How did we get to this point?

We now are witness to the collapse and impending fall of Iraq and BHO takes time to give a speech on “climate change” fundraise, golf and vacation in California. The decision on what military action to take in Iraq will take days, and then only if the Iraqis can work out their political differences. Once again he has “telegraphed” his strategy to the insurgents when he said no “combat troops” will be involved. The Iraqis can not work out their political differences until they can work out their religious differences, and BHO knows this. In fact this latest outbreak of violence in Iraq is their way of working out their political differences based on religion. In the coming days the news media will call the increased violence and fighting in Iraq a “civil war” but it is actually a “religious war”. The Iraqi politicians are not labeled with a (D), (I) or an (R) behind their name, the are either Sunni, Shia or Kurd, therefore the religious beliefs of the elected officials dictate and are dictated in any legislation passed. They do not represent the political party and certainly not the people or the country only the religious beliefs of their sect.

There has even been talk around about breaking Iraq into three separate countries giving each of the three groups in Iraq their own country to curb and possibly prevent further violence and for political expediency. The Sunni, The Shia and the Kurds would have their own countries separate of the others. This insane idea has already been tried and has before almost brought the world to the brink of war. At the conclusion of World War 2 both Korea and Vietnam were divided, the city of Berlin was divided into four parts, Germany itself was divided, even Europe was divided, all for the cause of political expediency. These divisions that were for political expediency created a policy of containment. What was being contained Communism or Capitalism or simply just the people? The division of Iraq will not lead to peace, never has never will, and will not contain the religion or the violence.

The divisions of the nations of the world in the name of political expediency caused a stagnation in some parts of the world, some countries of the world have remained at their stage of development at the conclusion of World War 2. This is demonstrated by their lack of advancement in science and technology, they must rely upon advanced nations of the world for their mere existence with most unable to feed themselves. With few exceptions most notably Israel, South Korea, Japan and China, the only nations of the world to advance past the 1940’s are the victors of World War 2 as demonstrated by the rest of the world calling on them.

Still other nations of the world are stagnated by religious differences and remain in the same stage of development they were in at the outbreak of their religious wars. Culturally they have not advanced beyond killing one another in the name of religion, they have stagnated themselves in the name of religious expediency.

There have been many foreign policy attempts made by many leaders of the world. The policy of appeasement gave us World War 2. The policy of containment gave us the Korean War, The Vietnam War, the First war with Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the second war with Iraq and numerous other hostile actions. But of late we see a new and dangerous foreign policy of destabilization and abandonment. The best example of destabilization is the unprovoked attack on Libya. The best example of abandonment is Iraq. With the foreign policy of destabilization and abandonment if you add in the providing of arms and equipment to insurgents you get the new policy of confusing enemies with allies. Add in the idle threats made with no intent to act you get Syria. Add in the “there will be consequences” you get the Crimea and the Ukraine. The best examples of providing arms, equipment and training to insurgents would be Libya and Syria. The best example of confusing enemies with allies would be the muslim brotherhood in Egypt. Now add in the policy of not wanting to offend you get boko haram.

The foreign policy of destabilization, abandonment, providing arms, equipment and training to insurgents, confusing enemies with allies, making idle threats, there will be consequences and not wanting to offend has changed the landscape of the world. The destabilization of Libya by supporting the insurgents with arms and equipment and U.S. airstrikes led to the death of the Libyan dictator, the convenient leaving of more arms and equipment for the rebels to steal and all that combined led to the murder of four Americans at Benghazi. The very same weapons and equipment from Libya were used in the latest insurgency victories in Iraq, where more weapons and equipment were seized including helicopters, surface to air missiles, air to air missiles, anti-tank ammunition, wheeled vehicles and who knows what else. While the insurgents were overrunning town after town they stopped long enough to rob the banks of millions of dollars and gold, raise their flag and invoke sharia law. Abandonment of Iraq has led to destabilization and was an open invitation for al-Qaeda and their splinter groups to take over. Even if the government forces regain their composure and take the fight to the insurgents, which is unlikely, the insurgents still have all the weapons and equipment they already seized not to mention the millions in dollars and gold. If the insurgents take Baghdad they will get more arms and equipment and will have more banks to rob. What will be the next target for the al-Qaeda splinter groups? The U.S. will abandon Afghanistan in two years. Syria still has chemical weapons that have not yet been destroyed and quite possibly biological weapons left over from the first war with Iraq, that would be a great prize for any terrorist group. Iraq is a large country and offers many places to hide chemical and biological weapons left over from the old regime and some of those men from the old regime still live and might just know where to find them.

If America has to engage the al-Qaeda splinter groups in battle it will be a much different engagement, our country will be fighting men armed with our equipment and with the same level of training as our own military. Airpower would be used but at what cost, two forces fighting and using with the same equipment would be disastrous, wrong targets could be taken out, and correct targets could be missed. Friendly fire, mistaking allies for enemies and enemies for allies.

Two quick questions.
1. Did the latest insurgent victories in Iraq come before or after the five Taliban commanders were swapped for one deserter?
2. Has the missing airliner been found?

The best example of non-stagnation is America, there was a time when America even tried to divide itself for political expediency, the north would not let the south out of the union. The American “Civil War” more aptly called the “War of Northern Aggression” was not about slavery as much as it was about the preservation of the Union. The south wanted out for political reasons the north attacked the south for economic and self-preservation reasons. The south did not seek to rejoin their previous rulers, as was the case with the Crimea rejoining mother Russia, the yoke of tyranny had already been forcibly removed and would not be voluntarily worn again. The south viewed the life under the north as tyrannical and oppressive as life before under the rule of the British Crown. Our nation is relatively young but since the civil war we have made many advances in science and technology, we have not remained in the nineteenth century. America have moved on because America was not a victim of the same political expediency that the victors of World War 2 inflicted on the rest of the world.

Reward or Payback?

The swap of one deserter for five Taliban fighters, or more accurately Taliban commanders, was to serve which reward or payback. If the deserter was a prisoner of war and an exchange was agreed to why not one for one? Negotiating is give and take, the weaker your position the more you have to give, unless you wanted one thing now and another later. Is BHO trying to empty Gitmo so it can be closed as he promised? One of his first executive orders was to close Gitmo. No , he still has two years to fulfill that promise, the “high value” terrorists held at Gitmo may have another value. I do not at all buy the statement that the deserters health was failing. Even if it was how did you know? Why are there talks with terrorists? What negotiations are going on behind the scenes? All of this crap will surely be classified and we common citizens will never be privy to what decisions are being made and why.

The answer to why the five Taliban were released from Gitmo and sent to Qatar may well be that Qatar is closer to Syria than Cuba is. Cuba is to far from Syria and the incoming and outgoing mail is censored, thereby making tactical operations and orders to fighters in the field impossible. That is remedied by moving the Taliban commanders closer to the fighters in the field and removing the censorship. The NSA is to busy spying on Americans to worry about the Taliban. Qatar is no more going to keep the five Taliban commanders in check than the man in the moon will.

Recently Assad was re-elected president of Syria. The insurgency in Syria was and is failing and Assad remains in power. The narcissistic one still sees Syria as his big embarrassment, his idle threats and the “red line” failed to help him achieve his goal, what ever that was. Russia stuck its thumb right in the eye of BHO and his foreign policy. The five Taliban commanders may well be returning to the battlefield soon, but they will show up in Syria, not in Afghanistan at least not yet. Over the coming weeks and months we may well see the news reports of renewed fighting in Syria. BHO did recently say that training and support would be provided to the “moderate insurgents” in Syria.

Another embarrassment for BHO was the Ukraine with the Crimea rejoining mother Russia, another instance of Russia sticking its thumb in the eye of BHO and his foreign policy. The Ukraine is still very much volatile. BHO did say there would be consequences.

Syria is another financial basket case that must be propped up, Russia will do the propping and Russia has a naval base in Syria. The five newly freed Taliban commanders may provide what the insurgency was lacking, leadership, a chain of command if you will. If the five Taliban commanders take to the battlefield in Syria, and begin to gain the upper hand Russia will have to intervene to protect its interests. History would repeat itself with Russia and a puppet government facing the Mujahideen, aka the Taliban, in Syria not in Afghanistan. Courtesy of BHO and his foreign policy of there will be consequences. Afghanistan will come later.

Were the five Taliban commanders released as a reward for promising not to engage in terrorist activities again? What will they do after their one year of probation is up? What, if any, job skills did they learn at Gitmo? Was the deserter rewarded for being a deserter? Was he just used as an excuse to release the five Taliban commanders to aid the insurgents in Syria as payback to Russia?

Will the five Taliban commanders remain in Qatar for one year as promised? In Islam it is acceptable to tell an infidel a lie, and the Islamist is not bound to honor an agreement with an infidel.

Ever wonder why BHO continually lies to the American public and does not follow the letter of the law? Going to a Christian church does not make one a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes one a car.

The problem is the reason

I begin with this statement. Men are the reason most women do not like and therefore are uncomfortable around guns and that is a problem. Before you get mad think about this and understand what I am saying.

The inspiration for this post came during a recent trip to the public rifle/pistol range. I was at the range to verify that I had successfully solved a firing pin issue on a Yugo 8MM, it tested good and fired consistently with no further issues. While I was there I also ran a few rounds through my Model of 1917, the one in the middle, this is one sweet gun a real tack-driver. After finishing that I decided to fire a few handguns, the man next to me on my right had finished shooting, packed his stuff and departed. That is when I noticed a couple shooting a double action only 9MM pistol, the sight of them caused me to stop firing and watch. They were shooting at the 15 yard line on a shoot-n-see target, or should I say all over and around the target, he was hitting paper sometimes and she was almost never hitting paper. New shooters had arrived so the range was called “cold” to allow for targets to be replaced and new shooters could put up their targets. Now normally I do not offer advice to anyone at the range, but this time I made an exception. During the lull of the “cold” range I told the man his wife was not having any fun and as a matter of fact seemed quite miserable. I noticed the gun was new so I asked him if he bought it for both of them to shoot, or did he buy it for him, he of course said for both, it was the only gun with them. I asked what was the purpose of “them” buying a handgun. He said it was for home defense. She joined into the conversation and said she was having trouble with the slide and the trigger was too hard to pull. I asked her if she had ever fired a revolver, she had not. I asked her if she wanted to, just happened to have a couple with me, she hesitated but finally agreed to shoot one. After the range went “hot” I retrieved two revolvers, a S&W model 19 357 magnum with rubber grips and a S&W model 586 357 magnum with wood grips, from my range bag. I explained and demonstrated to her the operation of a double action revolver versus a double action only pistol. After going over safety items, I demonstrated how to load and unload the revolver. She could not get a good grip on the 586 with the wood grips, so I put it back in the bag, but the 19 with rubber grips was a perfect fit. She chose to thumb cock rather than pull the full trigger weight which was fine. Her first 6 shots were on paper with 1 in the bull’s-eye, she was smiling and enjoying the experience. I asked her if she wanted to shoot again, she said yes, quick, fast and in a hurry this time. I gave her the rest of that box of 38 special and another box of 38 special and told her to have fun. I had a couple of boxes of 357 in the bag, but giving her those would have defeated the purpose. I had “speed” loaders, but I did not take them out and try to explain their purpose and how to load them and then load the revolver with them. You have to crawl before you can walk.

While the lady was shooting the husband and I talked a while. She was having trouble to say the least with their, I mean his gun, in the following areas, loading the magazine, pulling the slide, staying steady during the long, long trigger pull to the point she started shaking. I told him that if the handgun was for home defense it must meet three important criteria. First, everyone must be able to load it and use it. Second, everyone must be comfortable with it, they must not dread the gun. Third, proficiency(practice, practice, practice). You can not meet the third requirement if you can not do the first two.

Two positive things happened on that trip to the range. A woman who was only “luke warm” to the idea of using a handgun became a fan of hand guns, and her miserable experience became an enjoyable one. And as a bonus I had fixed my Yugo.

She politely informed her husband she did not like “his” pistol and wanted a revolver for herself and they were both off work the next day anyway. As they were readying to leave the man offered to reimburse me for the cost of the two boxes of ammunition, I declined saying that she would need ammo for the revolver he was about to buy. I was out a few bucks, he was about be out of a lot of bucks, and we gained one more to our side, overall not a bad investment on my part.

So guys if your lady is proficient with a handgun good for you and especially her. If she is not, buy a good quality revolver with a 4 inch barrel that can shoot 38 special, leave your heavy triggered hand cannon at home, or at least out-of-the-way and let her enjoy the trip to the range. In these times we need all the support we can get, if your lady is “luke warm” to the idea of using a handgun or fearful of handguns it is probably your fault, you may be the problem and the reason. While you are at it and if you have kids buy a good quality 22 rifle and start them off right, remove temptation and leave the heavy hitters out of sight, make the trip about them having fun and enjoying the experience.

My lady is real partial to revolvers and is pretty good with a rifle an M1 Carbine, and getting better, but does not care for the kick of a shotgun, will not shoot a 12 gauge, complains about her 20 gauge, a good reason to buy a .410.

Top  03-A3 Middle Model of 1917 Bottom M1 Garand What a family

Top 03-A3
Middle Model of 1917
Bottom M1 Garand
What a family

19 top 586 bottom

19 top
586 bottom

Incentive or coercion

One has to wonder why now are so many restaurants, fast food and sit down, are posting no fire arms allowed signs, and why banking institutions are deciding to close accounts for firearms retailers or are refusing to open accounts for fire arms retailers.

The decision by the restaurant owners may be tied to Obamacare. The employer mandate exemption sought by many restaurant chains may have “strings” attached. Was the “exemption” only a “deferral”? What are the restaurant chains forced to do to continue to qualify for the exemption? The restaurant chains know that if they comply fully with the Obamacare mandates they will have to raise their prices as their overhead costs rise, or that they will be forces to fire or layoff workers to get below the threshold. They also know this, the placement of no firearms signs will invite criminals. This is called “making a deal with the devil”. Remember it was the politicians that forced their will upon you, removing your freedom of choice as how to conduct your business and what benefits you must provide or what restrictions you must make on your patrons. Remember them by voting their sorry asses out of office. You have the right to conduct your business as you see fit, not how the government forces you conduct your business. I will see and remember the sign on your door and you can rest assured that my shadow will never cross your threshold and my money will never cross your palm. I will never check to see if you took down that stupid sign, for me it will be up forever.

The decision by the banks may be tied to the bank bailouts and continued borrowing from the Federal Reserve. The firearms retailers seem to have been labeled as “high risk”. Insuring “high risk” occupations and borrowing against “high risk” business ventures come with a much higher premium for insurance, and a much higher interest rate for borrowing. The banking institutions may even get a “sweeter deal” from the fed if they refuse to serve certain accounts, this used to be called discrimination.

WE may even soon see the start in business insurance policy cancellations and denials for the “high risk” firearms retailers, after all the Insurance Industry was “bailed out” by the government(taxpayers) also. A business can not remain in business with out insurance, one “slip and fall” can wipe out a small business.

Labeling the firearms retailers as “high risk” will surely make its way to ownership of firearms as “high risk” to home owners insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance and even auto insurance. As pointed out above, the higher the risk the higher the premiums.

Which one of our Constitutional Rights will next be labeled “high risk”?

The Second Amendment is a guarantee that the federal government shall not infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms, it does not guarantee that private companies and individuals, including yourself even if forced to for economic reasons can not. We may be “forced” to “voluntarily” give up our Constitutional and Second Amendment rights for affordability.

Now is the time for the Pro-Gun groups to fix their differences and join forces to establish gun friendly banking institutions and insurance companies. You will get my business.