Another seeminly good idea that will cause unintended consequences

I watched a video recently concerning a planned rally in Gettysburg, at the battlefield, with the plans to show, no prove, to America and the World that Whites are not racists. The races mainly Black and White will “stand shoulder to shoulder” in a demonstration to the world that racism is dead in America. Just think a Rally to prove that racism is dead at the place where slavery was abolished, an appropriate symbol you would think. Seems like a good idea, right? No, it is yet another bad idea. Why do the citizens of America, of all races, have to prove anything to anybody? The first word and indeed the proper title of this country should answer all questions, and prove to the world that we are United, not just the States united, but all of America united.

Even if this rally were to prove to America and the World that racism were indeed dead, what rally would be planned next to disprove the next allegation of an “ism” or an “ist” being leveled against a person. What sort of rally would be needed to disprove as allegation of being a “sexist” when a woman is criticized? Where could it be held? What kind or rally would be needed if a person was labeled a “racist sexist”? Where could it be held? The allegations and personal reputation assaults of being labeled a “racist” or a “sexist” is driven by what? These allegations are most often used by liberals and mainly used when they can not prove their point and begin losing the debate.

Why then does a person have to disprove the allegations of being called and even labeled an “ist” of any sort, or accused in engaging in an “ism” of any sort? Why has the burden of proof shifted from the accuser to the accused? If you label someone then prove it damn it.

Sadly racism and all the other labels used to destroy lives in America are not dead. Why is that you ask? Some people earn a considerable living keeping them alive, people who have lost relevancy in life if they ever were relevant to start with. Constantly stirring the pot, so to speak, blaming other races or sexes for their failures because they were held back, paid less or just plain left behind. This is America you have, or at least had, Freedoms and Liberties like no other place on earth and squandered all of them to listen, follow and believe in someone who used you and are in fact they are the very ones who held you back and prevented you from accomplishing all that you could have accomplished in your life. How you ask? They threw a “pity party”, you were invited, and you came? To think someone like that claims to be a leader.

The “select committee” on Benghazi will cause a fusillade of accusations like no other, but the truth must be told.



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