisis. One more thing would be needed, government imposed spending limits(that would sound “goofy” coming from a government that knows no limits when it comes to spending)so the balance sheets stay in the black. Special government approval would be needed to determine the necessity of large dollar amount purchases. This would require yet another government agency to over see purchases above what the government deemed needed to support everyday life. The government would finally have ultimate control over our lives, simply by allowing or disallowing commerce at every level no more freedom of choice. You could no longer purchase an item that could possibly harm a child, be misused or in any way cause mental anguish. Everything must be government approved. Everything could be rationed to ensure that everyone has equal access. Everybody would be and therefore could say that “I work for the government”. There would be numbers in each persons account reflecting a line of credit the person had at their disposal, with government approval of course, but they would be just that, numbers, the same as we will become. Freedom would become like the stock market, only an illusion.

The few remaining countries that are willing to loan money to the U.S.A. are now able to black-mail our government. They demand that our government to make concessions. BHO has already started trading away national assets, and signing away parts of our national sovereignty to the U.N. As pointed out you can only sell or give away so much, eventually you will lose your identity. We may already have been sold. Could a one world government be in our future? Who would lead? Putin? BHO?

Mathematically we are existing as a nation on borrowed time. I never liked math, I can do it though, and even balance a check book. Wish the government could. History provides the answers if you know where to look.e229100d8bfa22d1e815b6b51c639b87

To be continued!


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