Unintended consequences

Unintended consequences will always come to light, soon after the good idea, or what was thought to be one, is either passed into law or made mandatory by the administration.

The 18th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which abolished liquor may have seemed like a good idea to some in 1919, turned out to be a bad idea for all. I have thought on and studied this idiotic idea and can not come up with even one thing that would be a positive consequence. First revenue. The government was voluntarily giving up a source of revenue, every thing is taxed in one way or another and most are taxed repetitively. Second unemployment. The people who were employed at the breweries and distilleries suddenly found themselves unemployed. Third more lost revenue. The people who lost their jobs could not spend as they had nothing to spend, thereby effecting the economy of the surrounding areas. How many people lost their jobs, because others found themselves without a job. The truck drivers were not delivering goods to warehouses, stores or establishments, fewer people were going to restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Less delivery trucks were needed, how many in the automotive industry, manufacturing or repairs, found themselves out of work because of decreased demand. Service stations as they were known in those days were effected as there was less demand for fuel. How many lives were effected by lost wages? How much total revenue was lost during this time? The ripple effect of even one industry closing has effects out as far as the eye can see. Fourth the borders to the north and south were not secure then, the same as now. Canada and Mexico were still brewing and distilling, thereby providing a product that was still very much in demand, and profiting greatly from the stupidity of another. Fourth crime. Say hello to “bootleggers” and organized crime and a dramatically elevated crime rate. Fifth the Great Depression. Could the Great Depression have been prevented or lessened to a Deep Recession had the 18th Amendment never happened? Possibly. One thing for sure with the passage of the 21st Amendment in 1933, which repealed the 18th Amendment, a lot of people went to work earning wages, paying taxes and supporting the local economy, just 14 years earlier the 18th amendment seemed like such a good idea. 14 years of lost wages and revenue, for what, government’s good idea!!!!!!!! And finally you caused normally good and decent law-abiding citizens to participate in criminal activity just by enjoying a cold one or two after a long hard days work, just because you had a good idea, or so you thought.

Demanding that motor vehicles get better fuel mileage has had unintended consequences. Less revenue for the government, as less fuel is purchased, less highway taxes and less other taxes are paid. Less money is available for road repair, resurfacing or just plain improvements. The expression of “infrastructure decay” began shortly after government demands for increased fuel economy. People are still buying fuel, but motor vehicles getting better mileage combined with the constantly increasing prices has made the dollars go less distance, in other word words the cars are going farther on shorter roads. The demands on automakers to increase fuel mileage will soon if not already have a detrimental effect on safety, yet another unintended consequence. The vehicles are getting better fuel mileage, buying less fuel which leads to paying less highway taxes, using the highways and the highways and roads are needing repair. Now What? You want to place toll booths on the interstates. Where will the money come from to build the toll-booths up and down the many interstates? If there is no money for repairs, where will toll booth construction dollars come from. Will you steal it out of some other pile of money? Will you simply borrow it from some foreign government? How will you pay the many people who will be hired to support another money grabbing operation, after all they will surely be employed by some government agency? Will you claim that these jobs were created to repair the infrastructure of America? Then there is this “good idea” you have, highway usage taxes paid at the time of purchasing fuel. How the hell will you figure that? Will a lighter vehicle pay less than a heavy one, after all lighter vehicles cause less wear and tear. Or do they, their sheer numbers cause a lot of wear and tear. For me to get to town I use a combination of the following, a private road, that I alone maintain without any of your infrastructure dollars, a county road, cross over another county road and a state road, the last three are paid for with fuel purchases. How much more do you want? You should have thought about the loss of and less revenue, before demanding better fuel mileage. But that would have required thought, but you are incapable of that, so you would have paid tax dollars for a study or a commission to do that for you. Think about this many states get a lot of revenue from motor vehicle tags, people will stop making trips of less importance and may even eliminate the second or third car, having the unintended consequence of states losing revenue because of less motor vehicle registrations. Fewer vehicles on the road means less fuel purchases, thus compounding the problem and on and on it goes. What tax or fee will you seek next to make up another shortage that you alone caused? You are not capable of thought on your own, therefore you are unworthy to lead, you are too proud to follow, so do us all a favor and just get the hell out-of-the-way and let the private sector fix this and all the other unintended consequences you have caused, give them room and let them go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On your stupidity on gun control. You were never about controlling crime, you are about citizen control and making law-abiding citizens as dependent on government as your voluntary slaves are. The population of Americans that own firearms do so and the reasons run the entire gamut, from just to piss you off, self-defense, hunting or just to collect and preserve a piece of history, maybe an heirloom. Think on this for a moment. People do hunt, the money used to purchase licenses from the states for hunting are used to by various agencies within the state for wildlife management, and in some that is their only source of revenue. Again how many people would their jobs that depend on hunting? How many jobs depend on hunters? Gas stations, restaurants and even some large chain stores, not to mention entire industries that support hunting, clothing and the like. Not only that how many jobs would be lost in the firearms manufacturing industry and those that support it, manufacturers of ammunition and the like, and the ones that depend on it, shop owners. Who would occupy the empty buildings? Did you not learn anything from the 18th Amendment. Our economy is fragile, bordering on if not already in another recession, and the loss of an industry as large as the firearms industry would send us into another depression, even larger than the last. Say hello to crime again. As I said you are about population control not crime control, this path you are on will do the same as the 18th Amendment did, make criminals out of normally law-abiding citizens. As for me you will have to want to take it more than I want to keep it. The criminals will always be criminals and will seek the easiest victim or target.

I did not mention Benghazi, the IRS, Fast and Furious, Obamacare and the rest because of one important thing they all have in common. There were no unintended consequences in any of them. BHO and his administration knew exactly what they were doing and did not care about the consequences. This is best demonstrated by the demands and actions of the “elected” current leader of Afghanistan, he demanded money, a sort of “tribute”, for each “civilian” killed by military actions in that lovely country, and he was paid. He as a responsible leader should have done his best to protect the population by ensuring their safety, but instead he viewed them as a positive cash flow, and did nothing to ensure their safety, while he held up in a palace that was more of a fortress, safe and secure. There have been reports that he may be “coming to America”, Afghanistan might be unkind to him. But if he comes, will he be alone, or will many, many friends come with him? I close with this concerning the payments of “tribute”. Three important things about Libya, the airstrike that killed an armored vehicle occupied by insurgents, the theft of equipment at an American supply depot, unguarded of course, and finally the murder of 4 Americans, where after over 20 months not a single person responsible has been captured or killed. Did the administration pay a “tribute”?



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