Another example of getting it wrong

Yet another fine example of BHO and his administration getting it all totally “ass backwards”. BHO has told the terrorists across the Middle-East exactly what will occur in the next two years. The U.S. military will cease combat operations this year, a force of 9,800 will remain to train the Afghani forces through 2015 then draw down to a force of 5,000 and that their will only be embassy and security by the end of 2016. What a treasure trove of free intelligence, and by the president no less, they can trust him because he is not their president and will not lie to them. Why on earth would the commander-in-chief intentionally inform the enemy of the future plans of the U.S. military and give the enemy or potential enemy the exact date that America and its interests would be the most vulnerable to attack? The new foreign policy agenda is the same as the old one, meaning that there is not one, but with the added feature to nothingness the stupidity of disclosing to enemies and potential enemies his unwillingness to engage in long protracted military actions. This was the same mistake made by the administration with regards to Libya. It was stated from the onset that it would be a limited air campaign designed to lessen the fighting power of government forces and that there would be no boots on the ground. Not only were the government and insurgent forces told how they would be attacked, more importantly they were told how they would not be attacked. Arms, munitions and equipment was being supplied to the insurgent forces, what the administration could not provide to them outright were placed where they could conveniently steal what was needed. Then came Syria with another instance of insurgents facing government forces, BHO drew a “red line” saying Syria would face military action is chemical weapons were deployed. The military action was revealed by the administration in the threat or precision strikes designed to weaken the government forces and again that no American boots would be on the ground, again the entire strategy was revealed.

Now BHO and his administration has a plan to assist the “moderate” terrorists facing the government forces in Syria. Billions of dollars will be spent to arm and train the moderates, there are several problems with this and two questions will highlight two of the major problems:
1. Who are they? Since you have already disclosed your willingness and eagerness to help them in their struggle, they only must figure out what the administration sees as a “moderate”. Then again they already know the administrations definition of “moderate”. BHO and the administration was in full support of the muslim brotherhood, so anything up to the level of being an “extremist” is a “moderate”.
2. Where do they come from? This is very important, the training and equipment furnished to the “moderates” could be used to cause destabilization in their home countries. There have even been reports of gang members from America fighting alongside the terrorists.

This comes back to this:
1. The continued efforts of BHO, his administration and the liberals on the left and right constantly seek to disarm American citizens or at the very least limit the choice of weapons and ammunition capacity.
2. Arming and equipping the federal agencies with both defensive and offensive weapons and equipment.
3. Shrinking the U.S. military to pre-WW2 levels.
4. The statement by BHO, we need a civilian force just as well-trained and just as well armed as the military. The moderate terrorists the administration intends on training and arming are not in any military and by default are civilians and are a force. They will be trained and armed just as the military is.

Military secrets, weapons and training are supposed to be shared with known allies, those fighting for a common cause and goal, not with those you think will come around to becoming an ally, after they no longer hate you and want you wiped off of the map.


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