Selective enforcement

A terrible door was opened when BHO began on his own, without Congress, delaying aspects of Obamacare and allowing waivers for certain groups. Congress took no action to stop him then, and now can take no action to stop the liberal agenda. The actions of BHO and the inactions of Congress have now ushered in the era of selective enforcement. If the trend of inaction by Congress continues they will give BHO and his administration complete and total control of the government and the people. It will be here, as it was in Nazi Germany when the Enabling Act was made law. The Congress, Parliament as it was known, had no authority to pass legislation, Hitler and his henchmen made and enforced all laws, the Constitution was null and void. The Weimar Constitution was never repealed, it was simply nullified by the Enabling Act. The biggest problem with selective enforcement is that it begins with selecting who the laws are enforced upon and who is exempt from enforcement, as one group is helpless the next group is chosen for enforcement, eventually eliminating all opposition. Think that can not happen here.

The IRS singling out the Tea Party groups was the use of an arm of the administration for enforcement of tax laws and codes. The Tea Party groups had to meet different standards than liberal groups. The silencing of the opposition began with this. Was this action taken by the administration on its own or did congress authorize it? Who will be silenced by the actions of the administration, and the inaction of Congress next? It may even be revealed that some members of Congress approved and encouraged the IRS actions, yes both parties. Added to this the IRS does not pursue tax cheats with the same aggression, some are not pursued at all and even given administration posts, while others are constantly hounded.

The sudden aggression by the BLM, in Bunkerville, has yet to be explained or justified by government.

Then there is this, the training, arming and equipping the law enforcement agencies and agencies in the administration just as well if not better than the military. For what purpose? Is there an external threat being faced in America that the population is unaware of? Is there an internal threat caused by selective enforcement of the borders? Or does the government fear the people? For a liberal administration, with liberal supporters that are so opposed to guns, none have even let out a whimper about the governments acquisition of ammunition, weapons and explosives. Are they really okay with the government having all the guns and power? As pointed out in previous posts the money used to fund the social welfare programs are a constant and unnecessary drain on the national treasure. The public, that is tax, money may be running out, the only money left soon may be personal wealth.

If enforcement of immigration laws is silly, why do we even have and pay for border patrol. If you do not enforce these laws why maintain an agency that is supposed to enforce the laws? What is their purpose? Could they be used to keep the people in that wish to escape persecution? No one is being kept out. The Border Patrol Agents are told to run away and seek cover if an illegal throws rocks at them. Will they have the same orders when people try to escape?

The time for Americans to unite is upon us, we can not let government separate us. What matters to you may not matter to me, and what matters to me may not matter to you, however we must stand for each other. If any group is silenced and falls by the wayside there will be fewer people to defend you, when your time comes, and it will.

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