Inheritance, ownership, responsibility and denial

You would think that after nearly 6 years the liberals would quit blaming the former President and his administration for all that is wrong in America, the government and the world, sadly this is not the case.

BHO did not inherit the office of President of The United States of America. He actively campaigned for the office, he wanted to be president no one made him take the job and it was not forced upon him. He wanted to be president for the perks and rewards, but wants and accepts none of the responsibility. The liberal media refuses to lay the failures at his feet and by this, they have aided him in his role as a president who can not be held accountable, and therefore none of his administration is accountable. Everything rolls right off of them much like water rolls off a ducks back. BHO became president of a nation engaged in 2 wars, wars being waged in the open not in secret, he knew they were ongoing while campaigning for president. The VA has been having troubles for years, everyone knew that, everyone promises to fix the VA, but no one does. BHO was even awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after becoming president of a nation at war, based on what, promising to end the wars. A war that was won in Iraq was lost, and that nation has erupted in violence. Libya was attacked without provocation and that nation has erupted into violence that mat escalate into a civil war. Four Americans were killed in Benghazi, that would be Libya, the very same Libya that was attacked without provocation and destabilized. Syria was threatened with military action for the alleged use of chemical weapons, the threats were thwarted by the intervention of Russia and the fact no allies would join in. The liberal media occasionally reports on the renewed violence Iraq and Libya but will not lay the blame at the feet of those responsible for the failures in foreign policy and will certainly not say the truth, that there is no foreign policy in this administration. Complete ownership of Libya and Syria is with the BHO administration, but since there was no one to “inherit” these two disasters from there is no one to blame.

In addition to having total ownership of Libya, Benghazi and Syria, BHO and his administration has complete ownership of Fast and Furious, NSA spying, Obamacare, the use of the IRS to target the opposition, the BLM land grabs and the VA secret waiting list, these and many more have happened on the watch of the BHO administration and still no one accepts the responsibility or has been blamed for the failures and the liberal media remains silent. Why, the same as before there was no one to “inherit” these disasters from and therefore there can be no blame or responsibility. Although there have been liberals that blame the VA scandal on the waging of two illegal wars. Soon there may even be some “buffoon” who will blame the VA patients themselves for being wounded. Bureaucrats at the IRS and the VA have received bonuses for poor or no service. How can one receive bonuses for poor service unless that was a requirement to receive the bonus in the first place. Were the bonuses at the IRS dependent on how many of the opposition you could silence? Were the bonuses at the VA dependent on how many veterans you could deny services or lie about how much service was given?

The failed foreign policy, or better the lack of a foreign policy of this administration has cost more than the loss of Iraq, the impending loss of Afghanistan, the destabilization of Libya and the latest, the crisis in the Ukraine, it may well cause the collapse of NATO. Iraq was lost and Afghanistan will be lost for the same reasons, the failure of this administration to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement(SOFA) with either country. How could this happen? BHO has no experience and is unwilling to negotiate, look at his record of negotiating with the republicans in congress where his policy is my way or the highway. Now we come to the latest foreign policy blunder, Russia, the Ukraine and the Crimea. Still no blame for BHO. Now BHO wants to clarify his foreign policy, frankly I do not see how the non-existent can be any clearer.

Think on this if you will. At a will reading you learn that you have been given a house, the same house that you always wanted and now you have it. You have just been given ownership of a house, the previous owner is no longer responsible for the house you are. It is a nice looking house so you decide to move in. Shortly after moving in and getting settled in your new home it begins to rain, as the rain becomes a downpour you discover that the roof leaks. You gather buckets, pots, pans and anything you can to catch the water to minimize the water damage. After the rain subsides you dispose of the captured water and climb on the roof for a look. You discover that the roof is corrupted and must be either repaired or replaced. You are angry about the condition of the roof, you forget for a moment that the corrupted roof is your roof, you begin to complain that the house you “inherited” has a corrupted roof and demand that the previous owner be held accountable. After all it is not your fault, all of your “friends” agree with you and together all blame the former owner. Then you remember that the corrupted roof is your roof and the former owner is not responsible for the roof you are. Then you make a really bad decision, even you have no roofing experience you decide to do it yourself. The harder you try the worse you make it, you are in over your head. The small corruption that was is now big corruption and the clouds are gathering. You again began to complain about the roof which had only a small leak will now have a big leak, all your “friends” agree that the leak is going to be bigger, because there was a small leak to begin with and the small leak was not your fault. Your “friends” will not tell you that it was you who made it worse than it was. You begin to gather buckets, pots and pans to catch the impending rain, but you discover that you do not have enough to catch the rain, your “friends” give you their buckets, pots and pans to catch the water to minimize the water damage. This process will continue on and on until you have completely corrupted the roof and nothing will keep the rain out, there will not be enough buckets, pots or pans in the world that can save the house from ruin. And still you and your “friends” will blame the former owner for the original leak, and you will even claim that the leak was getting worse anyway and your attempting to fix it without experience had nothing to do with it growing and ruining the house. What you needed from the start, when the leak was small and could be contained was a friend that did not always agree with you and would tell you the truth even if your feelings were hurt. He may even have said, hey you are no roofer you need a professional roofer, you will only make it worse. Your true friend would have also told you that your house is deeply in debt and that the whole house was your responsibility, the good and the bad. But you do not now or have you ever had such a friend as this. You will instead sit in the rain with no roof over your head and blame others for the rain, the water damage and the fact that you now have no roof, in a constant state of denial with all of your “friends”. Give the jet a rest and find a friend that will tell you the truth, your roof still leaks, your house is deep in debt, many of your neighbors are unemployed and the clouds are gathering.



4 thoughts on “Inheritance, ownership, responsibility and denial

  1. Part of his radical agenda is to blame any/ all Republicans for his and the Democrats dismal failures. The ‘low information voter’ is his target and BHO has NO ethical qualities nor integrity.

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