What will happen when dawn breaks over Washington , District of Criminals?

Monday morning should prove to be an interesting time in Washington, D.C. to say the very least. BHO who was probably planning a golf outing, Friday’s revelations may have upset his plans. Maybe this is his “humpty dumpty” moment, but again he has had since Friday to prepare for Monday. He is going to need a really big distraction to avoid what is surely coming. But, who or what will provide cover? Which one of his minions will “fall on the sword” for this one, if needed? Something on a grand scale will be needed to draw the media attention away, no you won’t need to draw the media away they support you enthusiastically and even help spread your lies. You will need a way or reason to delay or prevent the congressional hearings in the House of Representatives that may already be planned. What event could cause America, the ones that want and demand answers, to become so distracted as to lose interest. Could one of you “friends” take it upon him or herself to cause a distraction for you? Could an event be staged that would place Washington, D.C. on lockdown? Yep, that would buy you another day or two, but would be obvious as hell. Could the daily press conference be cancelled or postponed? Yep, your mouthpiece could even call in sick, again obvious as hell. Could your “big money” friends cause a big sell-off on Wall Street in turn causing a run on the Banks? Oh yeah, now that would buy you a lot of time, again obvious as hell, the stock market was doing splendidly. Could Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 all of a sudden turn up in a satellite photo in a country that is hostile towards the West, being loaded with a nuclear weapon or any weapon of mass destruction, and ready for flight? Now that would require some serious explaining. You could announce that the nuclear waste dump was on fire and would have to evacuate many thousands of square miles of the west. Nope already had that one, wasted it. The BLM could descend on Bunkerville again, with different rules of engagement, after all some of the people who Harry claimed to be “domestic terrorists” are still in the area. That would require a lot of explaining also. There are endless possibilities that could provide a distraction and buy time, but eventually, as your favorite reverend said, “the chickens have come home to roost”. My advice, “man-up” tell the truth about Benghazi and all the rest, then “just let the chips fall where they may”, you do it don’t send a mouthpiece. I’ll be getting up early regardless.


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