The federal government is a powerful and fearsome tool against the citizens, not so much against our true enemies,radical Islamic terrorists

The former Secretary of State did not label and identify the radical Islamic terrorist group Boko Harum a terrorist organization or group, which has now set about kidnapping young school age girls. This group has now threatened to sell the girls on the open market. The excuse that they were not identifying them as a terrorist group because it would draw attention to them and possibly influencing recruitment of more radicals into the group, is absurd. Could this be one of the terrorist organizations that BHO said were only JV? I fail to understand why BHO and his administration fear offending the radical Islamic terrorists. Surely by now BHO and his administration have seen or heard the stories of what happens to children and women under radical Islamic law, girls suffer genital mutilation, boys are raped, women are suppressed, oppressed have no rights to an education or pursuit of a career and are second or even third class humans, falling behind livestock and possessions in importance. Homosexuals are routinely killed. Women who are raped are beaten or stoned to death for the crime of being a victim. What happens to a woman who defends herself and kills her attacker? What happens to the ones with birth defects, or have extreme mental health issues, or are the wrong sect of the state religion when caught by a group of the other sect of the same religion? What happens when they catch a Christian? So much for the religion of peace. BHO and his administration are attempting the make a friend of something they do not understand, or do they. They may be using each other, to some end.

The present Senate Majority Leader wasted no time in labeling and identifying the Patriots who went to Bunkerville, NV domestic terrorists. What would be the benefit of labeling someone a domestic terrorist. The FBI would be free to investigate you. The IRS would surely audit you. Would the NDAA be used against you? The NSA would monitor you, even closer than before. The full weight and force of the federal government would be brought down on you for doing the right thing, when it should be brought to bear on the real terrorists, the radical Islamic terrorists, the true enemies.

I ask this of the liberals in Washington D.C. in general and the liberals in America in Particular, which would you choose for a friend? A true Patriot that stands for right no matter the cost to him or her, or an enemy who when has no more use of you cuts off your head and them begins on your children and grandchildren. Choose one.

I’ll take the Patriots any day, they are with you and will stand by you through “thick and thin” and will ask nothing of you. That is what it means or should mean to be an American.

Enough said

Enough said


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