Bunkerville the new Yorktown

Was Bunkerville the new Yorktown? If it was then this is not over, “not over by a long shot”. The British army along with the Hessian mercenaries surrendered having been defeated on the battlefield, the Royal navy at Yorktown was also surrendered by the British commander. The British were busy fighting wars in other parts of the world. The British underestimated the resolve of the Colonials but could not “invest” any more resources in the war with the Colonies. The British Army was beaten, not Britain we again had a war with Britain in 1812. The War of 1812 was fought simply because the victory of the Revolutionary War and the British Army’s surrender did not settle all the issues causing that war. When Britain was defeated every matter was settled. When you engage in a war with a nation not only do you beat them on the battlefield, you must defeat both the military and the country. If fail to defeat the country you will surely fight them again, they will just get a new military. But more than that by not defeating the country you have actually aided them. This is especially true if the same leader is still in power, he saw how you defeated his military the first time. When you engage in war the second time he now has, if he is worth his “salt”, learned your tactics and will use them against you.

As the events in Bunkerville were unfolding I realized two things, first wrong place, second wrong time. The reason I came to this conclusion was this no intelligence, and I don’t mean no sense, on behalf of the Federals. They knew exactly what they were doing but they needed information. They were required to have strict “rules of engagement” and could only react outside of normal law enforcement duties if certain conditions were met. The Federals had a long time to prepare for this. Though they deployed large numbers of BLM rangers they had no intention of provoking. This fact is evident in the videos that were posted. Look at them carefully. One video I found especially interesting was the one with the BLM ranger that came up to the barricade to talk, he had a really nice camera mounted, recorded everything including sound. He was there to identify any suspected leaders, listen to the tone of the people and check for types of weapons that may have been visible. Dark glasses hid the eyes. Facial hair makes supposed professionals look like common thugs. He was not there just to talk if he had been, he would have said what he came to say and backed away. Another interesting moment in the video was the way the rangers left, one in particular just turned and starting walking with his back to the crowd. He either realized it or was told of his mistake and turned to face the crowd and backed away in a defense posture. He probably has an “ass chewing” coming his way. He by his own action admitted the crowd was no threat. This was only an intelligence gathering operation. They are not ready to fight yet.

Watching this unfold brought back memories of my days in the Army. On FTX’s(field training exercises)at company and company plus levels I got to play both parts defender and attacker. In the role of the defender I along with 25 other soldiers were the “advance party” we would secure the bivouac site, but we had the additional responsibility of being the Rapid Reaction Force. Being the defender is basically waiting to be attacked while planning and implementing ways to prevent and counter assaults, but it was fun. Being the attacker was even more fun, though the force was smaller. In the early stages it’s all about intelligence gathering. We would watch the “enemy” for hours or days, daylight and dark to establish their routine and give them time to get comfortable and complacent. I would lead or send out a small party to probe the perimeter of the defending company daylight(highly irregular but effective) and dark, the idea was to tire them out and keep them awake and on edge. But never more would go out than could be afforded to be lost. It takes more resources to defend than to attack. In pretty short order I was able to determine who was coming to repel the attack, how many would come and where they would come from. When I had all the intelligence needed a small probe would draw out the defenders and a full assault in another area would meet with little resistance the objective could then be accomplished. Being the attacker made me a much better defender. I learned much about logistics and most importantly to never to commit all my resources against a ploy to draw out the entire force. Concerning logistics never take more than you can carry in a hurry if you have to, but have more supplies close by if needed. You may be there a while if they are only trying to wear you down and tire you out. On conservation of resources never reveal your true strength, but stage them close by if needed they can respond to assist. The attacker will only continue the attack if the objective is with-in reach, the defender is in it for the long haul.

As to the information gathering operation that just concluded in Bunkerville, the BLM was only “probing”, they had time on their side. They had time to place sophisticated audio and video devices at strategic locations around the ranch, they may have even used drones to locate stragglers. Everyone who was there was photographed for identification. You also were video taped every time you stopped for gas or food. Did you know that most fueling stations and convenience stores have an agreement with local, county and state law enforcement agencies that allow the officer, deputy or trooper to watch live video of the inside and outside of the building. Most people today use credit or debit cards for every purchase, every purchase is traceable back to origination, including card holder and user. The card purchases and video recordings reveal where you came from and how long it took you to get there and how many came. You can bet that some sniveling government bureaucrat is in some little space at this very minute sorting through all this intelligence. They now have gathered all this intelligence, who you are, where you came from, your bank account number and your family and where you work and who you work for. These are pretty powerful tools to use against a person. But it will sit idly by until the next intelligence gathering operation takes place. Who knows it may even be the same place. They will be checking the faces to see who has come back and if any new faces are present where they came from and how long it took them to get there. And again someone will come to talk and he will be sporting a fancy camera doing the same thing the last one did. The government counts one the one thing they can be sure of if the people think they have won they will go back to their everyday lives, they simply wear down and tire out the resistance. Another interesting video with a man responding to a comment about hoping you have a gun with you was, his response was priceless, no they will fire the next shot heard around the world, we will fire the rest. He understands.

Stand tall and watch everything not just the frontal assault.

Ever Vigilant

Ever Vigilant


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