How much longer do we have ? Part 7

The American Revolution had very few participants at the onset, some estimates range from 5% to 12% of the total population even supported the idea of Independence, including the Founding Fathers. Out of that total number only about 3% engaged in fighting the British. Even with that small number America gained Independence from Britain. General G. Washington standing on the bow of a row-boat crossing the cold and in some places frozen Delaware River, leading from the front. Revolutionary War soldiers tying rags around their feet in stead of proper shoes, or just in an attempt to hold worn out shoes together. Never having enough to eat, sleeping in the cold and with little or no pay. They were not fighting for money, they were fighting to throw of the yoke of tyranny, seeking Freedom and Liberty.

The 101st Airborne Division at Bastogne is another example of a few making a difference. They were surrounded by the Germans in December 1944, the German Commander demanded the surrender of the Division. General McAuliffe, acting Division Commander, famously responded “NUTS”. The men of the 101st used what they had and resisted numerous German assaults, they fought, they did not surrender. General Patton is credited with rescuing the 101st, no one in the 101st asked to be rescued. One of those brave soldiers of the 101st even stated “I felt sorry for the Germans, the poor bastards had us surrounded”. The 101st had no history, but had a rendezvous with history. I’ll say they did.

Our history is rich with stories like the 2 above, some are even the “stuff” legends are made of. But I have to wonder, if the circumstances in America now were the same as they were at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, what percentage of the total population would even support Independence. Let alone, what percentage would fight for Independence. Do we have any national leaders today leading from the front? How many Americans today would endure any hardships, let alone the hardships that were endured by others for freedom and liberty? As to the 101st at Bastogne, what percentage would follow the example of the brave men of the 101st, and what percentage would just give up without a fight.

To make or change history a requisite set of circumstances needs to be present, after those circumstances come together it boils down to either time defining the person or the person defining the time.

Some times its just the right person at the right place at the right time. It can also be the wrong person at the wrong place at the wrong time. If you take the events in American history, past and present, the people or person involved and the circumstances this becomes crystal clear if you change the words right and wrong.

People are the answer and ironically they can also be the problem.

People become the problem for the following reasons. They have no set of core values or beliefs in which case they should never be entrusted with any thing, for they have no moral character or morals for that matter or their core values change to fit the circumstances and again they should not be entrusted with anything, again lacking in moral character and morals. These are the types of people who sit on the fence and wait to see which way the wind blows. They seek popularity over moral fiber. They do not believe in anything therefore believe in everything, you can not have it both ways, they end up believing in nothing. They do not stand for anything therefore they stand for nothing, but will fall for anything. This type of person will more than likely say that their position has evolved, in truth they are only seeking popularity from some small fringe group. They seek to be all things to all people.

People become the answer(solution)when they have a strong set of core values and beliefs that never change even for popularity, security or safety.

The answer to the question of how much longer do we have left is that it is up to the people with a strong set of core values and beliefs. As usual throughout American history it will be a small number with clear determination and a goal.

Now this was a Great General

Now this was a Great General


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