Reward or Payback?

The swap of one deserter for five Taliban fighters, or more accurately Taliban commanders, was to serve which reward or payback. If the deserter was a prisoner of war and an exchange was agreed to why not one for one? Negotiating is give and take, the weaker your position the more you have to give, unless you wanted one thing now and another later. Is BHO trying to empty Gitmo so it can be closed as he promised? One of his first executive orders was to close Gitmo. No , he still has two years to fulfill that promise, the “high value” terrorists held at Gitmo may have another value. I do not at all buy the statement that the deserters health was failing. Even if it was how did you know? Why are there talks with terrorists? What negotiations are going on behind the scenes? All of this crap will surely be classified and we common citizens will never be privy to what decisions are being made and why.

The answer to why the five Taliban were released from Gitmo and sent to Qatar may well be that Qatar is closer to Syria than Cuba is. Cuba is to far from Syria and the incoming and outgoing mail is censored, thereby making tactical operations and orders to fighters in the field impossible. That is remedied by moving the Taliban commanders closer to the fighters in the field and removing the censorship. The NSA is to busy spying on Americans to worry about the Taliban. Qatar is no more going to keep the five Taliban commanders in check than the man in the moon will.

Recently Assad was re-elected president of Syria. The insurgency in Syria was and is failing and Assad remains in power. The narcissistic one still sees Syria as his big embarrassment, his idle threats and the “red line” failed to help him achieve his goal, what ever that was. Russia stuck its thumb right in the eye of BHO and his foreign policy. The five Taliban commanders may well be returning to the battlefield soon, but they will show up in Syria, not in Afghanistan at least not yet. Over the coming weeks and months we may well see the news reports of renewed fighting in Syria. BHO did recently say that training and support would be provided to the “moderate insurgents” in Syria.

Another embarrassment for BHO was the Ukraine with the Crimea rejoining mother Russia, another instance of Russia sticking its thumb in the eye of BHO and his foreign policy. The Ukraine is still very much volatile. BHO did say there would be consequences.

Syria is another financial basket case that must be propped up, Russia will do the propping and Russia has a naval base in Syria. The five newly freed Taliban commanders may provide what the insurgency was lacking, leadership, a chain of command if you will. If the five Taliban commanders take to the battlefield in Syria, and begin to gain the upper hand Russia will have to intervene to protect its interests. History would repeat itself with Russia and a puppet government facing the Mujahideen, aka the Taliban, in Syria not in Afghanistan. Courtesy of BHO and his foreign policy of there will be consequences. Afghanistan will come later.

Were the five Taliban commanders released as a reward for promising not to engage in terrorist activities again? What will they do after their one year of probation is up? What, if any, job skills did they learn at Gitmo? Was the deserter rewarded for being a deserter? Was he just used as an excuse to release the five Taliban commanders to aid the insurgents in Syria as payback to Russia?

Will the five Taliban commanders remain in Qatar for one year as promised? In Islam it is acceptable to tell an infidel a lie, and the Islamist is not bound to honor an agreement with an infidel.

Ever wonder why BHO continually lies to the American public and does not follow the letter of the law? Going to a Christian church does not make one a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes one a car.


2 thoughts on “Reward or Payback?

  1. I wonder if it would make people feel better if Bowe Bergdahl died. He deserve to die because other soldier died trying to find him? Or maybe he should died because he walked away from base. I wonder if he were our own son we would like to see him stay there, in another country and die… Well, thank God our faith never lies in the hands of man, because we are some self-righteous hypocrites.

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