Freedom and Liberty could be a flourishing crop, but instead you planted the seeds of a Democracy, you reap what you sow.

What you should have been spreading and supporting was the establishment of Constitutional Republics, but no you had to spread and support Democracy. The United States began as a Constitutional Republic, meaning that the founding documents were drafted and approved before the people were elected to fill the Constitutional Offices. The words Democracy and Democrat are not mentioned once in the constitution or any of the other founding documents. As a matter of fact the U.S. Constitution even goes so far as to guarantee each state a Republican form of government. The Pledge of Allegiance even refers to America as a Republic. The word Republican used here does not in any shape, manner or fashion mean the Republican Party, it simply means a Republic and that manner of government. The word Democrat used here does not in any manner, shape or fashion mean the Democratic Party, it simply means a Democracy and that manner of government. The Founding Fathers went to great lengths in speech and writing to avoid the establishment of America as a Democracy or anything even close in resemblance. They distrusted a Democracy and any one that was labeled a Democrat even less than they trusted a full-time standing Army. Calling someone a Democrat was akin to the usage of a “racial slur”, and as they used to say “them was fighting words”. Why does the Constitution only authorize and allow an army to be funded for two years at a time, yet has no time limit on a Navy to be funded? Simple, No trust of a full-time standing army and the Navy can be sent away. That mistrust lies with Great Britain(England), the King and the British Army and rightly so.

The idea and ideals of a Constitutional Republic is that is a Government of, by and for the People. The Founding Fathers recognized that there would even be a time when the unlawful(meaning those that would not obey the laws of God and nature)would be of great number in the Republic that would only obey the Law of Man and will only do that as long as they want. Congress was given the authority to write laws for the good of society, not the President, not the Courts and not the various Agencies of the Federal Government. The President and the various Agencies have in a role in the faithful execution of the Law. The Courts only have a role in the interpretation of the Constitutionality of the Law. Nowhere in the Constitution is the President or any Agency authorized to arbitrarily change or enforce one or any part of a Law, only the “faithful execution of” the entire Law. If arbitrary change, selected enforcement, or imposition of the will of the President or the Courts were to be the case what would have been the purpose of the Revolutionary War? What the U.S. Constitution does do is state in plain language the “duties and responsibilities” of the three branches of government and the powers allowed. The Constitution makes very few things a criminal act, it was intended to be that way. Laws in this Republic were not written to make acts or things legal, they were written to make acts or things illegal. The more laws there are the less Freedom and Liberty there is for the people to enjoy equally.

The idea and ideals of a Democracy is that is a Government of, by and for the Majority. The Founding Fathers never intended any form of government that was “Dictated” by the Majority, as it did not and would not represent the idea and ideals of a Constitutional Republic. In a Democracy laws are written that reflect what the majority believes should be lawful or unlawful. Freedom and Liberty are not equal, the majority enjoys the most of both, as a matter of fact nothing is equal in a Democracy nor can it be. If there is a Majority then there must be a Minority. The usage of the words Majority and Minority here in no shape, manner or fashion has any thing to do with race. This again is used for the manner of government. This is illustrated by the fact that the Constitution is drafted after elections in newly established Democracies, whoever wins gets the honor and privilege of writing the Constitution. Oh, they have a draft of a proposed Constitution before the election, but the “finished product” is “massaged” by the new president or prime minister or both and the parliament and then passed. Will they write it in their best interest or that of the people? That answer is provided by all the “Democracies” around the world. Those that call themselves a Democratic Republic are the biggest joke on the world. They are a government of the majority of the people, meaning the majority is represented first, then the people if at all. They will have a Dictator or a President that receives 100% of the vote, or a rigged election designed to fool the world into believing that they really are a Democracy, and they actually are, the majority rules even if it is only one person.

The time where America degenerated from a Constitutional Republic into a Democracy started immediately following the death of the last of the Founding Fathers and was completed with the ratification of the 17th amendment to the Constitution. The 17th amendment cleared the last obstacle in the path to Democracy, the Majority was now in control of the greatest nation on earth. Now the President represents the political party and its agenda nominating political party members of his party or the like-minded of the other political party to cabinet level positions and nominating Justices and Judges that represent and reflect the parties views, not the country. The Senate is now free to represent the political party and not the State, and uses this power at every opportunity. All three branches of the federal government are politicians and represent the majority, if the majority is the majority that they want to support. Most of them remain as “remnants” of the last majority, waiting for the time when they will once again represent the majority not the People. America only exists to this day due to the fact that it began as a Constitutional Republic with limits on government powers, but the majority is now and has been chipping away at the very foundation of this nation.

When the “monster” that you have attempted to build around the world acts or starts to act as it is intended to be, a Democracy, the rule of or the vote of the majority the America government gets upset. When the Crimea held a referendum ballot to remain with The Ukraine or rejoin Mother Russia, the American government objected, even calling it illegal and unconstitutional. When The Crimea voted to rejoin Mother Russia, the world screamed in objection. Russia had a ceremony and welcomed The Crimea back into the fold. The Crimea acted in a totally Democratic fashion and yet the world screamed. The Majority spoke at the ballot box and the wish of the majority in a Democracy got their way. Now the violence is once again raging in The Ukraine, the world is once again screaming. The Ukraine may even erupt in a “civil war” because of Democracy not in spite of it. If that happens the world and the media will call it a “civil war” but it is only “Democracy” in action. The Ukraine may even attempt to put a ballot referendum in place whether to remain a Democracy or rejoin “Mother Russia”. The world will surely scream if the Majority vote to rejoin Mother Russia, but once again it will be Democracy in action. The world will object claiming it to be unlawful and unconstitutional. Russia will once again have a ceremony welcoming a lost “child” home. The Ukraine may even find itself divided and once again it will be because of Democracy not in spite of it. It will only get worse in Europe and around the world. The “Democracies” that have been set up or established in Europe and around the world will continue acting like a Democracy, (majority rule) and the people(in the minority) will reach a point where they want and demand to be heard. The world will have little choice in the matters and affairs of the Democracies around the world, as it should be, each country should be free to choose its own path. Russia is winning this confrontation with the world, and is rebuilding itself to what it considered its greatest times this time it is not with violence and oppression, but is using a tool we gave them, Democracy, the will of the Majority inflicted on all. All of the former states of the former U.S.S.R. may well voluntarily rejoin with Mother Russia in a purely Democratic form, a vote where the Majority gets its way. Maybe it should be called “Mob Rule”.

When FDR famously said that America would be the “Arsenal of Democracy” a more fitting and a better definition of America’s role would have been if he had instead said, that America would be the “Arsenal of Freedom and Liberty”. Maybe if America would have spread or attempted to spread Freedom and Liberty the world would be a much better place for the People and not the Majority.

To the Republic for which it stands.

To the Republic for which it stands.


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