What happens when the money finally runs out?

In the American home that is supported by independent, self-reliant, self-sufficient and self-determined, commonly known as responsible, individuals this rarely happens. Why, is answered by this, prioritization, the needs are met first and then the wants. The basic needs of food, clothing and shelter are met first, after these are met the less important needs are met, the last would be the niceties and luxuries. The responsible also manage to save a little to see themselves through disasters, hard times and even retirement. The family budget breaks the money down into separate piles, if the important pile runs low, money must be taken from a less important pile to ensure the more important is accomplished. This is called adjustment to events. If the money being earned is not enough, the responsible will find a way to earn more even if they have to make personal sacrifices. This called self-reliance. The responsible know and understand the value of a dollar because they earned it. These people understand that their financial life is their responsibility and constantly make adjustments and even sacrifices to achieve the goal, even if that means selling possessions. This is called planning.

In the American home that is not supported by independent, self-reliant, self-sufficient and self- determined, commonly known as irresponsible mooching, individuals this always happens. Why, is answered by this, no prioritization, the needs and wants are at the same level of importance, even the wants, niceties and luxuries are sometimes met first. The irresponsible will never save anything for any reason. If the money being given to the irresponsible is not enough to pay for their life and lifestyle they will simply ask for more or steal it. Why, is answered by this, the irresponsible have been taught government dependence, not independence. The irresponsible simply wait for the next government check or social program. These people do not know or understand the value of a dollar because they have not earned it. They do not make personal sacrifices, or adjustments for they have only one goal and one plan, spending other people’s money.

Government has at no time ever earned a single dollar and has become as dangerous as the irresponsible moochers. The irresponsible moochers either do not understand or do not care that the money provided to them by government to finance and pay for their existence was taken by force from the responsible. The irresponsible also do not understand that the money forced from the responsible to operate the government must be broken done in to separate piles to pay for all that the government does do. The piles of money should be filled in order of importance, prioritizing needs and wants. There is a pile for Defense, a pile for Roads, bridges and highways, a pile for education, a pile for just about everything even the welfare programs. If the money in an important pile runs low, the responsible thing to do would be to move money out of a less important pile and put it in the more important pile. But the government is irresponsible and keeps the want pile filled while stripping the need piles. The government is constantly saying that they need additional revenue to operate, in truth they only want more revenue. The needs are not covered, they cover the wants first. Case in point, The VA the second largest department in the federal government has a secret waiting list to meet the needs of injured American service members, but had enough funds to buy new office furniture. Again satisfying a want before a need. Another case in point, BHO saying that the cupboard was going to be bare, concerning bridges and roads, would it not be the responsible thing to do to move funds from a less important pile to the bridges and roads pile after all the responsible need to get to work to support the irresponsible and that includes government. I would say no as demonstrated by government continuing the practice of placing wants before needs. This is corruption at its finest.

I understand bugs are dangerous to agriculture and pose quite a risk and must be dealt with in a harsh and decisive manner but shooting them is a bit much. Arming the Department of Agriculture is being done for one of two reasons, food stamp money may be running low and the hoards will descend on the local agriculture office demanding their government cheese, or they intend to raid and seize the gardens of the responsible.

When the money runs out and it will, the irresponsible will descend on government like a flock of buzzards on road-kill.

The responsible are not the problem and will not be the ones burning down the government offices, it will be the irresponsible. Why, simple the responsible plan for the future and have belief in the future. The responsible know that they are in control, and that one day sanity and prioritization will return to government. The responsible can simply quit being responsible and quit participating and supporting government irresponsibility, but that would be irresponsible. When I buy bananas, I choose those that are still a little green, they will get ripe in time.


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