Conservative versus Liberal logic

Today I spent the tidy sum of $1,623.16 on a tires, shocks, struts and an alignment on a truck that is over 14 years old with well over 300,000 miles that on a good day only gets 17 mile per gallon.

Conservative logic. My truck has been paid off for well over 12 years and still runs great but the paint is a little faded and chipped in places. Why would I replace something that still works and is dependable? I bought it as it was being unloaded from the car hauler, other than 1.6 miles they are all my miles, even smoked in it on the test drive before signing the papers, sure shocked the salesman.

Liberal logic. I could have saved myself $1,623.16 in repair costs. I could have bought a new truck that would have come with new tires, shocks, struts and would have already been aligned, plus it would have fresh new paint and as a bonus it might get 20 mile per gallon. Just think I would have a new truck with a warranty, new parts and would get better gas mileage and would only cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $48,000. I could probably get 0% financing for 6 or 7 years saving a ton of money on interest, and I would buy gas less often.

Conservative logic. How long would I have to drive a new truck making monthly payments and only getting 3 miles per gallon more than my old truck that was paid for just to get my $48,000 back? By then it would surely need new tires, shocks, struts, alignment and no telling what else. Then what, by another new one? Using liberal logic I sure could save a lot of money on repairs, but I sure would be in debt forever. As long as mine runs and remains dependable I will continue to drive it and save me $48,000 in the mean time. Who knows it may last me a lifetime, think of the money I save using Conservative logic.

Liberal logic. There IS NONE!!!!!!!

Conservative logic. Do not wait until something is broken to fix it. Fix or repair something that is breaking. It costs less in the long run. Broken things can cause collateral damage, drastically raising the cost, possibly to a level that can not be affordable.

Conservative advice. Fix our breaking country.

Try it.

Try it.


2 thoughts on “Conservative versus Liberal logic

  1. Reblogged this on Ace Finance News 2014 and commented:
    #AFN2014 – Just added your excellent post to finance news, has the same box arrangement if you ever want to use. Also l have done a similar exercise for myself and clients, having spent 30 years in finance and debt management . It is amazing when you work out how much you really save, we are so easily conned by bright sparkly and new.

    Thanks for link on Ace News Services 🙂

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