Incentive or coercion

One has to wonder why now are so many restaurants, fast food and sit down, are posting no fire arms allowed signs, and why banking institutions are deciding to close accounts for firearms retailers or are refusing to open accounts for fire arms retailers.

The decision by the restaurant owners may be tied to Obamacare. The employer mandate exemption sought by many restaurant chains may have “strings” attached. Was the “exemption” only a “deferral”? What are the restaurant chains forced to do to continue to qualify for the exemption? The restaurant chains know that if they comply fully with the Obamacare mandates they will have to raise their prices as their overhead costs rise, or that they will be forces to fire or layoff workers to get below the threshold. They also know this, the placement of no firearms signs will invite criminals. This is called “making a deal with the devil”. Remember it was the politicians that forced their will upon you, removing your freedom of choice as how to conduct your business and what benefits you must provide or what restrictions you must make on your patrons. Remember them by voting their sorry asses out of office. You have the right to conduct your business as you see fit, not how the government forces you conduct your business. I will see and remember the sign on your door and you can rest assured that my shadow will never cross your threshold and my money will never cross your palm. I will never check to see if you took down that stupid sign, for me it will be up forever.

The decision by the banks may be tied to the bank bailouts and continued borrowing from the Federal Reserve. The firearms retailers seem to have been labeled as “high risk”. Insuring “high risk” occupations and borrowing against “high risk” business ventures come with a much higher premium for insurance, and a much higher interest rate for borrowing. The banking institutions may even get a “sweeter deal” from the fed if they refuse to serve certain accounts, this used to be called discrimination.

WE may even soon see the start in business insurance policy cancellations and denials for the “high risk” firearms retailers, after all the Insurance Industry was “bailed out” by the government(taxpayers) also. A business can not remain in business with out insurance, one “slip and fall” can wipe out a small business.

Labeling the firearms retailers as “high risk” will surely make its way to ownership of firearms as “high risk” to home owners insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance and even auto insurance. As pointed out above, the higher the risk the higher the premiums.

Which one of our Constitutional Rights will next be labeled “high risk”?

The Second Amendment is a guarantee that the federal government shall not infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms, it does not guarantee that private companies and individuals, including yourself even if forced to for economic reasons can not. We may be “forced” to “voluntarily” give up our Constitutional and Second Amendment rights for affordability.

Now is the time for the Pro-Gun groups to fix their differences and join forces to establish gun friendly banking institutions and insurance companies. You will get my business.


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