Dangerous times ahead

The old adage, The ends justify the means, may come into play as the VA scandal unfolds. The secret waiting lists at the various VA Centers and Hospitals could have been purposeful. It was not all that long-ago that some liberal members of Congress openly stated “anyone who served in the military needed their heads examined”. The deaths that occurred while waiting for treatment at the VA will be divided into two groups, 1 those that died while awaiting medical treatment or procedures, 2 those that committed suicide while waiting for psychological counseling or treatment. Then the numbers will come into play. The numbers of veterans seeking medical treatment will be higher than veterans seeking psychological treatment, therefore the percentage of deaths by suicide will be greater. The numbers will be adjusted to raise the percentage, 1% of 100 is 1%, 1% of 10 is 10%, this is easily done, using smoke an mirrors, using these numbers a 10% suicide rate among veterans waiting for psychological help must be addressed. The various ways a person chooses to end their life will not be broken down into separate groups. Do you see where this is going yet? Yet another arm of the administration of BHO is going to be enabled by the Congress to make law. Congress will make no law requiring a psychological screening of veterans using VA psychological services, the VA will do it in the name of care. If a veteran fails the psychological screening, or refuses to submit to psychological screening, he or she could be placed on a list prohibiting the purchase or possession of firearms until such time the screening was passed. This requirement could be easily expanded to require all VA patients to undergo psychological screening. Would anyone pass? There may be a decline in the number of suicides by firearms, but the suicide rate would remain the same. The liberal politicians and the media would tout the success of mental health identification and restriction of firearm possession as a key element in reducing suicide by firearm. The NRA even said it is not a gun problem it is a mental health problem. Why the VA you ask? As a percent of the total population veterans are a very small part and our numbers drop daily. Where next would this lead? Do not think this can not happen.

Veterans are highly trained, motivated, skilled, disciplined and have a very strong sense of right and wrong. Think on this, many veterans are law enforcement officers or security personnel and are required to qualify with and carry firearms. They are required to do so to ensure continued employment. Could any of them pass an impassable test? I and many others do not use the VA, but I am sure they are working on that matter. The VA may even use the DOD to force us into coming to the VA for a screening, after all, the retirees are still subject to recall to duty up to a certain age. All the information they need to locate and identify retired veterans is available from the IRS, by way of a 1099R. The other veterans are also easy enough to find.

This is not about mental health, it is about gun control using a tactic straight out of Nazi Germany and the Enabling Act, attacking the smallest group first, then moving to the next. The VA could be used to disarm all of the veterans starting with the patients at the VA. All in the name of mental health. Why the veterans you ask?

I see many types of people at the local public shooting range, shooting all types of rifles and handguns, the veterans stand out. The shooters with military training as mentioned above are highly trained, motivated, skilled and disciplined and it shows in their shooting ability and accuracy. The shooters who have no military training empty the magazine as fast as they possibly can rarely hitting the target, and can barely control the gun. We refer to them as “spray and pray”.

There are many stories in history of a small group of highly trained, determined and motivated men and/or women bringing a much larger force to a complete halt on the battlefield. There are even stories of a single person stopping a much larger force in their tracks.

Now I will answer the question of why disarm the veterans first. The government is arming and preparing for who knows what. But if they are up to no good who would they rather face well-trained, highly motivated and determined or “spray and pray”.

Another old adage goes, “You can’t see the forest for the trees”. If the trees are everywhere you are in the forest. Let’s not lose sight of the “big picture”. This administration deserves to be watched like a hawk. Don’t be so focused on one scandal that we miss the real plan. I am still skeptical of the timing of all these revelations coming out of and about this administration.


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