It matters, it all matters

The U.S. government is out of control and is now testing the resolve of the nation. Recently we saw the BLM thugs backdown from a rancher holding his ground and a group of brave patriots by his side. BHO never addressed the standoff or do anything to lessen the tensions, but he did find time to give one of his speeches to a group of voters at an event hosted by Al the race baiting, alleged Reverend, in New York. Seems to me that BHO will only associate with a Reverend that has a deep and undying hatred of America, as they say “birds of a feather stick together”. I did notice a stark contrast between the Patriots at the Bundy Ranch and the cheering and applauding audience at Al’s event. Do not think for a minute that will be overlooked by the liberal media. They will not mention the audience make-up(would not want to offend), but they will mention the Patriot make-up(do not care if they offend), of that you can be sure.
I know that I am not the only one who sees this but, BHO and his minions only stick their noses in and interject any thing if the alleged victim is a minority and the perpetrator is white or appears to be so. If it had been a group of illegals surrounded by militia he would have mobilized the federal law enforcement agencies to hold the militia at bay for enforcing a law the federal government, will not and does not but is supposed to be enforcing. Instead of arresting the illegals the Federals would point their weapons at the Militia. Then he would have hopped on Air Force One(his personal tax-payer funded taxi), and been there as they say “in a New York minute” to personally handle the situation or at least given the illegals a welcome to America speech, again rewarding illegal action and punishing good and lawful action. But he would have screwed that up as he has done every time he stuck his nose in things he does not understand. Then we would have to endure another beer summit, or a speech saying that could have been him as a teenager. Give me a freaking break!!!

One has to wonder why after all the time that has passed, why now did the BLM thugs become so aggressive. The administration knew what would happen in fact they hoped for it. This(remember the promise)”most open and transparent administration ever” must have needed time to hide something up their sleeve or needed a distraction to pull something from their sleeve, after all isn’t the BLM a part of the federal government. No government agency can take action without someone issuing “marching orders”, someone in the District of Criminals had to give the order. This goes for all government agencies IRS, DOJ, NSA, DOI, BLM and all the rest, no freelancing is allowed, this goes for all secretaries no matter what department they head. If BHO is allowing each department, agency head or underling to take independent actions(freelancing)we as a nation are in more serious trouble than anyone could imagine. If this is happening BHO gave the order to do what you feel is needed or warranted or what you might think I would want. As I see it everything that has happened, has happened because BHO allowed it an encouraged it, no action to stop an abuse of power is in fact condoning the act.

This latest federal government threats and the actions that were taken may well just be just a taste of what is to come. BHO and his minions will try another stunt, again to test the resolve of Patriotic Americans and they will continue to push until the push-back stops or until they have the resources at hand to attempt to crush all opposition. The law enforcement agencies at all levels are being armed and equipped with some of the same equipment that our Military uses to wage war. I look at the city and county law enforcement today and can’t believe that they have become so militarized both in equipment and dress.

Even some departments with-in the federal government that one would normally never assume has any law enforcement powers has an enforcement arm hidden somewhere in the department. Look at the break down of the department, those of us with experience commonly refer to these as “wiring diagrams”, you will see how many have something called an enforcement division or a protection office. Even the supposedly independent agency of the FCC has an enforcement division, are they armed, I don’t know, but they are tied to Homeland Security, and Homeland Security is armed, they are armed to the teeth with some pretty neat equipment. The Department of Homeland Security has a rather large umbrella, anything could be hidden under it.

There are times that I truly believe that BHO gives his speeches just to stir-up the “dumb masses” which causes even more animosity and strife. He does this knowing sooner or later the more extreme and radical in attendance at his rallies will interpret it as a “call to action”. I also believe that BHO will continue on the path he has chosen and taken, and will also recruit millions of “disenfranchised” loafers to do his bidding in continuing the division of America. An outbreak of violence in the country, anywhere in the country, will give him the go ahead to destroy the rest of the Constitution or at least begin to use it. Habeas Corpus will be denied, citizens could be arrested and held indefinitely without any charge or on trumped-up charges, martial law would be imposed, elections would be postponed, BHO could be president for life. All of the Bill of Rights would be suspended, police and the military would be loosed upon society with no protections from the protectors.

The most recent episode with Federals being out of control was not the first and will not be the last:
Kent State University May 1970
Ruby Ridge in 1992
Waco Siege (Branch Davidians) 1993
There were many before and since, and as pointed out someone somewhere had to give the go ahead. I believe that the order came from the top. These events serve to illustrate the lawlessness of law and the enforcers.

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