You were wrong again, you will try again and on and on it goes

An open letter to Liberal Politicians in particular, and all politicians in general, even the aspiring ones.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire persistence, but not stupidity. Another shooting in a gun free zone, there are and will be arguments about whether or not an armed citizen could have stopped the shooter, that is the wrong question. The question here is why do you support and encourage criminal acts such as these? The fact of the matter is that you give the criminal everything that is needed in one neat package, victims with no means of defense, and yet you somehow avoid the blame. Do I think that every citizen should be armed? Absolutely not is my answer. The people should be making that choice for themselves, you have no right to make it for them, one way or the other. Unless prohibited by law, everyone that wants to keep and bear arms should be able to, after all the Constitution doesn’t disallow it and the Second Amendment is only a guarantee that the federal government can not infringe upon the right, but again that law is already with us and the criminals break that one, the next one will fare no better. No matter how many laws you pass and enact the only effect you will see from your efforts is continued criminal behavior. Your gun control efforts only provide a greater number of victims. Why are there so many victims? The answer is government provides them. Law abiding citizens obey the law, criminals do not. If you truly believe that guns are so evil why do you seek to enact laws that disarm the civilian population while at the same time seeking to provide more and better arms to law enforcement and the military? If guns are so evil, why do some of you own firearms? If guns are so evil, why do you have an armed security detail? Why are you constantly attempting and sometimes enacting legislation that only effect the lawful and never the unlawful? You see yourselves as leaders, but you do not have any idea what a leader is. Let me spell it out for you. A leader does just that they lead, and they lead from the front, setting the example. Show me that you are a leader, on your gun control measures, turn yours in, get rid of the armed security detail, enforce the laws on the books and really get down to the business of punishing criminals, then we can sit down and talk. As a matter of fact, do this with all your legislation, if it is such a good idea, be a good leader, you go first. No you will not do that, there will always be something hidden in the fine print that leaves you an out. One final question. What are you so afraid of? While I wait for the answers to the questions above, consider this, tell the truth to the people. I know full well that the answers will never come, the same as I know that you will not tell the truth to the people. Permit me to do this for you, I will tell them the truth which will provide the answers. The legislation you enact is not about providing a service or fulfilling a need, it only to control the population, continue to grow government and promote the culture of government dependence, while at the same time insulating yourselves and padding your wallets. The real and ugly truth is that you do nothing to control crime, if crime was eliminated you would have no further need to continue arming law enforcement. You seek to continue the march towards a Police State as the new America, where only the police, military and criminals have weapons, but where do you fit into this, you are not law enforcement and you are not in the military, only leaves one option doesn’t it. You will enact a law giving you law enforcement powers, that is a scary thought the law makers as the law enforcers. I seem to remember a country somewhere and sometime in history where the law makers were the enforcers, no wait, there have been many of them. They all had one thing in common, a really high mortality rate, seems the population had no means of self-defense. In the end there may only two kinds of people outside of government, victims and criminals, the criminals will be divided into two groups, true criminals and the former law-abiding citizens that you and your efforts have forced to become criminals because they would not and could not allow themselves or their families to become victims. The victims will be the victims of the true criminals, just as it has always been, they will never be the victims of the law-abiding, just as it has also always been. There will be only one kind of person inside government and since you seek to have all of the weapons you can not be the victim, leaves only one option doesn’t it. I leave you with this, you are not special, you have been entrusted with a special job, one that was never meant to be a career, you are a politician not a Statesman, you are a public servant not the master of the public, name calling is a sign of a weak position and is usually done by children on the playground when they lose, you have no right to make your opinion and views the law of the land, you have no right to exempt yourself from the law, America is great and special because of the people not the government and lastly America belongs to the people not the government.

An open letter to Business Owners.

Do you have the right to refuse service? Absolutely. Do you have the right to refuse access? Absolutely. Do you have the right to post a no firearms allowed sign at you Business? Absolutely. Do you provide an endless supply of victims? Absolutely. Will I do any commerce with you or your Business? Absolutely NOT. Now, this may be your own business or you may simply be the manager of a national chain that has a no gun policy. You may not in your private life be anti-gun, you chose to work there and in order to keep your job you must follow company policy. Unless you are moocher there is an understanding, you don’t work, you don’t eat. But, if this is your own business and that is your personal policy, for what ever reason, religious or political, you need to set the example, you are supposedly a type of leader. Do you post the same sign on the front door to your home? No, Well, why not, are you afraid that it will invite criminals into your home? You invited them to your business. Regardless, if there is a no-gun policy at your workplace, there are many resources available, courses of instruction if you will, that teach self-defense without a firearm. You could find these courses and offer them to the employees instead of leaving them totally defenseless. My point here is to teach Self-Defense and stop this stupid and dangerous practice of “shelter-in-place”. It is much harder to hit a moving target. I am not saying or even suggesting that someone run headlong into a hail of fire, or the path of a slashing knife or whatever the criminal chose as the tool of their trade, what I am saying is that there are already tools available at the workplace that can be deployed as a self-defense weapon, no one knows of them. Why, because they were never taught, so teach them, or have a professional do it for you and the criminals will never see it coming, force must be met with force, overwhelming if possible. The question of the ages is this, if you truly hate guns, why do you constantly call someone with a gun to your gun-free zone that has one, or are they welcome because they have a gun and a badge. The reason you had to call them in the first place is that you denied someone the same thing that they bring with them and you even advertised it inviting trouble. And finally this, you deny a law-abiding group which is the people who choose to exercise their Constitutional rights from your place of business and the liberals cheer you on. But if you deny a group that is on the approved government list of those that must be protected, even if just placed on the approved list, or give money to a cause that you support or supported at sometime in the past that was not, but is now is on the list of those needing protection, the same liberals that cheered you on for denying one will demand your head on a silver platter if you deny the other. I leave you with this, if you deny me any of my God-given rights or any rights guaranteed by the Constitution I will not be a faithful customer of your establishment, if on the other hand you do not impede or infringe on my rights I will be a faithful customer. I don’t mind paying extra for the same goods and services and will do so gladly. The one thing I will not do is give up any of my rights, God-given or otherwise to save a little money. I may even suffer a horrible fate, but it will not be because I was denied the means to defend myself.

They never intended to, their goal is to disarm the lawful.

They never intended to, their goal is to disarm the lawful.


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