Was it another pesky video?

BHO has ordered a U.S. Naval ship and 1,000 Marines to the shores of Libya and ordered that all Americans leave Libya. 4 quick questions.
1. Did the administration receive information about another anti-muslim video being released on you tube? No it won’t be this one the administration has already used it and soon will have a lot of explaining to do, or maybe they won’t. The only people who care about the murders at Benghazi are the same ones that always cared and wanted the truth. The administrations supporters even quit blaming the video and followed the “what difference at this point does it make” chorus.
2. Did the administration receive credible intelligence of a credible threat to Americans? If this was the case the administration must have missed the first Benghazi attack.
3. Did the embassy staff ask to be evacuated because the violence in Libya has become so widespread that no foreigners are safe? If this is the case the whole Benghazi cover-up will explode. The ambassador, Christopher Stevens had repeatedly asked for additional personnel and resources in the weeks and days leading up to him and three other Americans Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty being murdered. The requests were denied or ignored. No help was sent prior to or during the attack.
4. Or could it be that they must be evacuated to prevent more Americans being killed with weapons provided to terrorists by the administration, kind of fast and furious 2.0? If the administration does not evacuate and lets it happen, it will bring us all the way back to the point where Brian Terry, a U.S. Border Patrol agent was murdered with weapons provided by the administration to Mexican criminals, and that has yet to be answered for.

For now I believe the worry in question #4 is correct for the following reasons:
1. There is no suspect video, and if a video was made of the attack on the embassy it would show the use of weapons and equipment supplied by the administration being utilized to kill Americans. A public relations nightmare that could never explained away, and no one, not even the staunchest supporters could say “what difference at this point does it make”.
2. The “telegraphing” to the enemy that the Marines are coming and then we are leaving, don’t shoot. The terrorists have won. Libya was destabilized by the administration and will now be abandoned, much like Somalia was in the 1990’s. The world has seen what the foray into Somalia left the world, a terrorist pirate haven. This may not have been what was intended, but this was the gift to the world by a failed foreign policy.

I believe that Libya is being abandoned for the following reasons and they are intentional and sinister:
1. The muslim brotherhood has no home. Egypt caught many of them after their ouster from power, threw them in prison, tried, convicted and sentenced to them death. The ones that escaped are spread across Northern Africa and the Middle-East. Libya is their best choice for gathering and a resurgence in power. Libya is lawless and open for occupation.
2. The brotherhood is broke, no cash the assets they had were mainly in Egypt and are unavailable. Libya has energy resources that can be converted into cash.
3. The administration stood by the brotherhood when they were oustered and demanded that they be reinstated to power. If they can not have Egypt, then why not give them Libya.

The staunchest supporters of this administration remind me of the people who were used as advertising props for the old Tareyton cigarettes ads, sporting a black eye and saying “Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch”. Personally I found the taste terrible and the two part filter lacking in substance, a bad combination terrible with no substance. Never could understand how any one could stand by that brand. Bought a pack once opened it, lit one, put it out, field stripped it and bought a pack of Camels. Never bought Tareytons again. Kept the Tareytons to give to anyone who asked if they could “borrow” a smoke, I’d give them one, they never asked for another. Those 19 people either gave up smoking or gave up bumming smokes.


9 thoughts on “Was it another pesky video?

  1. ‘pesky video’ or perhaps my offended muslim saw a picture of Sarah Plain… but in any case, WHY weren’t our murdered citizens no called home when this gov. was given ample waring? Can’t believe we have such a horrid regime.

    • The why is because of no accountability of government and the exchange of favors or payment of debts or demands. Remember some distinguished members of congress and the administration said they “knew” who were the good terrorists and some even wanted to recognize them as the legitimate government.

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