The liberals on the left and right, you caused this, all of this and still you blame others for your failures

Here we go again. Shootings and knifings are making headlines across America. The outcry from the liberal left is deafening, they don’t understand why it is happening. Well you “dumb masses” it’s happening because you set it all in motion and even encourage the carnage because you continue to make “gun-free zones” and advertise them as such. A person hell-bent on destruction and death can find no better or easier target than a gun-free zone, unarmed people are an easy target. When was the last time there was a successful mass killing or for that matter a vicious attack perpetrated on a place where people were armed(outside of a military combat zone)? Why does the violence stop when someone with a gun shows up?

What will be your new plan to stop the violence being perpetrated on “gun-free” zones, schools in particular? It is already against the law to have any type of weapon on school property. Kids have been suspended and even expelled from school for chewing a pop-tart into the shape of a gun, or using their fingers as a simulated gun. The only people who are obeying the laws that are on the books now are the law-abiding citizens, the criminals are not and will not, no matter what laws you pass. The law-abiding citizens will obey the next law, the criminals will not, you will only provide the criminals with more and more victims.

Will you put metal detectors at every entrance to every gun-free building? How will you pay for them? Who will watch over all those metal detectors? How much will they have to be paid?. But will a metal detector work? Knives and other weapons can be fashioned from materials other than metal, for instance plexiglas will make a knife that no metal detector will “see”. That means that you will either have to install full body scanners or pat search every person entering a gun-free zone. America will become one big “grope fest”. I’m sure that you can find some pedophile or two needing a good paying government job, and they probably won’t call in sick too much, you know job satisfaction and all.

This is why I say that the liberals on the left and right caused all the problems in America and can somehow justify blaming others for their failures.

1. They react out of emotion, their own or they feed off of others, never out of rationale. They whistle past the graveyard, never understanding the law of unintended consequences. Their self-serving ideas of a utopian society leave people at the mercy of the criminal element.

2. Their cries of we have to do it for the children, we must protect the most vulnerable among us is the epitome of hypocrisy. This coming from a group of individuals that claim that they care so much for children. You make me want to “puke”. This is the same group of people who are all about abortion rights, yet they say we must protect the most vulnerable in our society. You do not shed a single tear for the millions that have been aborted, yet you have the nerve to stand up with the parents that have lived through the horror of having a child murdered or maimed and pretend to care shedding only false tears. This happens shortly after every tragedy that you have had a part in causing. Then even before the dead can be buried or while the injured are still in the hospital you and your ilk will be calling for action, any action, chanting we must prevent this from happening again your previous actions are what caused it to happen in the first place. Shame, Shame on you!!!

3. Your position on gun control. You are against law-abiding American citizens from owning personal firearms yet have armed security and some of you even own firearms. The Hollywood elite make millions in revenue from the violent movies that seem so prevalent in theatres today, yet these same people are some of the most vocal anti-gun idiots. The irony of using violence to gain popularity and maybe win an “Oscar” and then bashing the same industry for providing the tools used in your fantasy world. These are the same people who sell and glamorize sex and drugs on the big screen and then bitch about the crime and call for more police and protections. Hey idiot, the more protections you have the less freedoms you will enjoy. When someone commits a crime against you, you will do two things in this order. 1 Call someone with a gun. 2 Pray that they get their in time. Remember this dim-wit, when seconds count the police are only minutes away. You actually believe that only the police and military should have or use firearms. This proves you are stupid, the only reason the police obey the law is that Americans are obliged to resist the unlawful, by force if necessary.

4. Your position on so-called climate change. You say the earth is dying and man is the cause, yet you fly all over the world to attend a one or two-day summit on the climate everybody attending the conference takes their own jet. Haven’t you idiots ever heard of car-pooling? You say that we must make a smaller carbon foot print yet you drive big gas guzzling SUV’s, fly in big jets and live in large homes. This is just another example of do as I say, not as I do. You even say that the science is settled and the time for debate is over. You even make the claim that cow “farts” are releasing too much methane gas in the atmosphere, why don’t one of you geniuses figure out a way to harness all that gas. Some have even suggested destroying all the cattle in order to save the planet then we could become a vegetarian society. WTF do you think cows eat? They eat grass and vegetables that is why they fart. Maybe we should eat more of them to prevent some of the farting. Hell, I like beef anyway, its what’s for dinner. You must have had a brain “fart” when you thought of this dumb ass plan. What would happen to the ecology system with the absence of one entire species?

5. Your position on tolerance. You say that we must be tolerant of all, but you are intolerant of me and those like me. You force your views on everyone regardless of what they believe to be right or wrong, and scream bloody murder if their beliefs offend some new-found group you have evolved into supporting, until recently you opposed or at the very least offered no support to the very same group. A person, a company or a corporation that supports or at sometime in the past supported a position or a group that at one time you supported before you evolved must be either fired or forced to resign or boycotted.

6. Your position on choice. You say that it is all about choice, but you leave me no choice. The only way you are willing to give me a choice is if it is the same choice I make that agrees with the choice that you made for me. You will even permit the federal government to use one its many agencies to penalize me for you making a choice for me that I wanted no part of, so much for freedom of choice.

7. Your position on the death penalty. You were okay with BHO using drones to kill American terrorists overseas. What will you say when drones are deployed here in America to kill Americans? The government excuse for using drones will be that it was the safer alternative, but the subject of the missile strike or what ever weapon deployed will be denied his or her day in court. Yet you want terrorists captured overseas on a battlefield tried in a court of law, giving them their day in court and providing them with all the Constitutional protections. You say and even claim that this aspect of justice is cruel and may even be painful. You do not even consider the pain the victim endured. Every criminal in prison has at least one victim, even those on death row. I really don’t care if their death is uncomfortable, and if it hurts so freaking what.

8. Your willingness to accept lies as fact. We as a country are constantly lied to by BHO, his administration and Congress. The liberals repeat every talking point of the administration and never challenge anything and always accepting everything from BHO as the truth. Constantly repeating a lie will not make it the truth. The word lie is a powerful word, you can only tell a lie if you know the truth and willingly say different. I believe that BHO and his administration lie about everything at every turn, and lie so often I find it extremely difficult to trust any government agency or official about anything they say, under oath or otherwise. You accepted the lie that a Youtube video sparked the carnage at Benghazi. You believed the DOJ about the failed fast and furious operation. People died needlessly in these two lies and cover-ups, but you chose to believe the lies you were told the same as you accept and believe all the other lies BHO and his minions tell now and the ones they will tell down the road. Maybe if you would admit that we were all lied to you could finally admit in public that electing and the re-electing BHO was a big mistake, but you will not do that.

9. Your willingness to “toe” the party line. There is no way possible that all liberal democrats think the same way, surely some of you are capable of independent thought. You agree on everything and see every other opinion as wrong, that is until your thought process evolves and you find a new splinter group to support in their cause for recognition. Then you will all somehow agree on the new evolution. One day the people will see you for what you really are, empty suits and hot air.

10. Your position on pay inequality. Now after over 5 years you say that the pay inequality between men and women is an embarrassment, why did you wait so long to address the problem. The supposed problem did not just occur, it must have been hiding in the shadows to embarrassed to come out into the open , that is until lately. Could it be because an election is coming? Spend time addressing this problem, you send a soldier into combat with equipment furnished by the lowest bidder for little pay, but its okay that an elected senator or representative hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay and allowances per year. The soldier faces danger everyday and at every turn, the lazy assed senator or representative only faces the possibility of a paper cut or the chance of falling out of a chair because his lazy ass can’t even stay awake, figure this out and then discuss pay inequality.

11. Your position on war. During the last administration the anti-war protests were on all the news networks, but not once during the current administration. Have your views on wars changed, or would the word evolved be a better description? There were no protests during the illegal and unjust attack on Libya. You were ready to attack Syria over the alleged use of chemical weapons. You are ready to defend eastern Europe from supposed Russian aggression. You seem to me at least ready at the drop of a hat, or on magical words from BHO, ready to send our young men and women into harms way.

12. Your position on God and religion. You have done everything possible you can to remove God from every aspect of life, you have even tried to remove any symbols of God and Christianity from government buildings and especially from the schools. This was accomplished for what reason, to appease the Atheists. Why are you bending over backwards to recognize other religions? Maybe if you were to let or allow God and Christianity back in everyday and public life in America things might just turn around. Or is this what you are afraid of, if people turn to God and Prayer they will not need you so much. The true conservatives do not worship at the “altar” of big government, this is best done by left and right liberals. Maybe if you would quit evolving you might just find your self. Creation not evolution.

13. Your position on immigration. Coming to America illegally is not an act of bravery, it is a criminal act and should be punished as so, or is this another example of evolution. What is this “dreamers” crap and how did you ever come up with this “Foxtrot Uniform” idea? With the military going back to pre-WW2 levels how will you get the supposed 11 million illegals into the military to serve a term in exchange for permanent status? Let us not forget that both Russia and China are becoming very active and noticeable in Central and South America both of these countries as well as many more have a growing Muslim terrorist problem. If you don’t come to reason with the facts of global terrorism you are only inviting terrorists here from the southern border. Their terrorists could come here by way of the southern border that you refuse to secure and even tell the Border Patrol to run and seek shelter if someone hurls rocks at them. If you know there are 11 million illegals here send them home, oh that’s right you need their undying gratitude, translated into votes. If you want to come to America do it the right way damn it!!

14. Your treatment of our allies. You have done your best to separate us from our allies. You blame Israel for the breakdown in peace talks with the Palestinians, all Israel asks is to be recognized and to be left to live in peace. Again you think appeasement is the way to go, although history proves this is a foolhardy path once you start you can never stop except through all-out war. Why should we even ask or expect Israel to go back to its 1967 borders? This will only take away what little buffer they have against all that would destroy them. Your actions and inactions have only caused distrust from our allies and most of them will not remain by our side, when things get tough they will move away. Why do you think The Crimea left The Ukraine and realigned with Mother Russia, it was all about trust. They did not know hat to expect from Western Europe or America, at least they know what to expect from Russia. You may find that a new “Cold War” with Russia is in the “cards”. The countries of the former Soviet Union may gladly and voluntarily rejoin Russia because they all see how we have of late developed a habit of causing turmoil and strife where ever we go and leaving things unfinished, and The E.U. is no better.

15. Your treatment of our enemies. Do you not understand that al-Qaeda and the other radical Islamic nations want nothing but our total destruction? There is no reasoning with them and I can not understand how you could ever think that terrorism is founded in poverty. You treat our enemies like they are our allies. Easing the sanctions on Iran has only undone what little good the sanctions had accomplished in the first place. North Korea is still a hostile and belligerent enemy, yet they receive money from the world in efforts to pay them to behave and they never will. Your actions and inactions have only emboldened our enemies which are many and growing. China is in a special category they are a “trading partner” not an ally, and they are moving to spread their sphere of influence into Central and South America and our current administration doesn’t say or do anything to prevent or counter-maneuver them, again whistling past the graveyard. The Russians are visiting their good friends in Cuba these days along with their friends in Central and South America.

16. The way you confuse enemies with allies. History should have taught you by now that an enemy will never be a true and faithful ally. We supported Iraq in its war with Iran simply because we disliked Iran more than we disliked Iraq. We supported the Taliban in their war with the U.S.S.R. for the same reason. We ended up in battle with these two fine examples of temporary allies and most likely will again because we did not end it properly. There are many more examples even closer geographically than these. Does Cuba, Central and South America ring a bell. There have even been distinguished members of congress and the cabinet travel to far and distant lands to distinguish between the good and bad terrorists then come back and deliver speeches declaring that they know who are the good ones. There are no good terrorists. Picking the lesser of two evils has never worked, evil is evil.

17. Your constant denial of government abuses. You deny that they happened at all and when they are exposed you say not a smidgen of corruption existed when the IRS was targeting conservative groups or making compliance with their outrageous demands for information impossible. This would be funny if it was not sadly true one BHO minion investigating another. The NSA was and still is gathering vast amounts of information on the legitimate citizens of America. These are the major one that have been exposed, there is no telling what else is going on in the BHO administration. But true to your liberal lie, when more are exposed they too will be denied, DOJ will investigate and again not a smidgen of corruption will exist. BHO will say so and it will be.

18. The way you wage war on society. You declare war on everything and everyone but our enemies:
A. The war on women. I wonder who is warring on women. The liberals seem to be taking the fight straight to the women. They just now came to the conclusion that it is a “disgrace” that women make less money than men, the ones who claim to be leading the charge to equality are the same ones that have been holding women back. They are only just now realizing that without your vote the may lose the upcoming election. Women are mentioned as a group only when you are needed to help push some liberal agenda. After getting things stirred up and “buying” your vote and if they retain their office or gain offices in government you will once more be forgotten and placed on the “back burner” until you are once again needed. No matter the gender a person should be paid what they are worth not a penny more or less, based solely on the contribution and efforts they make towards to the success of the employer. This is exactly why I am opposed to any minimum wage hike. A minimum wage job was only intended to get a person in the door and develop a good work ethic, it was never meant to be a career.
B. The war on God and Christianity. There is no need to guess who is making war on God and Christianity, yep its the liberals again. In your attempts to remove any religious aspect from public life you have left yourselves with nothing to believe in but big government and you are attempting to sell this ill-fated plan to the “dumb masses”. You either fail to understand or just will not admit it in public that God did have a hand in creating this nation, it was not just dumb luck. God had a hand in it and his finger prints are everywhere and no matter how hard you try you will never scrub them off. He knew you before you were born. He also knew what you could be, but more importantly he knew what you would be if you turned your life to him, all you had to do was make a choice. God did not force Himself on you, he left that choice to you. How many millions have you aborted and thereby took away their choice? Snuffing out a life that could have been the person who had the perfect plan to save humanity from itself, or maybe the first aborted child was the one would find the cure for cancer or maybe even AIDS. You may have even doomed humanity by murdering children. When you and your ilk speak of choice you have no idea of the concept of freedom of choice when you have deprived so many of their choice.
C. The war on Christmas. I’m not talking about the commerce generated by retailers, which by the way seems to get an earlier start every year. Pretty soon the sales will start new years day, can’t start sooner because gifts have to be returned or exchanged the days after Christmas. What I am talking about are the usual religious symbols of Christmas, the manger scene in particular seems to be the most hated by the liberals. This may be because it represents a live birth, something the liberals despise. Another hated symbol is the Virgin Mary, probably hated because she chose life and gave birth. I will never understand why you can not accept that life begins at conception. I also do not understand the reason you refuse to accept the Immaculate Conception of our Savior Jesus Christ.
D. The war on poverty. Why must you continue this, the longest domestic war in American history. Your tactics failed long ago, in fact the tactics failed when the Romans tried them. At least the Romans recognized the failure, but not in time to prevent the fall of their empire. You will not admit this most prized non-accomplishment of the liberals of the 1960’s failed and will not work no matter how much money you throw down the well. Throwing good money after bad, what are you thinking nit-wit. The only casualty of this war has been the American family. Poverty is still alive and well and even flourishing.
E. Do us all a favor now, this will remove all doubt as to how stupid you really are, declare a war on war.

19. Your treatment of the Military. Balancing the budget on the backs of the military is nothing short of shameful. Then you send them to the far corners of the world with no clear objective and no strategy for winning the armed conflicts, sacrificing them so your special interest friends can turn a quick profit. You only visit the military bases are for a photo opportunity or when another tragic event happens there. You have no respect of the men and women in the Military or what they must go through everyday because your sorry ass choose not to serve. Out of sight out of mind

20. The way you treat freedom and liberty loving Americans. Without fail when the criminal element breaks yet another law, you react by passing an even tougher law expecting them to obey that one. Listen up moron, criminals break the law that’s what they do, you are not making it difficult on them, you are making it tough on the law-abiding citizens to remain with-in the law. Less than two dozen terrorists have totally changed life in America. The laws enacted since 9/11 have stripped the American citizens of freedoms and liberties won for them during the American Revolution and passed down through generations. Your outrageous and draconian laws will only force good law-abiding citizens to choose between being a victim or a criminal. When you force them to choose do not be surprised at the choice they make, after all you are supposed to be pro-choice.

Amen, General

Amen, General

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