A “perfect storm” is on the horizon. Part 2 of a series

This series of posts will address the conditions that have, will and are occurring in America, they are in no particular order, all are important. Some will be based on fact. Some will be based on possibilities. Some will be based on opinion. Some will be based on my life experiences. Some will be based on my interpretation of events. Some will be based on a combination of all. If you are reading this post, you will have to decide which is which and you must arrive at your own conclusions. Some of this post and subsequent posts in this series will cause you to do some research on your own.

The continued erosion and assault on the Bill of Rights. The First Amendment, most often refered to as Freedom of Speech, but it consists of so much more than just Freedom of Speech. It also prohibits the establishment of a “state” religion while also allowing the free exercise of religion. It also allows for the Freedom of the Press, the Right for the People to Peaceably Assemble and allows petitions for the redress of grievances against government.

As to the matter of Freedom of Speech, rulings from the Courts have had and will continue to have a detrimental effect on Freedom of Speech as has BHO, his Administration and Congress. It seems that now-a-days Freedom of Speech is allowed only if no one is offended, and even that distinction gets “blurred” and depends on who gets offended and who does the offending. The liberals on the left and right seem to get and are getting leniency when they say something that may seem to some people as being out-of-line. The conservatives get no leniency for anything they say. To further complicate the Freedom of Speech issue we now have “hate speech”, “inflammatory speech” and “slurs” it has even been ruled that a slogan or a design on a tee-shirt can be speech and therefore can be controlled if someone gets offended. The politicians and the courts have set about dividing, separating and yes even segregating speech the same as they have done with America. There is no longer Freedom of Speech in America, because speech must be controlled.
The liberal Secretary of State mentions Israel as Apartheid as is given a “pass” claiming he could have chosen a better word, no he said exactly what he meant, he is a politician. Politicians read from prepared speeches and remarks or a teleprompter. My question to this politician’s WTF were you thinking moment is, Just who the hell is Israel oppressing or suppressing, they hold out a hand in peace only to have it slapped away by yet another unprovoked muslim extremist attack.

As to the matter of a “state” religion. America has had one for a long, long time. The “state” religion is Atheism. The preacher is “politics”. The altar is “big government”. The pews are “government dependence”. The building is “corruption”. In this religion everyone is taught that all ills are cured with money, and any offense can be overcome with money, if it is enough money.

As to the matter of the free exercise of religion, that may soon be a thing of the past, depending on your chosen religion. The courts and politicians will make that decision. The process began with the slow and steady removal of God and Christianity from public schools. The rulings by the courts concerning what is speech has tied Freedom of speech with Religious expression. The Cross that we Christians use as a “symbol” of our religion has been in the courts already. The latest was a piece of metal recovered from the World Trade center in the shape of a cross, it did not matter that is how it was found, what mattered was what it looked like and someone’s interpretation of what it resembled. The excuse that it made life hard for atheists to look at everyday, causing distress in their lives. Religion and Religious symbols are under attack, mostly from the left, these are the same people who claim that they stand for choice and tolerance. They themselves are the most intolerant of all, and as for choice they are good with that if your choice and theirs are the same. If a preacher gives a sermon on life in America, and offers a special prayer for a political candidate, will the IRS descend upon the church. At this point in our government, that will depend if it is a liberal or a conservative candidate, choose wrong and surely they will come. What about church members and their views? If the IRS does descend on a church and remove the tax status will the church survive? There is no Freedom of Speech in Church, unless the church is “favored” by the administration, and the IRS is the enforcer. The Sermon on life in America and the special prayer could lead to many different charges and allegations. If a person claims offense to the sermon or prayer, it can be hate speech, inflammatory speech or a slur, and not only could the IRS come calling it could also bring the DOJ visiting, again depending on if the church is “favored” by the administration.

As to the matter of Freedom of the Press, you were granted freedom, nobody said you had to accurate or honest. Are you operating as the Founding Fathers expected? The answer is a resounding NO! But what the hell, the 16th president imprisoned many before you for printing, representing and believing in the other view and opinion. I figure that many of you are still in shock over that time in history, and not wanting to suffer the same fate, you simply print and believe every thing BHO says or does and any dissent is buried in the back and is usually very small and never repeated. The only time you grow “a pair” is when a republican sits in the White House, which is odd considering the 16th president was the first republican. Surely you do not think that a liberal, tolerance preaching, pro-choice and democratic president would retaliate against you, do you?

As to the matter of peaceful assembly, permits are required, and usually granted if your group is “favored” by the administration, “not favored” need not apply.

As to the matter of Petitions for the redress of grievances. The politicians famously said we simply did not understand, and government knew better. There is no petition for the redress of grievances, it is not allowed. Even the town-hall meetings were a joke you did as you always have and will do, and that is that you do exactly what you want. You will never have to live under the rules and laws you impose on the citizenry. This part was written at a time when Statesmen and not politicians occupied the governmental offices. The holding of Town-Hall and Commission meetings do exactly what their intended purpose was, and that is to give the “illusion” that government cares and wants input from the citizenry before action. In truth the government has already decided and will change their minds only if the path they have set will jeopardize their continued quest for more government control over the life of the citizens and the power it gives them.

The First Amendment is the only one of the Bill of Rights that guarantees any Freedoms. Freedom is not Free, as a matter of fact there is nothing free in this world, someone somewhere in time paid the cost.

The people of America should be celebrating and rejoicing in the fact that we do enjoy Freedom of Speech even in this day of government intrusions, restrictions and division, especially because someone long ago paid the price for you to have that right. The government did not give you the Right to Free Speech, the First Amendment simply prohibited government from abridging the Right. Like all other rights, if you do not exercise it you will lose it. The internet of today gives the people a platform from which to exercise that right. I wish to thank WordPress for giving me that platform. I also wish to thank the readers.

The following is based on my belief, if you do not share it at least be tolerant of it. Just a bit of free speech and religious exercise.

Grace and Salvation are mine, because Jesus Christ, whom I accept and claim as my personal Savior, paid the cost on the Cross for my sins before I was even born. Think about that for a moment. I get to go to Heaven and it cost me nothing, but acceptance of Jesus Christ.


3 thoughts on “A “perfect storm” is on the horizon. Part 2 of a series

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    Freedom of the Press – Accurate and Honesty in Western Journalism relies on the honesty of the person, writing or printing the story. Though most of all it relies on not having your principles bought by the highest bidder.
    Great Part Two #mustread

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