Proving grounds, their uses and lessons learned

The World and even America has turned from modernization and civilization to becoming the proving ground for ideas.

The Ukraine has provided the latest proving ground of ideas. But why, was it intended to test ideas to be used here in America? The Ukraine as a “democracy” has had a very short life since the collapse of the U.S.S.R. The protests against an abusive and corrupt government, began as just that a protest. How did a protest turn so violent so fast? The same as it has always been done, agitators were introduced. What was the “final straw” by the government against the people? We will never know that answer. What was the original intent of the protests? We will never know that answer, either? The reason we will never know the answers is simple, they no longer matter and were never reported on earnestly. But they do matter and should be reported on. The protests in The Ukraine did not begin with the burning of buildings. One thing for certain, is that if they had originally intend to overthrow the government, they had no plan for what comes next. The federal government missed one important thing, The Crimea, they never even thought that a country would voluntarily rejoin with Russia as a subject country. This one thing changed the whole “game”, The Ukraine is so destabilized it also too may be lost to Russia. Now The Ukraine has an “interim” government. Where did they come from and how did they get appointed? Were they appointed by the people or were they selected by outside influences? Are the people satisfied with the new government? By the reaction of the people I would say that they are not. The Russian Pro-Separatists as they have been labeled are the catalyst provided by intervention. But who are they? They were first claimed to be Russian soldiers, turned out they were not Russian at all. Now the violence has spread throughout the country and will surely spread to neighboring countries. At what point will the “interim” government be forced to declare “martial Law” and who will decide for them? Time will tell. This proving ground is still providing lessons and those may prove to be catastrophic for America and the World. At some point Russia will step in either because they chose to or were left no choice.

While the “Crisis in The Ukraine” was developing and receiving 24 hour coverage, what similar event was unfolding here in America? Federal government over-reach, Bunkerville and The BLM. What was the reason for the sudden aggressive action by the BLM, the case has been in court and ongoing for years? What was the intent of the BLM, after all they are an arm of the federal government? Does the federal government have the answers to the questions above concerning the Ukraine? You bet they do. Was Bunkerville a test? You bet it was. Did the federal government get what they wanted? Yes and No. They now know that some in America will “stand their ground”. Did they set off a string of protests where instigators could be used to escalate the protest into violence? No. Will the federal government try something else? Definitely. What will they try next? That depends on the proving grounds. Is the media complicit in this? You bet they are. They have turned regional news stories into national news, if it fits their true agenda. This is best illustrated by the number of national news stories about firearms being used in citizen on citizen acts of violence. Is there a sudden increase in shootings, or just an increase in reporting? There may be the occasional report of a knife or similar implement being used if there are enough victims or if the act is brutal enough. The firearm use will be reported on if even there was only one victim. The use of a firearm in the act of self-defense will never make national news, and only get a short, if any, mention in regional news. People are murdered everyday around the world with many items other than with firearms, some are even murdered with hammers and other common items used in daily life but these acts will never make the headlines. One has to ask why, the answer is simple, their true agenda, they pick and choose.

The federal government has been “provided” with, and have even “provided” themselves with many other proving grounds to test their ideas and theories.

Libya was handed to BHO compliments of the E.U., our government had no “beef” with Libya or it’s dictator, yet we attacked. The rebels and insurgents were armed to fight against the government forces of the dictator. The dictator was overthrown and killed, a temporary government of sorts was put in power, again by who. Who are these people are they Libyans or are they some convenient surrogate? The federal government even established diplomatic relations with the new temporary government, even set up a diplomatic mission and embassy. Then the Ambassador and three other Americans were murdered. The administration and even BHO claimed it started as a protest over an internet video, knowing that it was a terrorist attack. The lie and the cover-up of the lie are just now coming into light, but I know that this will only serve to reveal all of the other ugly truths about the lies and will expose what else BHO and the administration are hiding. What was promised to the Libyan temporary government? What did the Libyan government promise in exchange for help? Other than weapons, what were they given? The lesson learned from this proving ground is the following. You can take a country from it citizens and give it to whom ever you choose.

Syria is a great proving ground. The masses attempting to overthrow an evil dictator, even better it is a dynasty, passed down from generation to generation, much like North Korea. The protests began peaceful enough the people making demands on government, then for some reason or because of outside influences the protests became violent. The rebels, insurgents or what ever you want to call them have been battling with government forces for over two years, and even come close yet. When the news broke that chemical weapons had been used in Syria, which incidentally was the “red line” that BHO had drawn in the sand the insurgents expected an immediate response from BHO. My position on the use of chemical weapons, the correct term when a weapon is used by the military is deployed, was that the insurgents were getting their “asses” handed to them , they deployed the weapons and blamed the government forces. This was the beginning of BHO using the expression “there will be consequences”. BHO could have done in Syria the same as he did in Libya as just ordered an attack, but he wanted help or a promise of help from the E.U. in return for his actions in Libya, the E.U. said no. BHO was stuck, he went to congress for approval. Then Putin and Russia stepped up in defense of Syria after all Russia has a Naval base in Syria. This proving ground provide the following lesson. Do not try to intimidate a country that has a big and powerful ally. Have you noticed lately the increasing trend of “pissing off” our friends and allies. Is BHO trying to alienate us and leave us alone with no friends to help should we have difficulties? Think about it.

Egypt is by far the best proving ground to date. The Arab Spring gave the world Egypt. The protests started like all others peaceful, then because of some event or outside influences they turned violent. The President of Egypt, think of him as you may, was a good ally helping to keep peace and order in the Middle-East. BHO said that the people have spoken and Mubarak had to go for the good of Egypt, a country that had been stable for years and held the Muslim Brotherhood at bay. Mubarak gave up power and the force his government held at bay for years was unleashed on Egypt. The brotherhood made life in Egypt unbearable on the Egyptians, the Egyptian military told the newly elected president, who as it happens was a muslim brotherhood leader, to get things right and gave him a time limit to get it done. Morsi the elected President, and leader of the muslim brotherhood, did not heed the warning. The Egyptian military arrested Morsi, removed him from office and took control of the Egyptian government. BHO and his administration went “nuts” demanding that Morsi be restored to power and the rightful and duly elected Egyptian government be re-instated. Lesson learned from this proving ground. Do not let the Military be large enough to remove you from power. Did you notice that not long after the Egyptian military removed Morsi from power, BHO and his minions began the plan to reduce the size of the U.S. military. Since the muslim brotherhood was rounded-up, contained and tried for crimes against Egypt and sentenced to death, all of them, BHO and his minions have said very little in regards to Egypt. Egypt may even realign with Russia, lost another friend and ally. What was the brotherhood promised by BHO for him to be such a steadfast supporter? What did the brotherhood offer to BHO for his friendship? We may soon find out.

Afghanistan though began as a noble effort turned into a proving ground for advanced weaponry. Who or what countries now possess those weapons? Who or what are their intended targets? Who got sold out?

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