You go first

The present Secretary General of the United Nations seems to think that world hunger can be eliminated if the wealthy nations, meaning successful and civilized, send more food and money to the poorer nations, meaning failed and uncivilized. If he thinks that is such a good idea, I suggest he try first by doing this. As I have said many times before if you are a leader then get out front and lead. Sell off the assets of the United Nations, give up his personal fortune, and have all the like-minded Ambassadors and their staff do the same thing and send the money to the poor nations of the world and see how the money is spent. Will they buy food or weapons? Probably weapons, and there will still be no food, they would simply be armed and hungry, hunger would not be solved with that amount of money. A bad idea. Try this idea, divide the money in halves, use one half to purchase food and send it to them, and send the other half in cash. No, that would not work either. They would simply eat up all the food sent to them and buy weapons with the cash, once again hungry but only half as well armed. Another bad idea. Here is another idea, take the money you gathered up and buy only food and send it to them, they would simply eat up all the food you sent them, and in short order would be hungry once again. Waiting, starving and expecting another hand-out. Another bad idea. The Palestinian people are the best example of this, They want their own country, they could have had their own country, all that was required was to recognize Israel. They will not do that. They could be farming their own land and harvesting their own food. But they will not do that. Israel has found away to farm the desert and could have taught the Palestinians to do the same, but no all the Palestinians grow in the desert are terrorists and wait for the world to feed them. There is an old saying, Give a man a fish he eats for a day, Teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime. The countries of the world that are starving have made that choice, or their governments chose that path for them. North Korea is another fine example, they simply blackmail the world into feeding them. They produce and purchase weapons with what little wealth they have and then demand that the world feed them. And finally this the terrorists seem to be better fed than the masses. I have not seen any emaciated terrorists firing their AK-47’s, they all look rather healthy and well fed to me. Now who do you feed with your food programs? Find a better use for the money you spend, actually waste. One other thing about the food given to poor underfed countries, it is a weapon turned on those you intended to help.

The present head and leader of the Catholic Church seems to think that poverty around the world can be eliminated by the process of wealth redistribution. I point this out again, you are a leader, get out front and lead, you go first. Sell off the assets of the church and give up your personal wealth, gather it all up and send all the poor and equal share and see what you get for your efforts. How will they use the money? How soon before they are once again poor? The only way you and the church have so much is because of what, poor people making donations, or was it the wealthy supporting the church. No poor man ever gave another a job. Before you start sending money all over the world consider this it can be a useful tool or a powerful weapon, or put another way a servant or master.

All these “good ideas” of ending hunger and poverty will only bring the world to ruin, or is this what you intend. You can not help them that will not help themselves. No amount of food, money, programs and government interference can fix the problems of the world, the people have to do that. Instead of creating a world of dependence, teach independence. But if you truly believe your ideas will work, you go first and tell us how it worked out. They both stink of communism.

And this, coming back from visiting my mother today, listening to the radio, yep talk radio, I heard the most amazingly stupid thing from the host on the 3pm to 6pm slot. The host was all in favor and supporting the stupid idea that the U.S. Military Special Forces be the one to go to Nigeria and rescue the kidnapped girls. I am constantly astonished by the fact that people who have not even served one day in the military are so willing to send young men and women into harms way. Do this enlist and put on the uniform, follow all lawful orders even if you disagree with them, live the life or shut up.


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