The lowest point

The constant attempt at selling the bogus “climate change” agenda seems to be of more importance to BHO, his administration and the liberal agenda than national security. It does appear to be working on the lesser informed and those that have given up on free thinking and just follow the herd. Living here in Florida it gets hot in the summer, it is supposed to, Florida is not called the “sunshine state” for nothing. When I was stationed in Alaska, guess what it got real cold in the winter, it is supposed to.

I have tried explaining to the ones who believe the climate change non-sense that the seasons are just the earth tilting on its axis, towards and away from the sun. I try to explain that the northern hemisphere is farther from the sun in the summer and is closer to the sun in the winter and the opposite is true in the southern hemisphere. I even explain in the summer being farther from the sun is what causes the longer length of day and the shorter length of night and the opposite is true in the winter. The longer the time spent in the sun the warmer it becomes. They only offer this argument to support their position. It seems hotter now than when I was a kid.

I begin to dismantle their “seems hotter than when I was kid” argument with this. When you were a kid did you stay indoors all the time? The usual response is no, but it is hotter now. I then ask them when they leave their home is the air conditioner running, the response is yes. I then ask when you get in your car do you turn on the air conditioner, again the response is yes. I then ask when you get where you are going is it air-conditioned, you guessed it, the answer is yes. Then I ask them in between your house and your car was it hot, the response is yes. Then I ask in between your car and where you were going was it hot, you guessed it again, the answer was yes. I then explain to them that between the house and the car and between the car and the destination was the way it is intended according to nature and the way the earth works. It seems hotter because you were acclimated to the air conditioning, going from cool to hot only seems hotter because you left a cooler place and entered a warmer place, if you remained outside longer you would be acclimated to the heat and then went to an air-conditioned place you would be cold. I then tell them you can control the climate and even change it in you home, a building and your car and those are the only places there can be any man-made climate change. You have the ability to make a hot building even hotter, a cold building even colder, a hot building cooler and a cooler building hot, but you can not heat or cool the world, God and nature take care of that. I even back up this statement with, if everyone were to turn on the air-conditioners in their cars and roll down their windows Florida would still be hot. Having lost that, the next thing they say is “why was today the hottest day on record”.

I begin to dismantle “the hottest day on record” with this. I ask when was the baseline temperature set, the answer is I don’t know. I then ask where was the baseline temperature taken, the answer is again I don’t know. I then ask how long have the records been kept, the answer, you guessed it, is again I don’t know. I then tell them that I am going to begin record keeping today, it is 92 degrees, if tomorrow it reaches 93 degrees it will be the hottest day on record, if tomorrow it is 91 degrees it will be the coldest day on record. Having lost this argument they say, I meant to say that today was the “hottest ever on this day”.

I dismantle this stupid remark with the same three questions above. Then comes the “we have to do something about the pollution” argument.

They will not give up and admit defeat. I tell them we have cleaned up the messes we made in the past, but in some areas we may have gone too far and have hindered ourselves by over correcting, but do not discount what the earth is capable of. I ask if they studied history in school, most admit to having studied history but did not see the point in bringing up the past. I tell them that hundreds if not thousands of ships have sunk in the oceans of the world, and two world wars have been fought with vast and untold amounts of oils and gas spilled in the oceans. I ask them who cleaned up the oil spills or where did it go, you guessed it, they have no idea.

Then it is my turn. I ask why do you buy into this climate change crap, that was global warming crap? I tell them that when I was in elementary school we were warned of the coming of a new “ice age”. The ice age never came as they predicted, but some nice and funny animated movies came of it.

At least someone made money from predicting the coming of the ice age. I wonder who will make money from climate change.

I know that they are truly lost when they ask what does acclimated mean.

At some point in life these people lost the will or power to think for themselves and simply believe and repeat what they are told. Whoever the government teacher was who taught these people sure earned their money. The young people of today are one fine example of government education, and now they want common core, where they all learn the same basic subjects at the same level. Schools will teach to the lowest level and not the highest, continuing to dumb down America. The goal of education should be to bring the level of education to the highest level, not teach to the lowest. The next generation to graduate school will be evident that government education has reached its lowest point.

Another example of getting it wrong

Yet another fine example of BHO and his administration getting it all totally “ass backwards”. BHO has told the terrorists across the Middle-East exactly what will occur in the next two years. The U.S. military will cease combat operations this year, a force of 9,800 will remain to train the Afghani forces through 2015 then draw down to a force of 5,000 and that their will only be embassy and security by the end of 2016. What a treasure trove of free intelligence, and by the president no less, they can trust him because he is not their president and will not lie to them. Why on earth would the commander-in-chief intentionally inform the enemy of the future plans of the U.S. military and give the enemy or potential enemy the exact date that America and its interests would be the most vulnerable to attack? The new foreign policy agenda is the same as the old one, meaning that there is not one, but with the added feature to nothingness the stupidity of disclosing to enemies and potential enemies his unwillingness to engage in long protracted military actions. This was the same mistake made by the administration with regards to Libya. It was stated from the onset that it would be a limited air campaign designed to lessen the fighting power of government forces and that there would be no boots on the ground. Not only were the government and insurgent forces told how they would be attacked, more importantly they were told how they would not be attacked. Arms, munitions and equipment was being supplied to the insurgent forces, what the administration could not provide to them outright were placed where they could conveniently steal what was needed. Then came Syria with another instance of insurgents facing government forces, BHO drew a “red line” saying Syria would face military action is chemical weapons were deployed. The military action was revealed by the administration in the threat or precision strikes designed to weaken the government forces and again that no American boots would be on the ground, again the entire strategy was revealed.

Now BHO and his administration has a plan to assist the “moderate” terrorists facing the government forces in Syria. Billions of dollars will be spent to arm and train the moderates, there are several problems with this and two questions will highlight two of the major problems:
1. Who are they? Since you have already disclosed your willingness and eagerness to help them in their struggle, they only must figure out what the administration sees as a “moderate”. Then again they already know the administrations definition of “moderate”. BHO and the administration was in full support of the muslim brotherhood, so anything up to the level of being an “extremist” is a “moderate”.
2. Where do they come from? This is very important, the training and equipment furnished to the “moderates” could be used to cause destabilization in their home countries. There have even been reports of gang members from America fighting alongside the terrorists.

This comes back to this:
1. The continued efforts of BHO, his administration and the liberals on the left and right constantly seek to disarm American citizens or at the very least limit the choice of weapons and ammunition capacity.
2. Arming and equipping the federal agencies with both defensive and offensive weapons and equipment.
3. Shrinking the U.S. military to pre-WW2 levels.
4. The statement by BHO, we need a civilian force just as well-trained and just as well armed as the military. The moderate terrorists the administration intends on training and arming are not in any military and by default are civilians and are a force. They will be trained and armed just as the military is.

Military secrets, weapons and training are supposed to be shared with known allies, those fighting for a common cause and goal, not with those you think will come around to becoming an ally, after they no longer hate you and want you wiped off of the map.

Was it another pesky video?

BHO has ordered a U.S. Naval ship and 1,000 Marines to the shores of Libya and ordered that all Americans leave Libya. 4 quick questions.
1. Did the administration receive information about another anti-muslim video being released on you tube? No it won’t be this one the administration has already used it and soon will have a lot of explaining to do, or maybe they won’t. The only people who care about the murders at Benghazi are the same ones that always cared and wanted the truth. The administrations supporters even quit blaming the video and followed the “what difference at this point does it make” chorus.
2. Did the administration receive credible intelligence of a credible threat to Americans? If this was the case the administration must have missed the first Benghazi attack.
3. Did the embassy staff ask to be evacuated because the violence in Libya has become so widespread that no foreigners are safe? If this is the case the whole Benghazi cover-up will explode. The ambassador, Christopher Stevens had repeatedly asked for additional personnel and resources in the weeks and days leading up to him and three other Americans Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty being murdered. The requests were denied or ignored. No help was sent prior to or during the attack.
4. Or could it be that they must be evacuated to prevent more Americans being killed with weapons provided to terrorists by the administration, kind of fast and furious 2.0? If the administration does not evacuate and lets it happen, it will bring us all the way back to the point where Brian Terry, a U.S. Border Patrol agent was murdered with weapons provided by the administration to Mexican criminals, and that has yet to be answered for.

For now I believe the worry in question #4 is correct for the following reasons:
1. There is no suspect video, and if a video was made of the attack on the embassy it would show the use of weapons and equipment supplied by the administration being utilized to kill Americans. A public relations nightmare that could never explained away, and no one, not even the staunchest supporters could say “what difference at this point does it make”.
2. The “telegraphing” to the enemy that the Marines are coming and then we are leaving, don’t shoot. The terrorists have won. Libya was destabilized by the administration and will now be abandoned, much like Somalia was in the 1990’s. The world has seen what the foray into Somalia left the world, a terrorist pirate haven. This may not have been what was intended, but this was the gift to the world by a failed foreign policy.

I believe that Libya is being abandoned for the following reasons and they are intentional and sinister:
1. The muslim brotherhood has no home. Egypt caught many of them after their ouster from power, threw them in prison, tried, convicted and sentenced to them death. The ones that escaped are spread across Northern Africa and the Middle-East. Libya is their best choice for gathering and a resurgence in power. Libya is lawless and open for occupation.
2. The brotherhood is broke, no cash the assets they had were mainly in Egypt and are unavailable. Libya has energy resources that can be converted into cash.
3. The administration stood by the brotherhood when they were oustered and demanded that they be reinstated to power. If they can not have Egypt, then why not give them Libya.

The staunchest supporters of this administration remind me of the people who were used as advertising props for the old Tareyton cigarettes ads, sporting a black eye and saying “Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch”. Personally I found the taste terrible and the two part filter lacking in substance, a bad combination terrible with no substance. Never could understand how any one could stand by that brand. Bought a pack once opened it, lit one, put it out, field stripped it and bought a pack of Camels. Never bought Tareytons again. Kept the Tareytons to give to anyone who asked if they could “borrow” a smoke, I’d give them one, they never asked for another. Those 19 people either gave up smoking or gave up bumming smokes.

Inheritance, ownership, responsibility and denial

You would think that after nearly 6 years the liberals would quit blaming the former President and his administration for all that is wrong in America, the government and the world, sadly this is not the case.

BHO did not inherit the office of President of The United States of America. He actively campaigned for the office, he wanted to be president no one made him take the job and it was not forced upon him. He wanted to be president for the perks and rewards, but wants and accepts none of the responsibility. The liberal media refuses to lay the failures at his feet and by this, they have aided him in his role as a president who can not be held accountable, and therefore none of his administration is accountable. Everything rolls right off of them much like water rolls off a ducks back. BHO became president of a nation engaged in 2 wars, wars being waged in the open not in secret, he knew they were ongoing while campaigning for president. The VA has been having troubles for years, everyone knew that, everyone promises to fix the VA, but no one does. BHO was even awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after becoming president of a nation at war, based on what, promising to end the wars. A war that was won in Iraq was lost, and that nation has erupted in violence. Libya was attacked without provocation and that nation has erupted into violence that mat escalate into a civil war. Four Americans were killed in Benghazi, that would be Libya, the very same Libya that was attacked without provocation and destabilized. Syria was threatened with military action for the alleged use of chemical weapons, the threats were thwarted by the intervention of Russia and the fact no allies would join in. The liberal media occasionally reports on the renewed violence Iraq and Libya but will not lay the blame at the feet of those responsible for the failures in foreign policy and will certainly not say the truth, that there is no foreign policy in this administration. Complete ownership of Libya and Syria is with the BHO administration, but since there was no one to “inherit” these two disasters from there is no one to blame.

In addition to having total ownership of Libya, Benghazi and Syria, BHO and his administration has complete ownership of Fast and Furious, NSA spying, Obamacare, the use of the IRS to target the opposition, the BLM land grabs and the VA secret waiting list, these and many more have happened on the watch of the BHO administration and still no one accepts the responsibility or has been blamed for the failures and the liberal media remains silent. Why, the same as before there was no one to “inherit” these disasters from and therefore there can be no blame or responsibility. Although there have been liberals that blame the VA scandal on the waging of two illegal wars. Soon there may even be some “buffoon” who will blame the VA patients themselves for being wounded. Bureaucrats at the IRS and the VA have received bonuses for poor or no service. How can one receive bonuses for poor service unless that was a requirement to receive the bonus in the first place. Were the bonuses at the IRS dependent on how many of the opposition you could silence? Were the bonuses at the VA dependent on how many veterans you could deny services or lie about how much service was given?

The failed foreign policy, or better the lack of a foreign policy of this administration has cost more than the loss of Iraq, the impending loss of Afghanistan, the destabilization of Libya and the latest, the crisis in the Ukraine, it may well cause the collapse of NATO. Iraq was lost and Afghanistan will be lost for the same reasons, the failure of this administration to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement(SOFA) with either country. How could this happen? BHO has no experience and is unwilling to negotiate, look at his record of negotiating with the republicans in congress where his policy is my way or the highway. Now we come to the latest foreign policy blunder, Russia, the Ukraine and the Crimea. Still no blame for BHO. Now BHO wants to clarify his foreign policy, frankly I do not see how the non-existent can be any clearer.

Think on this if you will. At a will reading you learn that you have been given a house, the same house that you always wanted and now you have it. You have just been given ownership of a house, the previous owner is no longer responsible for the house you are. It is a nice looking house so you decide to move in. Shortly after moving in and getting settled in your new home it begins to rain, as the rain becomes a downpour you discover that the roof leaks. You gather buckets, pots, pans and anything you can to catch the water to minimize the water damage. After the rain subsides you dispose of the captured water and climb on the roof for a look. You discover that the roof is corrupted and must be either repaired or replaced. You are angry about the condition of the roof, you forget for a moment that the corrupted roof is your roof, you begin to complain that the house you “inherited” has a corrupted roof and demand that the previous owner be held accountable. After all it is not your fault, all of your “friends” agree with you and together all blame the former owner. Then you remember that the corrupted roof is your roof and the former owner is not responsible for the roof you are. Then you make a really bad decision, even you have no roofing experience you decide to do it yourself. The harder you try the worse you make it, you are in over your head. The small corruption that was is now big corruption and the clouds are gathering. You again began to complain about the roof which had only a small leak will now have a big leak, all your “friends” agree that the leak is going to be bigger, because there was a small leak to begin with and the small leak was not your fault. Your “friends” will not tell you that it was you who made it worse than it was. You begin to gather buckets, pots and pans to catch the impending rain, but you discover that you do not have enough to catch the rain, your “friends” give you their buckets, pots and pans to catch the water to minimize the water damage. This process will continue on and on until you have completely corrupted the roof and nothing will keep the rain out, there will not be enough buckets, pots or pans in the world that can save the house from ruin. And still you and your “friends” will blame the former owner for the original leak, and you will even claim that the leak was getting worse anyway and your attempting to fix it without experience had nothing to do with it growing and ruining the house. What you needed from the start, when the leak was small and could be contained was a friend that did not always agree with you and would tell you the truth even if your feelings were hurt. He may even have said, hey you are no roofer you need a professional roofer, you will only make it worse. Your true friend would have also told you that your house is deeply in debt and that the whole house was your responsibility, the good and the bad. But you do not now or have you ever had such a friend as this. You will instead sit in the rain with no roof over your head and blame others for the rain, the water damage and the fact that you now have no roof, in a constant state of denial with all of your “friends”. Give the jet a rest and find a friend that will tell you the truth, your roof still leaks, your house is deep in debt, many of your neighbors are unemployed and the clouds are gathering.


Memorial Day

This is Memorial Day, a well-kept green field filled with simple white stones, Name, Rank, Branch of Service, Birth and Death Dates, a small U.S. flag waving in a gentle breeze at each headstone. The men and women lying in the cemeteries will not go shopping today, nor will they go on a picnic or a family outing or a barbecue. Their futures were sacrificed in lands far from home to help guarantee a safe and secure future here at home. There are also many thousands that were lost at sea and they have no headstone only the cold depths of the oceans of the world as a grave, many thousands died on remote islands and were never buried they simply disappeared into the ground, some lie there to this day. The days between the birth and death dates are the memories of family and friends. The date of their death are the memories of friends who survived and they remember the last words said, or they died alone with their last words lost in time, or the end was so violent that there were no last words.

As you go shopping today and if you pass a cemetery with small American flags waving gently in the breeze just say thank you, better yet stop and get out of your car and go visit for minute. Read the name on the headstone, talk to the person, call them by name, ask him or her what she wanted to be, try to imagine how hellish that last day of life on earth was.

If you go to the beach today, stop for a moment look out to sea and give thanks. As you swim in the warm waters you will notice the coolness as you go deeper into the water, imagine how cold it is at the very bottom.

Ask yourself if you have done your very best to keep and care for what those brave men and women who sacrificed their futures and lives gave you, while asking nothing in return.

When judgement day comes, and it surely will, the earth and the seas will give up the dead step aside, let them pass and offer the a salute.


If an eagle understands the difference why can't politicians?

If an eagle understands the difference why can’t people?

Dangerous times ahead

The old adage, The ends justify the means, may come into play as the VA scandal unfolds. The secret waiting lists at the various VA Centers and Hospitals could have been purposeful. It was not all that long-ago that some liberal members of Congress openly stated “anyone who served in the military needed their heads examined”. The deaths that occurred while waiting for treatment at the VA will be divided into two groups, 1 those that died while awaiting medical treatment or procedures, 2 those that committed suicide while waiting for psychological counseling or treatment. Then the numbers will come into play. The numbers of veterans seeking medical treatment will be higher than veterans seeking psychological treatment, therefore the percentage of deaths by suicide will be greater. The numbers will be adjusted to raise the percentage, 1% of 100 is 1%, 1% of 10 is 10%, this is easily done, using smoke an mirrors, using these numbers a 10% suicide rate among veterans waiting for psychological help must be addressed. The various ways a person chooses to end their life will not be broken down into separate groups. Do you see where this is going yet? Yet another arm of the administration of BHO is going to be enabled by the Congress to make law. Congress will make no law requiring a psychological screening of veterans using VA psychological services, the VA will do it in the name of care. If a veteran fails the psychological screening, or refuses to submit to psychological screening, he or she could be placed on a list prohibiting the purchase or possession of firearms until such time the screening was passed. This requirement could be easily expanded to require all VA patients to undergo psychological screening. Would anyone pass? There may be a decline in the number of suicides by firearms, but the suicide rate would remain the same. The liberal politicians and the media would tout the success of mental health identification and restriction of firearm possession as a key element in reducing suicide by firearm. The NRA even said it is not a gun problem it is a mental health problem. Why the VA you ask? As a percent of the total population veterans are a very small part and our numbers drop daily. Where next would this lead? Do not think this can not happen.

Veterans are highly trained, motivated, skilled, disciplined and have a very strong sense of right and wrong. Think on this, many veterans are law enforcement officers or security personnel and are required to qualify with and carry firearms. They are required to do so to ensure continued employment. Could any of them pass an impassable test? I and many others do not use the VA, but I am sure they are working on that matter. The VA may even use the DOD to force us into coming to the VA for a screening, after all, the retirees are still subject to recall to duty up to a certain age. All the information they need to locate and identify retired veterans is available from the IRS, by way of a 1099R. The other veterans are also easy enough to find.

This is not about mental health, it is about gun control using a tactic straight out of Nazi Germany and the Enabling Act, attacking the smallest group first, then moving to the next. The VA could be used to disarm all of the veterans starting with the patients at the VA. All in the name of mental health. Why the veterans you ask?

I see many types of people at the local public shooting range, shooting all types of rifles and handguns, the veterans stand out. The shooters with military training as mentioned above are highly trained, motivated, skilled and disciplined and it shows in their shooting ability and accuracy. The shooters who have no military training empty the magazine as fast as they possibly can rarely hitting the target, and can barely control the gun. We refer to them as “spray and pray”.

There are many stories in history of a small group of highly trained, determined and motivated men and/or women bringing a much larger force to a complete halt on the battlefield. There are even stories of a single person stopping a much larger force in their tracks.

Now I will answer the question of why disarm the veterans first. The government is arming and preparing for who knows what. But if they are up to no good who would they rather face well-trained, highly motivated and determined or “spray and pray”.

Another old adage goes, “You can’t see the forest for the trees”. If the trees are everywhere you are in the forest. Let’s not lose sight of the “big picture”. This administration deserves to be watched like a hawk. Don’t be so focused on one scandal that we miss the real plan. I am still skeptical of the timing of all these revelations coming out of and about this administration.

Selective enforcement

A terrible door was opened when BHO began on his own, without Congress, delaying aspects of Obamacare and allowing waivers for certain groups. Congress took no action to stop him then, and now can take no action to stop the liberal agenda. The actions of BHO and the inactions of Congress have now ushered in the era of selective enforcement. If the trend of inaction by Congress continues they will give BHO and his administration complete and total control of the government and the people. It will be here, as it was in Nazi Germany when the Enabling Act was made law. The Congress, Parliament as it was known, had no authority to pass legislation, Hitler and his henchmen made and enforced all laws, the Constitution was null and void. The Weimar Constitution was never repealed, it was simply nullified by the Enabling Act. The biggest problem with selective enforcement is that it begins with selecting who the laws are enforced upon and who is exempt from enforcement, as one group is helpless the next group is chosen for enforcement, eventually eliminating all opposition. Think that can not happen here.

The IRS singling out the Tea Party groups was the use of an arm of the administration for enforcement of tax laws and codes. The Tea Party groups had to meet different standards than liberal groups. The silencing of the opposition began with this. Was this action taken by the administration on its own or did congress authorize it? Who will be silenced by the actions of the administration, and the inaction of Congress next? It may even be revealed that some members of Congress approved and encouraged the IRS actions, yes both parties. Added to this the IRS does not pursue tax cheats with the same aggression, some are not pursued at all and even given administration posts, while others are constantly hounded.

The sudden aggression by the BLM, in Bunkerville, has yet to be explained or justified by government.

Then there is this, the training, arming and equipping the law enforcement agencies and agencies in the administration just as well if not better than the military. For what purpose? Is there an external threat being faced in America that the population is unaware of? Is there an internal threat caused by selective enforcement of the borders? Or does the government fear the people? For a liberal administration, with liberal supporters that are so opposed to guns, none have even let out a whimper about the governments acquisition of ammunition, weapons and explosives. Are they really okay with the government having all the guns and power? As pointed out in previous posts the money used to fund the social welfare programs are a constant and unnecessary drain on the national treasure. The public, that is tax, money may be running out, the only money left soon may be personal wealth.

If enforcement of immigration laws is silly, why do we even have and pay for border patrol. If you do not enforce these laws why maintain an agency that is supposed to enforce the laws? What is their purpose? Could they be used to keep the people in that wish to escape persecution? No one is being kept out. The Border Patrol Agents are told to run away and seek cover if an illegal throws rocks at them. Will they have the same orders when people try to escape?

The time for Americans to unite is upon us, we can not let government separate us. What matters to you may not matter to me, and what matters to me may not matter to you, however we must stand for each other. If any group is silenced and falls by the wayside there will be fewer people to defend you, when your time comes, and it will.

What happens when the money finally runs out?

In the American home that is supported by independent, self-reliant, self-sufficient and self-determined, commonly known as responsible, individuals this rarely happens. Why, is answered by this, prioritization, the needs are met first and then the wants. The basic needs of food, clothing and shelter are met first, after these are met the less important needs are met, the last would be the niceties and luxuries. The responsible also manage to save a little to see themselves through disasters, hard times and even retirement. The family budget breaks the money down into separate piles, if the important pile runs low, money must be taken from a less important pile to ensure the more important is accomplished. This is called adjustment to events. If the money being earned is not enough, the responsible will find a way to earn more even if they have to make personal sacrifices. This called self-reliance. The responsible know and understand the value of a dollar because they earned it. These people understand that their financial life is their responsibility and constantly make adjustments and even sacrifices to achieve the goal, even if that means selling possessions. This is called planning.

In the American home that is not supported by independent, self-reliant, self-sufficient and self- determined, commonly known as irresponsible mooching, individuals this always happens. Why, is answered by this, no prioritization, the needs and wants are at the same level of importance, even the wants, niceties and luxuries are sometimes met first. The irresponsible will never save anything for any reason. If the money being given to the irresponsible is not enough to pay for their life and lifestyle they will simply ask for more or steal it. Why, is answered by this, the irresponsible have been taught government dependence, not independence. The irresponsible simply wait for the next government check or social program. These people do not know or understand the value of a dollar because they have not earned it. They do not make personal sacrifices, or adjustments for they have only one goal and one plan, spending other people’s money.

Government has at no time ever earned a single dollar and has become as dangerous as the irresponsible moochers. The irresponsible moochers either do not understand or do not care that the money provided to them by government to finance and pay for their existence was taken by force from the responsible. The irresponsible also do not understand that the money forced from the responsible to operate the government must be broken done in to separate piles to pay for all that the government does do. The piles of money should be filled in order of importance, prioritizing needs and wants. There is a pile for Defense, a pile for Roads, bridges and highways, a pile for education, a pile for just about everything even the welfare programs. If the money in an important pile runs low, the responsible thing to do would be to move money out of a less important pile and put it in the more important pile. But the government is irresponsible and keeps the want pile filled while stripping the need piles. The government is constantly saying that they need additional revenue to operate, in truth they only want more revenue. The needs are not covered, they cover the wants first. Case in point, The VA the second largest department in the federal government has a secret waiting list to meet the needs of injured American service members, but had enough funds to buy new office furniture. Again satisfying a want before a need. Another case in point, BHO saying that the cupboard was going to be bare, concerning bridges and roads, would it not be the responsible thing to do to move funds from a less important pile to the bridges and roads pile after all the responsible need to get to work to support the irresponsible and that includes government. I would say no as demonstrated by government continuing the practice of placing wants before needs. This is corruption at its finest.

I understand bugs are dangerous to agriculture and pose quite a risk and must be dealt with in a harsh and decisive manner but shooting them is a bit much. Arming the Department of Agriculture is being done for one of two reasons, food stamp money may be running low and the hoards will descend on the local agriculture office demanding their government cheese, or they intend to raid and seize the gardens of the responsible.

When the money runs out and it will, the irresponsible will descend on government like a flock of buzzards on road-kill.

The responsible are not the problem and will not be the ones burning down the government offices, it will be the irresponsible. Why, simple the responsible plan for the future and have belief in the future. The responsible know that they are in control, and that one day sanity and prioritization will return to government. The responsible can simply quit being responsible and quit participating and supporting government irresponsibility, but that would be irresponsible. When I buy bananas, I choose those that are still a little green, they will get ripe in time.

Energy wars

The Countries of the world have been stripped or their right to self-determination and The Ukraine is no different. The world was in uproar over the decision of the people of The Crimea to leave the control of The Ukraine and return to Mother Russia. The same thing is happening now in The Ukraine as they try to leave the sphere of influence of the E.U. and return to Mother Russia even if it breaks The Ukraine in half. The “cold war” ended with the collapse of the U.S.S.R., the “cold war” was waged on behalf of the people of the former U.S.S.R., the “free world” saw you as an oppressed people who were denied the right of self-determination and democracy. Sort of a good versus evil thing. You now have and have had the right of self-determination and democracy since the fall of the U.S.S.R. or do you and have you ever. How did your leaders come to power? Did you select them or were they selected for you? You and I both know the answer to that. The “cold War” never escalated into a “hot war”, though there were many smaller wars, kind of getting a “feel” of the other sides weapons and equipment and getting to try your stuff out in battle without risk. The reason it never escalated beyond some taunting moves was because of “Mutually Assured Destruction”(MAD). There could be a new cold war, “cold war2”, which could be waged ironically because The Ukraine acted in a purely democratic way and was attempting self-determination. This time it could escalate quickly into a “hot war”, with many new players, some of which do not care about total destruction, they only want the other side dead no matter the cost to themselves. The major players are already picking sides, the minor players will side with the most beneficial to their own cause. You do not matter you could just be the starting point for what ever comes. When the Ukraine became free and independent your leadership must have missed the part about responsibility and obligations. You now find yourself heavily in debt to Russia and several other countries of the world. Russia may demand payment of the debts, how will you pay them? Will you borrow the money or sell your country off in bits and pieces? You are obligated to repay your debts. Rest easy in this, the world is in your corner, asking, no telling Russia not to use energy as a weapon, I think they meant not to use debt as a weapon, and warning Russia there will be consequences. Now the world wants to help you develop your natural resources to ease you off Russian energy dependence. What will be demanded in exchange? Why are not the people and energy companies coming to your aid not harvesting the resources in their own countries? Why all the interest now? Simple, Russia will develop the resources in the Ukraine, after you vote in a purely democratic fashion to rejoin Mother Russia, giving them more wealth and power, but it comes at a cost. Russia just annexed The Crimea, in a purely democratic fashion the majority spoke and their wish was granted. However Russia had to absorb the debts of The Crimea, you can not charge yourself. The Crimea possibly has many energy resources and Russia has the technology to get at them. The reason Russia wanted The Ukraine to delay the referendum to return to Mother Russia was purely financial, if The Ukraine returns the same issue arises, debt absorption. Russia needs time to adjust financial resources, and make energy deals with other countries, to absorb the debts of a returning Ukraine. Much the same as when companies merge or there is a takeover, not only do you get the company you also inherit the debts and liabilities, even if the debt is to yourself. Russia does want and intends to return to its “heyday”, but that requires a lot of money, money that will be needed upfront. Mother Russia is willing to welcome home all of the “satellites”, but is not financially ready, yet, and would prefer to be the one to pick the time. The remaining “satellites” can soon expect the arrival of people and companies to help you harvest your natural resources, under the guise of lessening your dependence on Russian energy. Again they will harvest the resources in your country and not theirs. Why you ask, it is because their country has something yours does not, environmental activists that must be appeased or the EPA. They are only getting at it before the Russians can, your best interests are not a big concern and neither is the environment. One thing for sure, the Russians are coming, or more correctly you will be going to the Russians.

Russia has found itself out front for many reasons, the sanctions placed on Russia are purely symbolic. Most of Europe relies on Russian energy and any sanctions placed on Russia will only result in a decreased flow of gas to Europe. The harsher the sanction the lesser the energy flows. Russia is almost in a position to set the rules for the world. Russia supplies most of the energy for all of Europe, and may already have a deal to supply energy to China. Either of these instances can provide a lot of cash to Russia, combining these makes Russia an economic powerhouse. Even the U.S.A. has to send Russia money. The Russians are paid handsomely for providing a ride to space. The Afghani Army is furnished, free of charge, with Russian weapons and equipment including a contract for spare parts, bought by the U.S.A. The same equipment could have been built here in America providing Americans with jobs. True enough the money used to buy the equipment for the Afghani Army was tax money, but it could have been wasted here instead of giving Russia more money and power, if you intend to waste money at least waste it in the right place. But this could have been a “done deal” as far back as when BHO closed NASA and ended our Space Program, as a stipulation on providing a taxi service to the ISS, after all it was a no bid contract. Russia in fact, by default, now owns the ISS and sets the rules on supply and relief flights. What will BHO and the rest of the world do if Russia decides to no longer take anyone but Russian Cosmonauts to the ISS? How long before we could build and test a new “orbiter”, not to mention gather the people to run the program? How long before the Chinese will have a functional and safe “orbiter”? Can the ISS be weaponized? Will it have to be destroyed?

And do not forget about China drilling in the waters off Vietnam.

Will the coming energy wars be the catalyst for WW3?

The world barely let out a whimper over The Crimea, but they are digging in their hells over the Ukraine. If you ask why, the answer is energy resources they are readily available and the world is energy hungry. This is the equation: energy resources equals money, money equals power, power equals domination.

4 Great men

Yesterday a young man asked me a question. The question was, how did you get to be the way you are? This is the answer he got, without the colorful language.

SSG. Teddy Coppic and SSG. Leon Flood were my Drill Sergeants at Ft. Jackson, S.C. in 1975. These two men taught me to be a Soldier.

SSG. Gary Windham was my first Platoon Sergeant at Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, Ga. in 1975 This man taught me to be a Leader.

In between Basic Combat Training(BCT) and your first permanent(which is not nor is the second, third and subsequent permanent duty stations, it is only the first of many)duty station, there is more training called Advanced Individual Training(AIT). During AIT I did not encounter anyone who stood out as exceptional or a real crud. They were all mediocre. Mediocre people are never remembered. I remember being there but not the people.

During my many Permanent Duty Stations, which change every time when you receive Permanent Change of Station(PCS) Orders I encountered many people considering my military career spanned over twenty years. I had many Platoon Sergeants none of them rose to the level of SSG Coppic, SSG Flood or SSG Windham, it’s not that they were mediocre, it’s just that they did not inspire me, one way or the other, and I remember their names, if I were to list them it would not take much time or energy. I can remember every cruddy one though and there were many, I was inspired to never be like them, but I can not remember the mediocre ones. I even got my chance at being a Platoon Sergeant many times during my career. Hope I made the “short list” and inspired others the way SSG Coppic, SSG Flood and SSG Windham inspired me.

Daddy he taught me to be a Man. I will only call him Daddy, because there was a short time we both worked at the same place in 1974. I had a job, my own money, my own truck and thought I was grown, called him by his name once, learned I was not grown, and never did that again.

I told that young man the following. The list of greatness is short, the list of crud is long and no one remembers the mediocre. I will be remembered one way or the other, I will never be mediocre. He walked away scratching his head. A person should not ask a question if they can not afford the answer. I never did get to ask him the same question, wonder what his answer would have been.